Earth First

America First
is a RightWing monocultural intention
currently championed by Trumpians
and Republican Aristocracy of Evangelism
Tea Partiers,
by xenophobic paranoids
and sociopathic fascists,
by the economically blind
and angry
terrified shouters;
just the opposite of dumb,
yet not cooperatively mindful either
of our global polycultural DNA roots
with universal democratic intent
toward international Golden Rules.

“America” does not equal USA.
And America is even more than just North America,
including Central America,
now framed by a RightWing mental-spiritual Wall
against Mexico,
and, as for South America,
as any good Republican Catholic
(which may be a political-religious oxymoron)
or Protestant Evangelical
(which may also be a BadNews/GoodNews oxymoron)
will quickly remind us,
is the Wildly Wrong Hemisphere,
suspiciously socialist,
spiritually ambivalent,
even for a God
who was reputed to love
the entire Earth, equitably,
and is HimHerSelf more of a cooperativist,
in HisHer radically magnanimous love,
than an isolationist,

God does not keep all the best toys
for those awaiting
our long promised,
yet perpetually delayed,

This anciently felt Win-Win Rapture itself
has become more of a monocultural Win-Lose harvest
of pro-life WhiteHat born-agains
who define pro-life quite narrowly
to advocating for yet unborn human life
at risk of abortion,
without mentioning other
and socially
and ecologically
and economically climatic abortions
on their peculiarly NonRapturous Way.

Also at risk of AmericaFirst monoculturalism,
which confines promised Rapture of Earth’s economy
to the competitive supremacy
of U.S. Trumpian BusinessAsUsual Elites,
the big and fat OnePercent
of our global colonizing US wealthy persons,
investing heavily in AmericaFirst policies,
if more honest,
would be called
Top 1% of U.S. First and Last
PatrioticWinners v MatrioticLosers.

is a sugar-sweet way of saying
“The rest of y’all don’t matter.”

This is not the long promised Christian Rapture
of strong and healthy polyculturing democracy
as might possibly have been hoped for
by Constitution signing ForeFathers
born of more ecologically sound ForeMothers,
perennial gardeners and organic farmers
who were not, themselves,
particularly enamored of the top aristocratic OnePercent
in their 99% American nation-building immigrant time.

like all monocultural elitist intentions
and political investments,
forgets that economic and political walls,
once built,
work both ways,
and work against polycultural health
of economies
and political democracy of energy,
and positive nutrition ourselves,
ecology of global health care giving
and good Rapturous ecstatic climate receiving,
even for the Elite 1% of U.S. aristocracy,
and their potential 7th Generation grandchildren.

is aggressively rooted
in an inhumane replacement
of sacred restorative healing,
democracy’s inclusive vocation
of One Nation UNDER a Loving God,
within a LivingGod,
of and for a Positive Healthy PolyCulturing-Outcome God,

Setting aside secularized retributive justice models,
rooted more in God’s divinely-inspired Anger
as also Wrath against those who are too tolerant
of death
for Earth’s NonElite future generations
than actively pro-life of Earth
as iconic of all HerHis sacred forms
and flowing healthywealthy functions
toward regenerating Sacred EarthFirst.

We have no Christian-Republican Rapture on its way
if and when AmericaFirst finally arrives,
aborted from Earth’s diverse sacred natures
and cultures
and spirits
and dead on distinctly non-rapturous
anti-conservative of life arrival.

This is not just about climate change;
this AmericaFirst fake-rapture threat
predicts a future of ongoing
climate pathology.

AmericaFirst is a punishing pathology
against all;
including the Elite U.S. OnePercent.

According to the Institute for Policy Studies,
already the twenty wealthiest U.S. citizens
have slightly more wealth to share among themselves
than do the lower 50% of U.S. residents,
by the political way,
live disproportionately in RedStates
currently under advancing assault
by hurricanes and floods,
fires and tornadoes,
drought and shrinking aquifers,
chemically saturated rivers
and increasingly barren soil
and uprising polluted oceans.

But, hey,
what the self-inflicted hell;
AmericaFirst, right?
Never mind about Old School
restorative justice and peace,
nutritional polyculturing outcomes,
pro-sacred life
rather than limited to suboptimizing
anti-secularized death,
while supposedly worshipping a God
of EarthCreation and Love.

