Integrity’s Health Potential

and familial
and tribal
and species integrity
grows the maturing root system
of spacious compassion’s
wondrously eternal
awesome flower.

Whether considering politics
of power,
or religion
of rightness,
or sexual expression
of sensuality,

Yesterday’s healthy truths
represent tomorrow’s wealthy beauty
reimaging today’s wide spirited trust,

Integrity’s deepest empowering beliefs Here
and enlightening
life brightening Now
synergetic feelings.


MonoPolistic Issues

The MonoTheistic conclusions
self-righteously drawn
by too many Straight
Male corporate leaders

More comfortable with their asset management skills
than uncomfortable with their power overish tendencies
of systemic capitalism
historic kleptocracy
transcendent autocracy

Is dark-skinned slavery,
dark-minded disempowerment,
defensive proprietary oppressor
zealously predative mistakes
assuming lack of sacred
in profane Other.

By contrast,
the PolyEcological resolution
of EarthMother indigenous wisdom
is multicultural co-investment
in healthy democratic
win/win wealthy polyvagal neurosystems

Finding universal
uniting salvation
in resonantly resilient
health care energy

Massively co-mediated
co-operatively owned
and nutritiously nurtured
addiction to EarthPeace
multiculturing healthy democratic
healing justice.

When our religious beliefs
don’t mention
and challenge
systemic racism,
then we suffer
from anti-ligion,
dissociative division,
Other punishing injustice,
more than we restore worship
with all Earth’s multiculturally healthy
resilient diversity,
Truth and Beauty
of cherished sacred life.


Catering Greatness

What made Catherine the Great
The Great
instead of merely The Terrible

Great is not her messianic
multiculturally inclusive
democratic therapeutic intent

Which is a surprisingly ubiquitous delusion
of win/lose
all or nothing LeftBrain
Either deductive persuasive Truth
Or inductive synergetic trust
and lust for Beauty

Rather than win/win
RightBrain co-operative
intuitive BothTruth/AndBeauty
bilateral Great Climaxes
bicamerally integrating
dialectical InEgo/OutOther
co-empathic consciousness

courageously listening
for cooperative
co-governing Greatness

Not quite so
Business As Usual
capital-commodity invested
in StraightWhiteMale privilege

Kinda Terrible
aristocratic entitlement.


Communicating Gratitude

My non-communication
and dissonant
dysfunctional miscommunication,
and occasionally aggressive
challenging win/lose dogmatic
refusal to bother with communication,

These all degeneratively punish
and unpleasantly neglect
open systemic civility

With marginalizing effects
further reinforcing
and unenlightened
trauma-avoiding behaviors

Toxic for those most wounded
and disabled
by LeftBrain dominant
monotheistic divine omnipotence
v hedonistic human non-verbal
non-violent impotence

A non-communion corporate spirit
of LeftBrain individual is supreme
divisive worldviews
harboring “gifted” classrooms
and partisan parties
and elitist societies
for StraightWhite
anthro-hierarchical evolutionary power
to suppress RightBrain
healthy Trust
co-passions wealthy Beauty

Resonant resilient communication
may invite a long operatic epic
but does not suppress communion
of non-verbal health/wealth intuitions,
does not repress
felt polysensory-neural healthcare

Passionate gratitude
positive attitude
inspired by sacred place
of generous natural Trust
meets secular corporate time
to co-invest in ubiquitous spiritual Beauty

Communicating mindful thanks
humble joy
reminds me
my “disability” labels
lie uncomfortably close
to dis-enabling resonant integrity’s
deepest sacred potential,
resilient love communication
in multicultural experiences
of communion

Wide passions
of co-empathic gratitude
for each day of Truth is Beauty
growing multi-sensory
neural-systemic health-is-rich-wealth
polyculturing communications.


Resonant Muses

Tensions between professional teacher
and therapeutic integrity
are as old as cultural wars
between knowing scientific theories
and feeling artistic expressions.

How many times have I heard
I am a teacher
not a therapist?

How many times have we noticed
I can’t LeftBrain effectively learn
when I don’t feel
and hear,
can’t touch
and smell
and taste RightBrain healthy resonance
and long-term safe well-being resilience?

How long might it take
to wrestle with why “professional therapist”
sounds and feels
like a patriarchal capitalist
so suspiciously predative
oxymoron to my own compassion needs?

To feel
to personally
deeply and widely listen
know thriving
sacred solidarity futures,

Therapeutic wealth
of integral
educational health

Rooted in Left/Right bicameral balance
informed by polypathically enlightened
indigenous wisdom experience
of past
felt and touched
humane regenerators
courageous resonators
curious integrators
amusing muses
impassioned musicians.

If we are all disempowered empaths
with multicultural learning goals
I might better understand
universally therapeutic
communally polyvagal neurosystemic
and ego-preferred polynomial values

Are healthy
when ego-centers
transform from disabled
RightBrain interdependent prominence
to re-sourced
with indigenously sacred
transparent meaning
of integral well-being experience

Rediscovered in secular professional purpose
of compassionate vocational healing
co-intelligently restoring well-being relationship

Bicamerally re-storying
bilaterally communicated
binomial co-arising compassion

Of LeftBrain educated Truth
after engaged by deep peace
sacred Other listening
for integrity’s empowering
enlightened cooperative potential

Yet still,
disabled EarthTribe Beauty,

Wrapped solidarity rapt
in synergy’s promised professional
therapeutic Trust,

Harmony’s impassioned Muses
echoing time’s evolving Thrust.


