Climates of Ecstasy

Any difference between feeling horrified, on one hand,
and disenchanted thoughts, on the other,
seem connected to punishing error and folly in others
unlike our self-righteous ego identities
trained to settle for a Win/Lose anti-communal
anti-trusting world.

Such disparities are even less wise when paranoid
and manic,
a difference in degree
between tragically toxic and merely Win/Lose business as usual,
between outside projection and inside rejection
on our shared global potential enchantment stage.

Then, too,
perhaps any disappointing difference between climatic ecstasy
and everyday enchantments,
in-between wu-wei,
still kindly love our best
and healthiest
and most beautiful,
graceful local cooperative presence.

Each ecstatic day may bring some of both
cooperative enchantment
and Left v Right disenchanting competitions
to avoid horror and terror out there,
without doubt,
but also everyday disenchantments
of a complex, sometimes chaotic, domestic darkness.


Climates of Descent

Energy descent
need not predict financial descent
by inviting cooperative ownership and governance instead.

Just as democratizing love descent
need not predict hate and terror and paranoid acceleration
when love could invite more polypathic
and polyphonic
and polycultural outcomes,
creolizing multicultures of omnipotent abundance

Just as climates of ecopolitical pathology descent
need not predict 0-sum
Win To Lose Later
Industrial Capitalization Game-Over
when positive energy invites more diastatic flowing landscapes,
cultures of regenerative health
watering flowers
and not so much our weeds.


I Like Money

I like money.
But, I like it like soul food and jazz,
not like worshiping an omnipotent Patriarchal God.

I like money
because I like investing
in myself and others I trust
to return to Earth
nutritional investments of gratitude
for Her grace,
which is not the same thing as abundant capital
for playing WinLose Games
but might be the same as cooperative capital investments
in WinWin co-opportuning
ecological economic-political Gaming PersonShip,
returning grace from Goddess Gaia,
our shared Holonic BiLateral Spirit
of EarthJustice WuWei Revolutions
for climates and cultures of health.

I like cooperatively investing money
because that is one capitalistic way
to give back
and pay-value-forward,
trusting abundant nutrition will follow,
beans with cornbread
and Ella
and Billy
and even Stranger Fruit.


Capital Acclimations

Capital means head,
whether healthy or swollen.
That leading toward healthy wealth place
and pace.
Capital is where my head is at today.

Capitalism may be where my competing head has turned
while social and natural eco-capital
could become where our cooperative hearts evolve,

Hearts, like minds,
are bicameral,
as embodied arms and legs,
eyes and ears,
and even nostrils,
are bilateral,
even syncretically stereophonic
stretching dance to rhythmic sound.

Capital grows where my EitherOr deductive head works out Win or Lose
and revolves more therapeutically
where my BothAnd inductive heart plays out
and in,
up and down,
diastatic through stasis,
regenerative through degenerate,
love through terror of ego-loss,
to re-ingenerate again.

We can throw our capitalistic arms against each other
yet we all breathe and beat
this same cooperative capital
wu wei,
Yang with YinYin


National Public Radiators

All this long week
of early spring head colds
our National Public Radio informants
and performers,
speakers and listeners,
have been about the business of raising capital investments
preferably in their corporate direction,
to support further public broadcasting
for the benefit of our children
and their children,
and so on.

While this has often felt like a guilt-inducing headache,
I was drawn into a list of statistics about NPR listeners.
Contrasts between those who do listen
and those who do not,
more likely,
those who send in cash,
and those who do not.

At first the list seemed random.
More likely to recycle,
to attend live theater,
go to the symphony,
grow gardens,
bake their own cookies,
read bedtime stories to their kids,
read anything at all.

And then I realized we are looking at social capital;
growing and re-investing in social capital.
What a permacultural designer would relabel
and spread across endangered soils and waters and souls
as eco-capital re-investment;
re-investment in ourselves
in each other’s talents and ideas and skills
in Earth’s re-creative abundance.

The economic thing sometimes not noticed
by ecopolitically cooperative re-investors:
high consumers tend to also be high producers.

So, while they didn’t say so,
I have heard it said elsewhere,
NPR listeners also list heavily toward higher education,
and rabid too-the-roots,
White Protestant Victory Or Die
Republicans know what that means.

Why isn’t eco-capital investment as robust
in traditional Republican neighborhoods,
as in more multicultural Democratic necks of woods
and urban forests?
Or is it?

While there may be as many answers
as there are people who do not invest cash in NPR,
I suspect those Republicans who prefer to NPR listen,
rather than RightWing AM Rant,
also find this soft correlation between deeper learning
and eco-capital active re-investment troubling
to their centrist nurturing instincts and orientations.

It seems difficult to listen to an International Public Cooperative Economy
while simultaneously expecting positive outcomes
from ecopolitically competitive egocentric and supremacist
nationalistic success is divinely inspired
by God’s Invisible Hand of Independent Might Makes Right EgoNomics.

While it seems harsh and judgmental
to speak cooperative prophecy to competitive strength,
we might do well to remember
with Paulo Freire
that teaching is best practiced as mentoring,
and mentoring is always ecopolitical cooperative,
more than competitive, relationship.