These are outmoded democratic ideals
for a healthy multicultural environment,
EarthFirst economy
and political subclimates.
And who retains any good faith
in such liberating,
but sadly fading,
Win-Win pipe dreams?






Mustard Seed Paradise

HolyWar and Final Judgment and RoughLove Advocates
against infidels and other, more domesticated, sinners:

Put down your Bibles and Korans,
written to grow love
and not weapons for bleary-eyed bullies.

You spend too much time reading and thinking
and arguing
to let your spiritual emotions swell and grow love.

pick up a small recycled brown paper bag
of healthy
organic mustard seeds.

Learn faith with them,
that together you might grow
to know
this radiant reign of God’s Eternal Light and NonDual Dark.

Plant them into Advent darkness,
care for them,
water them
and not the tarish tearing weeds
of envy and supremacy,
hypocrisy and punishing misjudgment,
and hope for antiEarth anti-logical magic,
nightmares and violence,
anger and fear-mongering,
Old Testament blood sacrifices
and enslavement to false fascist idols
as if these were large enough
to contain the wisdom of one regenerative mustard seed,
sprouting radiant love for God’s sun
and Mother Earth’s baptismal waters,
fueling our shared root restorative ecosystem.

Harvest these therapeutic cultures of health
and gratitude
and grace,
make spicy brown mustard with them.
Serve to and from your students
and children
and mentees
on homemade 7-Grain ReGenerate Manna.

Wait for Paradise
to flow through your mouths,
down your throats,
into your communion stomachs.

If your kids are faithful and loving goats,
watch them wag their tails,
wages of love and not sin,
in gratitude for Grace.

If human
help us listen to,
and speak,
and write better tales
for restorative healing of love,
omnipresent as a mustard seed’s integrity
of each moment’s sacred with secular potential.

And if you should learn faith as one of these kids,
your tail
and tales
will wag truer,
and far more grace-filling effective
and affective
and infective
and reflective

Then you may be safe to return
to your holier-with-you gardening books
on how to grow histories of love
without sinning against faith
of a mustard seed.


JustUs Fundamentalists

Said the JudeoChristian Fundamentalist (JCF)
to the Islamic Fundamentalist (IF),
We began building our ego-nesting sensory receptors
learning to RightBrain distinguish Self from BenignOther,
sensory nomial v binomial fundamental bipolar trust/mistrust memory.

Corresponded the IF to the JCFs,
Ah yes, as we LeftBrain relate to integrate self-health
to and within radical-alien pathological distrust.

JCF: Yet YHWH made all of us
to mature in our capacities for self-health regeneration.

IF: And Allah never loses sight of fundamentally radical sensory nutrient ecologies
of and for regenerative DNA/RNA continuity cultural strings
of Self+GreatElderOther designing memory;
where exegesis of logic breeds eisegetical analogies;
co-ecological dialectals,
algorithmic analogs.

JCF: Where we find absence of active love,
cognitive/affective dissonance,
between trusting RightBrain and mistrusting Left,
we learn hyperactive monoculturally stressed distrust
of a jealous god within.

IF: Yes, don’t we?
A feverish emotive hatred
concomitant with anger/fear motivated belief systems,
stirring up holy revenge for marginal powers of mere EgoMe
and further cycles of concomitant terrors.

Meanwhile, Nature/Spirit Gods and Goddesses of Earth’s ReGeneration
predict a multicultural bicameral coup
of great and small co-empathic trusting revolutions
emerging our climate of ecological nodus,
difficulty of difficulties,
climate sin of omitted climatic sins,
dissonance about transitioning dissonance,
fear of fear ourselves,
distinction of prime relational difference
between positive language for ecopolitical health
and negative aversions to verbal and behavioral pathology.

I am a simple Taoist
trained to always choose
All the Above
as Below,
so what might we know together
enough to find our better humors?

It is when we can laugh together at our shared fears
that we know we have conquered them
more than they could ever conquer us

Within as Without our Polypathic Nodus,
where dissonant shockwaving chaos of Ego’s revenging terrors
meets and greets and struggles with
complex waves of Earth’s all-absorbing laughters.


Fundamentals of Radical Root Systems

I know fundamentalists
who confuse themselves with radical truth-tellers,
bedrock keepers of Allah/God/YHWH’s Timeless Orthodox Tradition.

