Trading Trees Into Timber

I see someone wants to trade
eight hundred year old trees
for timber.

not someone who knows how to listen
to WiseElders.

When these trees were mere seedlings,
they were already exploring how deep and rich
is Earth’s flowering flow
of nurturing rivers.

Most people in that ancient time
were monotonously sure
Earth is simply,
even evangelistically,

eight hundred years later
still clueless
how deep and rich
is Earth’s flowering flow
of multiculturing sacred time.


Love of Wisdom: Philosophy

Inspired in grateful conversation with Dr. Marc Champagne, “Analytic Philosophy, Continental Literature?”


Why isn’t philosophy written most wisely
also poetic verse,
both-and analogical ecology?

While classic philosophic historians
continue this great debate
about which is most important,
truth or beauty?
this same philosophical pit drifted off a bit from science
as economics shifted wealth away from health.

When did love of wisdom become distracted with comparing strengths
of truth to beauty’s creative health?
Psalmists and poets have permaculturally declaimed and loved
their deepest and wildest cross-breeding space,
wisdom place.

I seldom enjoy Analytic Philosophy
or Continental Literature,
where most anything could and did mean something
but who knows what exactly
as we never cut and slice Earth up the same way precisely twice
because you can never go quite home again
nor should we necessarily try
to compete to conclude this language game.

Juxtaposition strong and weak, as a Taoist,
sounds like appositional dipolarity of Yang (strong) and Yin (weak).

Ecological principles of permaculture design,
principles of development,
including investing in research into mindbody decomposition,
planting yang’s monocultural seeds of logical truth and harvesting yin’s beauty,
may embrace this same dipolarity
achieving Yang Monocultural Universality of Truth
by flowing optimal Yin Polycultural Diversity,
DNA/RNA’s Harmonic wu wei Beauty,
dialects and guilds of deep ecological balance
and regeneratively healthy futures.

Juxtaposition also appears in Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics,
and other evolutionary-weak through revolutionary-strong theories
of intelligent RNA/DNA fractal-rooted design.

Then again, we find dipolar appositional dynamics with David Bohm,
ExplicateYang v. ImplicateYin Universal/Integral Orders,
probably analogically equivalent to Fuller’s ConvexYang v. ConcaveYin,
nonduality of ExteriorYang with InteriorYin
Janus-faces of ecological double-binding temporal harmonics,
probably most focused on the far more wise regenerative space
where Yang’s truth of language
defines Yin’s truth of balanced proportion,
as positives equal double negatives,
and light’s time equals dualdark cosmology of NOW.

I’m jus’ say’n,
when Philosophy lost touch with TrueLove as PolyCulturingWisdom,
wealth devolved away from balancing analogical health,
of politically well-published communication
strings of DNA’s regenerative health-centric
True Creation Story Poems
of rhymes with reasons,
language signs of seasons.

Why are nondual philosophical poets
analogically juxtaposing ecologists?


Peaceful Losers

Patching up enslaving hatred is sure to leave some hated aftermath.
How can this be regarded as tolerable,
these interior human natured self-hatred transgenerational aftershocks?
Therefore Wisdom holds the Yang as Loser paradoxical space,
And does not dispossess guilt toward any Winners.
Virtue, like indentured servitude, is for coredemptive patching up;
Violence of enslaving hatred is for assigning Loser guilt.
But, the way of wisdom is partial toward inclusive Winners;
Siding only with coredemptive dispossessive losers
of enslavement, possession, cancerous wealth of entitled self-hatred
and fear of death as loss.

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Oh, well, first, ummm…Slave whom?
And, second, are you sure you intend to knock
on my front door?

First, Slave Hater.
Second, does that sufficiently answer your question?

No, not really, Slave Hater could be most anyone I’ve ever met;
this really doesn’t help me figure out who you are
knocking on my door
in this eternal moment.

So why don’t you open your door
to answer your own fearful questions
about my Hater identity?

Because anyone I would welcome into my life
would never knock first.

What does that say about your identity?
Who are you,
a 24-7 pit stop
only open for those who have a key to you?

That doesn’t sound quite right,
but perhaps not wrong either.

Well then it sounds like we are a good fit.
I’m Slave Hater,
both not quite right or wrong
for your passive-aggressive locked door
Win-Lose logistical strategy.

Wait a minute,
I didn’t say I’m passive aggressive,
and everybody I know locks their door
to win some safety from losers.

