Zen Logic of Time

I imagine the ecological sciences
as interior formal, and not so formal, systemic voices,
speaking of biological sciences
as exterior systemic function,
biology evolves what ecology resolves,

Ecology refines healthy regenerative biological reasons
for cooperative ecotherapeutic intent,
and development
of a therapeutic political and economic
propelling past toward future.

Each ego incarnation is a discontinuous biological string
of co-arising ego-centric constellations,
emerging toward ecology’s continuous interdependent celebration,
sacred transparent Bright of night’s full moon diastatic dream,
eco-weaving ecocentric Wisdom
of beloved EarthTribe’s perpetual eco-empathic network,
reading Time’s SelfAsOther implicating icons
of co-enculturing language.

Healthy self-perpetuating ecosystems,
including human bioegosystems,
are WinWin dominant
over WinLose,
and are also LoseLose co-recessive,
aversive especially to mutually aversive.

When I notice LoseLose trends in a relationship,
or transaction, I am likely to mention it.
See if others agree.
Then talk together
about what this implies
to reverse-face toward WinWin bio-ecology.

Mindbodies are biological
and therefore ecological
and therefore follow political and economic rules
of natural health v. pathological disorder,
an absence of order
that regenerates square-rooted
in RNA’s dipolar sensitivity
to light and dark
as warm polycultural cooperative WinWin trend
cold monocultural LoseLose
dia-empathic “death” trend
of aptic Absence of CoPresence.

Ecologic is
to genius,
as too wild mindbody is
to biologic discontinuity of ecoconsciousness.
Bicameral regenesis
is co-empathic prime function
balancing pregenesis of bilateral Time.

Ecologic midway genius
is exotic, erotic,
free of domesticating restraints of biology’s ego-incarnation,
primal Tao of Time’s TransParent CoElationship.

Culture is dynamic nature
emerging through RealTime.
All nature, including biological-bicameral human nature,
is ecologically syntaxed culture’s evolution
through revolutionary space
as time’s co-arising refolding egoleft OVER eco-right
cosmological consciousness of eco-bilateral time.

Bicameral ecoconsciousness grows in continuity
density and fertility,
resonant confluence,
with Left-Right mindbody
cooperative polypathic Golden Rule,
polynomial Golden Ratio,
polycultural Golden Elixir RNA/DNA harmonic co-relationship,
nutrient-strings of ReGenerative Health-Systemic InFormation.

We are co-empathic potentiated
biological-bicameral mindbody ecosystems,
learning to see our Leftbrain Ego
as discontinuous Eco-RNA/DNA dia-gestalt memories,
conjoined through holonic ecological systemic syntax,
cooperative political and economic norms
for regenerating rich, deep, dense ecological
and polycultural
revolutions of Time’s emergent midway primal memory string,
conjoining (0)riginal Intent
with Poly(0)MegaEnculturing HealthPraxis,
in revolutionary solidarity
as all RNA/DNA EarthTribes

Life and information prevail,
or time’s continued enculturation fails
and falls, elapses back into diastatic noise.

This difference between informing life
and noisy chaos,
is distinction between cultural context
and absence of relationally accessible temporal rhythm,
failure of spaciated pattern resolution,
just as the difference between bio-cultured life
and ecosystemically wild monocultural Absence
of bilateral-fractal-octave-temporal prime relationship balance
co-arises bilateral EcoBalance exterior landscapes,
with PostMillennial Ego/EcoConscious regenerating interior landscapes.

Possible binary-binomial dialect-balancing language
might include WinWin fractal gaming 4D cooperative networks,
reverse-tree structures
rooted in notice U-Fold
designed with C-UnFold DiPolar Balance,
developing A-ReFold BiCameral EcoSystemically Dialectic root-branch harmony,
co-arising G-PreFold Prime-Fractal threshold
toward ReGenerate:
U++ Convex temporal-neural-PolyNomial trend
equals (-,-) DiPolar Concave Not(NotPolyNomial) double-reverse balance trend
mythosed as YinYin and wu wei
Tipping EcoLogical RevolutionaryTransition Points
in and down and up, but always halfway out,
toward ZeroPresent universal co-empathic ecoconsciousness.

Ecological purposes of time
predict biological functions of emerging organic places

Or, maybe not enough time
to unfold all these ways of noticing time.


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