Earth Empowers HealthLife

Earth empowers life
by further expressing
natural well-being
cooperatively articulating
spiritually positive
(so not traumatically negative)

Of SunMuse sacred
sanguine songs
panentheistically felt anticipation,
communally confirmed,
transubstantiating health needs
therapeutic wants
more than trauma confrontational management.

I can feel
and hear musical Beauty,

As also musing
sometimes amusing
bipartisan Truth

In Earth developing
neurosensory ecological history,
multi-enculturing theological mystery
of a procreative
symphonic Tree.


PolyPhonic Wealth

We are co-empathically wealthy,
at least potentially,
because our universal
polypathic polycultural
polyphonic engaging communions
polyvagally biosystemic
co-arise individually polynomial values

when egocenters become re-sourced
resonant with sacred transparent meaning
in secular vocational purpose
co-passionately healing

Co-intelligently restoring
bicamerally re-storying
dialogue bilaterally communicating
binomial heart-felt compassions
more than swollen anthro-elitist

Of Truth exhaled
often engaged in deep listening
for integrity’s potential Beauty,

Synergy’s promised Trust,

Harmony’s impassioned echoing
timeless Thrust.


MultiCultural Health

When I choose individual regenerative health
I may be reasonably influenced
by potential for economic wealth
as compared to trauma
of individuating degenerative depletion,
absence of resilient well-being,
resonant win/win swelling wellness.

Sometimes more easily missed
is my ego’s individual personal swelling cancer
premised beyond Earth’s cooperatively communing resources

Beyond democratic globally inclusive political wealth
of ecologically polyculturing relationships

More prominently powerful,
enlightening wise
indigenous nature/spirit nondualism
of health empowering
copassionate communications,

Of sacredly musing amusicalling communities,
green new through ancient blue
universally regenerative synergy systems
optimizing my wealthiest possible
win/win ecopolitical health.


Casting Earth’s Redemption

I need you to sing
the straight white male lead
in Phantom of Our Opera
as a Catch-22 steed.

I don’t sing with wit
and I won’t dance without it.

But, if that’s a no,
but hard for you to show,
you clearly have our great voice
for such a ghostly part,
you already know the music
you’ve been singing us by heart
throughout rehearsals,
now in your golden years,
so why not take this opportunity
for power’s famous staged reversal?

You offer unstraight
unmale risks
of stirring up
and down
and all around
win/lose competition’s envy,
emotional divestment,
baritone emoting enemies
lacking full choral investment.
These outweigh
my Win/Win nondualistic soul’s
song to harmonically say

Earth shows resilient regenerates
when new solo star perforates
penetrates headlines and reviews
footlights ghosting headbrights
reflecting fame’s good news
degenerates longterm capital streaming
patrilinear beaming
neuro-defiant win/lose
must win today streaming
to not lose/lose
post-survival thrival screaming
unstill phantom climax dreaming

Of fractal group
organic Opera Theory
optimally beaming
not dissonantly singing poop
for Earth’s whole straight and not crooked
white and not famously bright
male and ecofeminist ringing
win if I win
and I lose if you lose
singing free of Catch-22’s
phantom divisive sin.

Get somebody else
for your Phantom cast
and multi-degenerative ZeroSummary
historic win/lose evolution recast
to beat into suppress
and shoot to impress
and ghost down repress,
to get even oppress
with RightWing dominant frowns
to shame,
punishing unwealthy judgment
for blame.

How would Earth’s Opera go on
if all those on our cast
felt your win to lose Sums
too risky to famously
win/win blast

Conserving ego-defensive ways
to individually shine
through singing solo days
of wearing ghost-defensive masks
for good health objective tasks

Like performing cooperative win wins
for NonZero Earth’s operatic vaccinations,
box office regenerations,
healthy audiences of resilient nations
cooperatively wealthing
full-octave resonant climate chorus
praising phantom co-pathetic
healthy wealth imaginations.

Then I would be a fool
ghostly worried
about survival risks of being
win/lose buried
beyond all win/win prospects
for multicultural communion

Opportunities for CoOperational respect
synergetically staged
ecopolitics correctly co-engaged
nonzero sung operatic survival
in full-octave win/win
biblical bodhisattva co-thrival.


GreenBacked Scenes

Oh the stories I’ve seen!
of Capital Capitol Green

Of ecocidal mean
homicidal means

Without theistic meaning
or even humane purpose

Toward tip pointed bleeding
forced breeding

Although understoried
and less Capitalized survivalist
Vermin are not so patriarchal
when young families thrive
matriarchally attached
to future’s healthy green Commons
expanding regenerative Earth’s wealth

Green revolutions
not inhumanely win/lose
zero-sum invested
in our divinely inspired Capital Competition Scene
anti-ecologically unGreen
backed out mean
degenerative crushing devolutions

Chasing RightWing impressions
LeftBrain dominant verbalizations
growing green money machines
instead of honeyed organic
Integrity Love Scenes

Of blue sky peace
green salad justice
restoring win/win symbiotic grease
to Anthro MonoTheistic JustUs
splattering carbon frying
green dying

Earth’s last commodifying chance
for polycultural life communion,

Con-celebrating blue/green sacred song
sung integrity’s nonviolent dance,
nonzero soul
story EarthGreened,
healthy Truth staged,
wealthy Beauty screened.