Love of Wisdom: Philosophy

Inspired in grateful conversation with Dr. Marc Champagne, “Analytic Philosophy, Continental Literature?”


Why isn’t philosophy written most wisely
also poetic verse,
both-and analogical ecology?

While classic philosophic historians
continue this great debate
about which is most important,
truth or beauty?
this same philosophical pit drifted off a bit from science
as economics shifted wealth away from health.

When did love of wisdom become distracted with comparing strengths
of truth to beauty’s creative health?
Psalmists and poets have permaculturally declaimed and loved
their deepest and wildest cross-breeding space,
wisdom place.

I seldom enjoy Analytic Philosophy
or Continental Literature,
where most anything could and did mean something
but who knows what exactly
as we never cut and slice Earth up the same way precisely twice
because you can never go quite home again
nor should we necessarily try
to compete to conclude this language game.

Juxtaposition strong and weak, as a Taoist,
sounds like appositional dipolarity of Yang (strong) and Yin (weak).

Ecological principles of permaculture design,
principles of development,
including investing in research into mindbody decomposition,
planting yang’s monocultural seeds of logical truth and harvesting yin’s beauty,
may embrace this same dipolarity
achieving Yang Monocultural Universality of Truth
by flowing optimal Yin Polycultural Diversity,
DNA/RNA’s Harmonic wu wei Beauty,
dialects and guilds of deep ecological balance
and regeneratively healthy futures.

Juxtaposition also appears in Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics,
and other evolutionary-weak through revolutionary-strong theories
of intelligent RNA/DNA fractal-rooted design.

Then again, we find dipolar appositional dynamics with David Bohm,
ExplicateYang v. ImplicateYin Universal/Integral Orders,
probably analogically equivalent to Fuller’s ConvexYang v. ConcaveYin,
nonduality of ExteriorYang with InteriorYin
Janus-faces of ecological double-binding temporal harmonics,
probably most focused on the far more wise regenerative space
where Yang’s truth of language
defines Yin’s truth of balanced proportion,
as positives equal double negatives,
and light’s time equals dualdark cosmology of NOW.

I’m jus’ say’n,
when Philosophy lost touch with TrueLove as PolyCulturingWisdom,
wealth devolved away from balancing analogical health,
of politically well-published communication
strings of DNA’s regenerative health-centric
True Creation Story Poems
of rhymes with reasons,
language signs of seasons.

Why are nondual philosophical poets
analogically juxtaposing ecologists?


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