Political Ecology of Economics

If time is money
then time is capital
so maybe healthy time could also become capitalized wealth.
If money is a token of time’s value
and capitalism commodifies time’s human value,
then human values commodify equitable,
as well as more competitive, investments
in Self and Others
as Earth’s EcoTribal Cooperative.

Capitalism of wealth distorts cooperativism,
healthy political and economic balance.
Like its anthrocentric enculturing fuel,
capitalism diverts human evolution toward accumulating tokens of value
rather than developing ever deeper and wider relationships,
transactions with health as wealth enhancing outcomes.

A form of idolatry,
capitalism substitutes quantitative commodity
where once lived stronger-rooted qualitative values
within our co-evolving EarthTribe Commons.

Capitalism is economic totalitarianism,
ruling over cooperatively healthy values
made possible by our historical monocultural devolution
wherein ego-nomics dominates eco-nomics,
reductive anthro-hypnotism rules over sustaining permacultural balance of Self,
cooperating with, as part of, human natured Others,
cooperating with, as part of, Earth’s bilaterally nondual coarising ecosystemic nature.

A balance of Earth’s ecological values redundantly appears,
reiteratively polypaths,
polymorphically polycultures healthy outcomes
as revolutionary longing for equity predicts evolutionary belonging
within mutuality, equity, integrity, rather than disengaged ownership,
commodification of biosystemic value,
hubris of domestication,
proprietary distortions of perpetual balancing wu wei
midway between human ego-anthro centric nature
and EarthTribal ecosystemic nature
of SpaceTime’s evolving-revolving light-dark nurturing nutritional values.

Capital and life invested in social political and economic-ecological cooperation
produces healthier outcomes for Earth, human nature, and ego natures.
A reverse corollary,
ego’s competitive investment in accumulation of capital,
owning and controlling,
powering over our mutually-held investment in Earth’s redolent evolution,
interdependent, integral integrity of healthy values,
produces short-term monocultural gains
coarising long-term polycultural losses of healthy wealth.

None of this implies that capitalism,
or competition or wealth accumulation,
is intrinsically evil.
All of this intends to counterbalance each of these with elements
too systemically suppressed for sustainable viability
of individual egos and social anthrosystems,
and Earth’s ecosystems.
We are now growing more cooperative health investment,
equity of both time (what we do with our days and minds and bodies)
and money
to nondually coarise Earth’s great and small transactional,
transformative futures.

If you, like I,
respond to, “What brings you most economic pleasure?”
differently than
“What brings you most ecological pleasure,
truth and beauty, agape within nature’s aesthetic pleasures?”
then we continue our discernment into why and how
our healthy nature pleasures are and are not
redundantly articulating our wealthiest co-investment nurtures.


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