Political mentoring relationships that work,
whether you are part of an academic research community,
or part of an architectural design and implementation team,
or part of a cooperatively-owned and self-governing corporation,
require Yangstrength of balance to fall on the side of harmony,
both-and nutritionally inclusive and diverse health,
rather than egocentric
eco-capital disinvestment through autonomous competitions,
in a monocultural assumption of EitherOr fundamentalism
where Earth’s historically regenerative evidence
more resonantly broadcasts BothAnd eco-capital re-investment.

If love powers define ecopolitical power of WinWin cooperativity,
so fear power refines mistrusted egopolitical WinLose competing disempowerments,
then we could not have healthy and reliable growth of empirically-supported and replicated information,
much less wealthy faith re-investment economies,
unless the power of positive eco-capital investment
overwhelms and absolves powers of negative ego-decapitation
capitalistic small-self-investment.

But then,
I am one of those International Public Broadcasters,
so sometimes my multicultural balance
can become merely eisegetically polypathic,
which is a multisyllabic way of saying
and empty zero-sum notnot double-bound.

It all started with the head cold
and overheated brain.




Two Cooperative Capitalists Are Better…

Cooperation is
about integrity of relationship,
for equitable integration,
maybe even some healthy co-arising assimilation,

Cooperatism is about investing our healthy time
in ourSelves
and each and every EarthBound Other,
as iconic of Earth’s vast health potential,

While Capitalism is also about health-investing our money,
commodities of Time’s equivalent value,
physical resources and ecosystemically considerable assets,
our vital true ErosCapital transubstantiating Earth’s affluently assimilative Agape,
ionic future value-icons to become redeemed
by, for, with Earth’s EcoSystemic regenerating therapeutic balance,
political and economic cooperative evolution, of course,
but recovered
re-involved through polyculturing/multiculturing true-health EcoLogic,
where Earth’s longing to repurpose
greets Ego’s most sublimely heuristic wu-wei co-belonging.

Capitalism, divested of its Cooperatistic Political and Economic Evolution,
is a sad reminder
of wealth v. poverty over-industrially severed from their permacultural roots,
health v pathology;
Capitalism, divested of Cooperative Models and Theorems of ReGenerative Evolution,
is a suffering suboptimizing reminder
of Capitalism re-invested through Natural EcoSystemic Cooperatism’s vast health potential,
within as without.

Capitalism is iconic of Cooperatism
as light is ionic for time’s evolutionary passing.
Capital is to Cooperate
as economic mind is to political body.


Political Ecology of Economics

If time is money
then time is capital
so maybe healthy time could also become capitalized wealth.
If money is a token of time’s value
and capitalism commodifies time’s human value,
then human values commodify equitable,
as well as more competitive, investments
in Self and Others
as Earth’s EcoTribal Cooperative.

Capitalism of wealth distorts cooperativism,
healthy political and economic balance.
Like its anthrocentric enculturing fuel,
capitalism diverts human evolution toward accumulating tokens of value
rather than developing ever deeper and wider relationships,
transactions with health as wealth enhancing outcomes.

A form of idolatry,
capitalism substitutes quantitative commodity
where once lived stronger-rooted qualitative values
within our co-evolving EarthTribe Commons.

Capitalism is economic totalitarianism,
ruling over cooperatively healthy values
made possible by our historical monocultural devolution
wherein ego-nomics dominates eco-nomics,
reductive anthro-hypnotism rules over sustaining permacultural balance of Self,
cooperating with, as part of, human natured Others,
cooperating with, as part of, Earth’s bilaterally nondual coarising ecosystemic nature.

A balance of Earth’s ecological values redundantly appears,
reiteratively polypaths,
polymorphically polycultures healthy outcomes
as revolutionary longing for equity predicts evolutionary belonging
within mutuality, equity, integrity, rather than disengaged ownership,
commodification of biosystemic value,
hubris of domestication,
proprietary distortions of perpetual balancing wu wei
midway between human ego-anthro centric nature
and EarthTribal ecosystemic nature
of SpaceTime’s evolving-revolving light-dark nurturing nutritional values.

Capital and life invested in social political and economic-ecological cooperation
produces healthier outcomes for Earth, human nature, and ego natures.
A reverse corollary,
ego’s competitive investment in accumulation of capital,
owning and controlling,
powering over our mutually-held investment in Earth’s redolent evolution,
interdependent, integral integrity of healthy values,
produces short-term monocultural gains
coarising long-term polycultural losses of healthy wealth.

None of this implies that capitalism,
or competition or wealth accumulation,
is intrinsically evil.
All of this intends to counterbalance each of these with elements
too systemically suppressed for sustainable viability
of individual egos and social anthrosystems,
and Earth’s ecosystems.
We are now growing more cooperative health investment,
equity of both time (what we do with our days and minds and bodies)
and money
to nondually coarise Earth’s great and small transactional,
transformative futures.

If you, like I,
respond to, “What brings you most economic pleasure?”
differently than
“What brings you most ecological pleasure,
truth and beauty, agape within nature’s aesthetic pleasures?”
then we continue our discernment into why and how
our healthy nature pleasures are and are not
redundantly articulating our wealthiest co-investment nurtures.