Fundamentals of Radical Root Systems

I know fundamentalists
who confuse themselves with radical truth-tellers,
bedrock keepers of Allah/God/YHWH’s Timeless Orthodox Tradition.

Fundamentalists are, however
prejudicially supremacist
in their idolatry of their own monoculturally True Tradition/Scripture/Wisdom/Pathway.
Where radicals portentiously include
the entire multicultural-polypathic
green rainbow of permacultural Principles,
as a polyculturally open set of Truths,
fundamentalists mistake our bigoted and narrow-minded anthrocentric pretentiousness
for radical truths of portentiousness.

Where fundamentalists
(and I have my own narrow-blinded quirks)
are under illusions that all Others
worship false gods or,
even worse,
radicals tend to become lost in deep learning
esoteric fractals of crystal-radiant-elational enlightenment,
hypnotized by our own majestically divine capacities
to create anthrocentric metaphysical cultural ideals,
(0)-centrist bilateral primal metric-iconic abstractions,
diversely rooted in our own regenerative story,
yet known as Principles of EcoSystemic PermaCultural Development
and Creation Mythic Stories,
fundamental, yet polypathic,
cooperative radical empathic trust of synergetics,
Mother Earth’s Medicine Cards
within seasonal solar-astronomic,
even climatic, atmospheres.

It doesn’t get any more humanely divine than Father Sun
and Holonic ReGenerative EarthSpirit
of Organic CoMessianic GiftItForward CoEvolving Mutually-Nutritional Communion-EcoSystems.
We are children of Father Sun and Mother Earth’s
RNA fractal-holonic sacred multicultural scripture.

Jesus of Nazareth was more likely a radical Agrarian-Jewish
Carpenter’s Apprentice
than he was a Fundamentalist-Evangelical-BornAgain Christian,
or premature devotee of transgendered Allah,
or fundamentalist of capitalism
suboptimizing radically divine health of this and future generations
in pursuit of ego’s short-term,
highest and best economic value
for a young Master MultiCultural Carpenter/Shepherd,
appropriate health and safety agapic lover of all us mutually parasitic Sheep,
each with our own unique time and place in holy light.


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