Fundamentalists are, however
prejudicially supremacist
in their idolatry of their own monoculturally True Tradition/Scripture/Wisdom/Pathway.
Where radicals portentiously include
the entire multicultural-polypathic
green rainbow of permacultural Principles,
as a polyculturally open set of Truths,
fundamentalists mistake our bigoted and narrow-minded anthrocentric pretentiousness
for radical truths of portentiousness.

Where fundamentalists
(and I have my own narrow-blinded quirks)
are under illusions that all Others
worship false gods or,
even worse,
radicals tend to become lost in deep learning
esoteric fractals of crystal-radiant-elational enlightenment,
hypnotized by our own majestically divine capacities
to create anthrocentric metaphysical cultural ideals,
(0)-centrist bilateral primal metric-iconic abstractions,
diversely rooted in our own regenerative story,
yet known as Principles of EcoSystemic PermaCultural Development
and Creation Mythic Stories,
fundamental, yet polypathic,
cooperative radical empathic trust of synergetics,
Mother Earth’s Medicine Cards
within seasonal solar-astronomic,
even climatic, atmospheres.

It doesn’t get any more humanely divine than Father Sun
and Holonic ReGenerative EarthSpirit
of Organic CoMessianic GiftItForward CoEvolving Mutually-Nutritional Communion-EcoSystems.
We are children of Father Sun and Mother Earth’s
RNA fractal-holonic sacred multicultural scripture.

Jesus of Nazareth was more likely a radical Agrarian-Jewish
Carpenter’s Apprentice
than he was a Fundamentalist-Evangelical-BornAgain Christian,
or premature devotee of transgendered Allah,
or fundamentalist of capitalism
suboptimizing radically divine health of this and future generations
in pursuit of ego’s short-term,
highest and best economic value
for a young Master MultiCultural Carpenter/Shepherd,
appropriate health and safety agapic lover of all us mutually parasitic Sheep,
each with our own unique time and place in holy light.


Gratitude for Truth as Beauty

Why is it that gratitude
as response to truth with beauty
seems universally consensual as Positive Psychology,
mental health,
appropriate respect for life’s naturally secular graces,
and yet ego’s truth as Earth’s creative beauty
remains so unexplored,
anemically practiced,
hoped for
and, under a daily BusinessAsUsual radar,
not really even necessarily intended?

Always noticing bridesmaid,
hoping for such beloved gratitude,
yet seldom celebrated
as time’s co-arising truth with beauty bride.

As I gratefully choose to see my EgoAnthro life,
our human cooperative lives grow eco-centered
thru Right hemispheric balanced harmonic primal function
as ego-centric Left hemispheric deductive languaged
regenerative long-term health outcome InFormation
from and thru inherited RNA fractal dialects
of Elder time’s past bio- thru eco-systemic light-dark seasons,
revolutions of Earth’s healthy developing nutritional evolutions.

Just so is Earth’s leaded ironic value
in prescient alchemistry pursuit of human nature’s Golden Rules,
ReGenerations, Resonance, Resolutions,
Radiance, Radical Zeroism of TaoTime CoPresence;
recessive, concave, yin-implicate ordering flows
regenerating RNA/DNA beauty thru truth
CoOperative Association,
Mutual Acquisition,
Autonomic dipolar Apposition
co-arising political relationships
within ecosystems
with economically nutritional v. pathological WinLose transactions
within eco’s RightBrained logic,
absence of cognitive-affective dissonance,
confluent dialectical ease thru disease,
dipolar bicameral lens
discerning regenerate development of EarthTribe health optimization trends
of Golden Ratioed 4D Bayesian SpaceTime complexity trends
of binomially shadowing information:
Where naturally interactive ecosystems notice health sustaining economic trends,
human biosystems find gratuitous faith
in co-investing mutually grateful political wealth.

To prove P is notnot to P
is not mine alone, you see,
but our universal group game theory zeroism projection
of YangYin dipolar mediocrity,
bilaterality of TaoTime’s 0-sum eco-normativity,
of dynamic grateful exterior
over interior landscaped binomial ecosystemic EarthTribes
stringing temporal creation stories
back thru BlackHole stretching dual dark TransParentcy,
cosmology of yin dialects
multiculturally surfing RNA syntaxed fertile restorations,
Earth’s great and small transitionally reiterative rhetorical events,
polycultural healthy climate outcomes
incarnating polypathic wealth-nurturing cooperatives
of endo- as ecto-symbiotic ubiquity
of RNA/DNA-structures Bucky Fullerite designing stretching fractals,
four seasonal dialects of resonant communication,
between YangOut as Janus face of Yin-InFormation’s bilateral tempered balance.