But you do say you are passive-aggressive
in your habitual practice of reminding those around you
of what you did not say or do.
You have less empathy for enslaved losers
than fear of becoming one yourself.
Don’t worry so much about it,
all us losers already know you’re a loser too
and we will feel comforted by learning
that you finally recognize you are one of us self-haters.
It’s OK,
You hope that hanging onto that one last key
in your pocket
means you’re not a total loser.
It does.
No one intends to dispute that,
at least no one you are ever likely to meet
to know and learn to love,
as long as you totally invest in that last sole-Winner key.

Patching up a great hatred
is sure to leave some hatred outside
and behind,
downstream for future struggling memories
and generations.


Hunting Sacred Nature’s Compost

Love murmurs in my ear that to be hunted
is infinitely more enviable than to be the hunter.
Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.)

SuperEco’s Passion
hunts Tao-Love
through all the wrong places,
evolving polyculturing Earth spaces.

SuperGod, as in SuperEco,
a universally intended icon
globally hunting self-organizing Ego-integrity,
searching synergy of polypathic paradigms,
surfing energy of poly-enculturing systems, rhythms, patterns,
Prime Function Relationship,
emerging toward diastatic
Co-In-telligent grace and gravity.

SuperEco’s troubling omnipotence is not all Hunter power over
events and others and my wrestling Ego-Self,
not all capacity this suffering/struggling Ego is free to imagine and hope for.
EcoGod is all power of synergetic integrity,
of active-peacefilling love,
currently incarnated within this spacetime we share,
we enculture together,
in this HereNow moment.

Our EarthTribe polycultural omnipotence
comprehensively evolves EcoGod’s Passion,
optimally inclusive,
bicamerally mindful,
mutually gravitational peace, confluent natural function,
both active YangHunter
and Yin flexibly Ego-purging,
ultimately Self-identified as Hunted Beloved Community.

This quality of hunting time
becomes our value for self-incarnation.
The value of Ego-carnation
is the value of bionically natural elements,
temporally balanced, patient, HereNow functions,
systems design and development comprehensively
comprehended, co-prehensile.

Each natural binomial identity, system, set, organism
has a regenerative potentiated value
which emerges toward form and stability,
a solid-fluid, not calcified-static,
dynamic-dimensional-functional rhythmic
constellation of ongoing network relationships,
as these are permaculturally designed and developed
for sustainable spacetime balance.

SuperEco is an exegetical
logical-communal cooperatively synergetic
perennial economy,
with polycultural intent and self-optimizing orthopraxis,
multisystemic EcoTherapy,
for universally generic race toward
Omega Tipping Point of Tao-Balance.

To hunt land and property
is to engage Earth,
offering our bodies as Her parasitically indenturing servants,
preparing to redeem Her investments in our cooperative,
mutual needs and wants.
To hunt time is to redeem life,
to recognize ourselves living within borrowed investments
of our Elders.
Time’s hunted value derives from its unanchored-Yang
and dual-destined-Yin bipolar powers within Ego-mortality/rebirth cycles.

Dying Hunted Egos are free to absorb into SuperEco’s harmony,
to karmically embrace-evolve ecto-symbiotic
exegetically Orthodox science and religion of
Universal Synergy,
Co-Intelligent In-FormTribal,
passionately interdependent SuperHunter,
inclusive of all binomial IdEntities.

Laotse’s Dregs and Tumors of Virtue
camouflage Medicines and Rumors of Value.

He who stands on tiptoe does not stand firm;
She who stands bicamerally balanced emerges optimally sustained.
He who strains his strides does not walk well;
She who peacefully hunts within HereNow comprehension races forward.
He who reveals himself is not luminous;
She who reveals Us is luminous.
He who justifies himself is not far-famed;
She who redeems Us is far-famed.
He who boasts of himself is not given credit;
She who empowers Us is given regenerative value.
He who prides himself is not chief among men;
She who hunts Us is chief Hunter.
These in the eyes of Tao
Are called “the dregs and tumors of Virtue,”
Are called “the medicine and balance of normative Value.
Which are things of disgust, disease, and light, enlightenment.
Therefore the Tao Hunter spurns one,
to absorb our HuntingEcoOther.


Note: This piece culminates with “The Drags and Tumors of Virtue,” p. 141, Modern Library, The Wisdom of Laotse, translated and edited by Lin Yutang. However, I have used Laotse’s line responsively with my own counterpoint dialectic, so each alternate line is my own; no shame on Lin Yutang or Laotse’s game intended or even implied.