Growing Time by Shrinking Space

Making more time for sacred love and naturally blending contentment
results in shrinking internal space
for angry-past politics and fear-of-future economics
competing for dominance,
and vice versa,

Shrinking internal time for Gods and Goddesses
of Anger and Fear,
Prodigal Twins of chronic ego over-investment,
results in more therapeutic love
and healthy fertile poly-ecosystems,
contenting trends of confluent communication,
beloved community developments,
bicameral embryo
co-arising time’s cooperative network regeneration
of health and safety trends,
more love and peace-filled octaves of bilateral-neural energy,
which may well suggest less marching in angry depressive squares
of both self-with-others fury
about ego-anthro-centric mortality,

Most mental health therapies respond with priority
to critical anger and fear-management issues,
as well they should.

Ecotherapeutic regenerative nutrition development
can also be responsive to these negative chronic monocultural trending issues,
ecosystemic risks of health-loss,
all positive-dreamless day and night.

However, a fully polyculturally proficient permaculturist,
as are we all, potentially,
also intends and practices co-empathic responses
to existing positive-deviant trends
within each RealTime moment’s CoPresent Landscape,
stretching Left with Right toward love as synergetic self-reiteratingOther
co-arising operations and designs of natural rich pleasure,
Earth self-investing opportunities for global,
yet local, personal, internal,
spiritual, natural, eco-logical,
inclusive bio-health and safety self-perpetuating outcomes.

Bucky Fuller’s Synergetic cooperative integrity,
thermodynamically and electromagnetically balanced,
is also Permacuture Design’s regenerate-polycultural climaxing-trend outcome
projections for interior as exterior RNA/DNA confluent syntax,
EarthTime’s bilaterally transparent
Ecosmological Memory (0)rigin-(0)Mega Tipping Points
toward optimally nutritious midway,
love and peace find their way each day,
evolving between anger-fear double-binding Codex.


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