Perhaps yin without yang is nihilistic chaos.
But, yin without yang would be like white without black,
absence without pregnant fractal-fertile polypathic possibility,
where three spatial language dimensions
are each prime linear appositional as dipolar primetime,
noticing a folding-revolving appositional function,
hoping for a reiterative graceful refold,
prescient of faith in unfold’s future primal regenerativity
to actively loving future DNA health trends already co-present
prefolds of enculturing incarnate history
permaculturally systemic
within our own endosymbiotic DNA/RNA resonant health
as confluent harmonic frequencies of rich deep gratitude.

Perhaps Yang without Yin
is Allah without Earth
with all Her multiculturing dialectical Tribes
of InFormation
stringing regenerative tissues as issues
from one dominant-recessive generation
thru God of Evolving Time’s ecobalancing futures
in truly co-invested political cooperatives.

Why is it that gratitude in response to truth with reiteratively resonant beauty
seems universally ecoconscious,
true bridesmaids
celebrating beauty co-messianic brides give away?


Fr. Time Commentaries

A few words about my good friend, Fr. Time’s, investment in developing this language and these dialects of evolution.

And yet, not to blame someone for doing too good a job,
but why shine so much light on ecosystemic deductive-languaged consciousness
of sciences and math and metaphysics?

Please stop spiraling these teleological definitions of light’s (0)-centric Origin through PolyCultural full-octave of color ReBirth,
Ta(0)Mega-EcoLogical Soul of Fractal-Regenerative-Function,
deep dark rich ecological language-learning compost,
including a little bicamerally balanced Interior-Exterior Landscape wisdom,
blending our Rightmind Owl-Recessive Medicine
with our LeftBody Moose Dominant Medicine.

Why not invest more in ego-identity
as biosystemic light-positive-temporal-function reception,
functioning with ecoconsciousness of EgoLeft Health
chronically dissonant with EcoRight dualdark diastatic (0)Warm/Cold-centric
EgoDeductive/EcoInductive Balance?

If you wanted to invest more in science and math,
why didn’t you throw some culturally enriching light of evolution
toward important relationships for eco/ego therapeutic self through other care?
Why not talk more about what binomiality adds to nomial-metaphysical landscapes?
And how this reflects what your BiLaterality adds to linear information constraints
on a neural-normative assumption
that positive information about time’s investment
is equivalent to double-negative cognitive experience
of neither past nor future light,
present now a dipolar/bipolar moment,
adds to prime relational (0)Riginal teleological
polycultural trending
UnFold-UnFold light as time
cogravitating dipolar balance.

Fr. Time, we have measured you with light,
do we measure Ego’s lifetime values in light-bright outcomes
emerging from otherwise normal chronic stress
of dualdark pathologies?

And if human nature cannot measure our outcomes in healthy light
v. dualdark pathologies of anger-fear despair,
then why not,
as we do measure time’s light invested
growing warm and cold regenerating
habits of spinning bilateral light,
then dipolar dual dark transparent,
then another,
surfing through diastatic light
of breathing light in
to breath gratitude dense-nutrient light out.

If religion’s GodBrahmanAllahYHWHGreatMedicineSpirit
is also the scientists’ deductive measure of Time
valued as bilateral dipolar CoPresent light,
with dualdark negentropic waves of octave color potential,
then are these three,
God and Time and Light
not some trinitarian form or structure,
or well rooted tree of ReGenerative Time as Light’s
TransParent Beloved Community
and dualdark CoPresent Compost,
balancing co-arising nutrients of light and time and health,
each Now’s light through dark lifetime.

You realize, do you not,
that you do not bilaterally exist?
outside human natured identity,
mindbody memories
include all time’s regenerative investment wealth
in light of now.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire
and where there’s time there’s emerging light,
and where Ego light-memory
then Eco-regenerating bicameral
Ego/Eco perpetuating
dipolar feedback,
Egolife of Time flowing and feeding on Ecolight of Time,
some greener, some darker, not too much transparent bright.

