Opposites CoAttract

How might our feeling-language
play its stretching role
toward imagining ourselves and others
differently than we believe we,
and they,
truly are?

Can you find a difference between problems, as issues,
and opportunities, as possible resolutions,
in how they feel dark v. light,
but this difference is not that of opposites within themselves,
so much as dialectical cause-effect appositional feeling.

Issues like gun control and climate change
feel too dark and heavy and unpleasant
even to those who also
love guns
and fresh air
and clean water
and nutritious soil
and other healthy things–
well, not so sure about loving guns,
but certainly loving sufficient power to control my future with you.

opportunities to control guns
and re-air issues from a freshly potentiating perspective,
and to water clean health,
rather than develop dark issues and constituencies
living as monoculturally over-consuming weedpatches,
feel lighter,
more enlightened,
perhaps even a bit more,
I don’t know,
maybe bicamerally rebalancing
our WinWin Co-Implementation Game.

How might our interior and exterior therapeutic voices
learn to speak
through cognitive-affective dark-languaged dissonance,
for EcoPresent Consciousness of “light feels good”?


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