Czarinas of Public Health

Last night I dreamed I was Czarina of Public Health Education,
charged with training co-mentors of health
who traveled from house to house
with a one question survey,
“Which do you experience as healthier
for yourself,
those around you,
for your environment,
to live more mindlessly,
or to live more mindfully?”

If I were a Czarina of Public Health,
I would suggest we return our focus to regenerative education
that begins with listening to each and every voice,
wind and rain,
thunder and birdsong,
crickets chirping and bullfrogs bellowing their Yang multicultural faith
in diastatic cooperative political and regenerative transactions
with dipolar co-arising fertile outcomes
as outputs of some great transitional deep learning
diastatic-dialectically kosmic Climaxing Event,
memories as old as cells
with health rooting for biosystemic regenerative RNA
mutual cooperative subsidiarity and complementarity,
with a pedagogically thermodynamic
Time-unfolding HealthMessage.

If we were Czarinas of Public as Privately Landscaped,
and Harvested Health EcoSystemic Logic,
pursuing Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI),
unto at least 7-ReGenerations
of sustainable political-economic love and peace
refining health optimization outcomes,

and thereby minimizing ecologically more robust losses
to defensive-reactive socio-monocultural pathologies,

we might first listen to our kids and other anawim
as they explain how and why they came to be here,
to feel naked and homelessly evolving into this new cooperative
postmillennial decomposition time
of climatically critical transitional events,

Facing this time with steadfast polypathic ecoconsciousness,
co-empathic trust in truths
of cooperative political and economic evolutionary sciences,
health-research resonance,
transregenerators of Earth’s nutritional v pathological teachings
of great transitional climatic reverse-revolutionary diastatic trends
toward bicameral Ego/Eco
as YangEroticTrust (+1)
dipolar co-arising YinAgapicCoEmpathic (-,-)Bilateral Zeroism
of this PostMillennial Bicameral Enlightenment
about Public Health CoMentoring DNA/RNA Education.

If we were mutually mindful
and always kind and healthy and safe
Czarinas of Public Health Tao-Education
we would listen to both flower and weed karmic voices
knowing how much we would love to love
each polyculturing flowering weed,
with harvested seeded embryonic outcomes,
public/private health-regenerative listening,
noticing our children’s empathic animation
as we trust together
why we came to be here
in this more cooperative postmillennial frame of synergetic time,
each moment remembered millennial meme of feeling
political-economic health re-education,
favoring more cooperative listening,
to regenerate less competitive speaking
and not listening
to health v pathology ecological messages,
internal-private and ExternalPublic Health
through co-mentoring mindful empathic listening
with trust that either way,
good or bad,
usually some of both,
we can’t self-interdependently optimize our opportunities
without each other
mindfully loving as possible,
for a healthier exchange of educational wisdom.

I dreamed I was Czarina of Public Health and Education
asking everyone in school
Which do you believe and feel is multiculturally healthier and safer,
more hypnotically competitive WinLose mindlessness,
or more mindfulness of ecosystemic WinWin
loving Yang
who looks fractally like DNA
with thermodynamic developmental bilateral-spiral eco-gravitating balance?

I dreamed I was Czarina of Public Health
asking everyone on the way to class
to be more mindful
of apparently endless strings of unnaturally long regenerative questions.


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