Breathe in the light
exhale bicameral wisdom of time bilateral.
Breath in Fire of Time,
exhale bicameral smokey soul
of integral unitarian love,
synergetic health back toward (0) soul
balanced God of Time’s BrightLight.

Life is your organic deeply reiterative
light-dark balancing investment
in polyculturing Earth’s robust future.

how could you steal time’s echoing thunder?
Smoking Owl Medicine,
how could you cloud
Moose Medicine’s dialects of deductive ecologic,
light/dark RNA/DNA memory streams
of warm/cold etched ecoconsciousness
of SunGod synthesizing-medicine
as God’s Light.

Your investment in light
grows deeper
where it is healthiest, richest,
most informed,
like a pine knot
emerging from spreading waves of light-aptic understory,
like human nature spreading waves of light-fueled nature
across our industrially congested understory
of deep ecology.

Time grows darkest where herstory is richest,
most fertile,
in comparison to transparent light
where she really hasn’t much to add to diastatic dualdark transparent light-potential memory function,
grist of dreams in reverse greyscale,
decomposing DNA’s time investment
in regenerating healthy light/dark midway
cooperative co-mentoring relationships.

I doubt God would invest beyond the temporal limits
on Time’s bilateral perfection,
firmly seated love of synergetic health
riding midway between anger-fear reverse
dualdark pathology.

Time is not reasonably reduced
to a landscape object of exterior worship
however ennobling this might be,
but rather calls us now
to unveil this interior light with dual-dark
as nutritional opportunity
through co-arising confluence of
both EgoInterior and EcoExterior
within as without
climatic cognitive-affective-neural
lightdark doing the best we can
to cooperatively stretch
toward light’s remembered diastasis.


If We Were Foresting Health

If you were a tree,
or even a revolving cultural tree of history,
SunGod would gift-forward
ProGenerate your positive/negative perennial waves of energy,
nutrition, healthy midway
between fear of freezing to death
and angry memories of nearly dying of thirst.

you could be an EcoCentric-SuperEgo Tree
regenerating/volutionary positive/negative
with light-squared Left
meets dual-dark Right
to function with dipolar TransParent Prime CoRelation.

Otherwise and other places and times
also known as Allah’s self-regenerative Tree of WinWin Life Creation,
richly rooted in NotNot Lose (0) RNA/DNA-bicameral-centric
EcoHealthy and EcoLogical Life.

If we were EarthTribe’s BiCameral Foresting Trees
we would celebrate together
SunGod TaoZen of YangTime’s Medicinal 4D-(0)-soul,
emerging WinWin EcoTherapeutic Warriors
and Shamanic Elders,
but also GoddessGaia Earth of Queen Shabbat YinYin,
both Sun/Heaven and Soil/Earth
together feeding poly-empathic co-gravitational balance,
evolving rich healthy compost within our forest of thirsty roots.

When I remember back through shared tree roots,
I recall before God could ever possibly become languaged as a Noun,
god must have been effectively nutritious nondual co-arising Nature’s action,
growing polycultural differentiation and balancing freedoms
within Time’s dialectical infrastructure of
developmental seasons,
light’s electromagnetic primal (0) balance,
composed of timeless DNA syntaxed memories of neutral norms,
and bilaterally time-bound
bicamerally decomposed
sensory experience
of time’s healthy and pathological patterns
and rhythm-fractal rhymes.

Allah was a medicinal verb
before becoming our Noun,
made in bicameral human-natured ecosystemic mindbody
language creating polycultural stories
of medicinal verbs paradising
before becoming our Heaven+EarthTribe Deserted Forest
of Paradise Lost.

To be fully human life’s potential
is to become humane,,
as to be fully sacred-natural life’s potential
is to divinely healthy compost ourselves,
cooperatively with co-arising others,
for all Earth’s Desert-thru-Forest RNA/DNA Tribes.


Human Race of CoArising Time

I was a child informed to be like Jesus
and so I did my very best
to imagine myself to think and feel,
act and believe, as Jesus might have done.

And so it was
I gave birth to imagining
God as ManBoy
just like me,
except He loved me just as I was,

If I were Jesus
as I am meant to be,
then ReGenerative God is love without mediocrity
so why then suffering and death and loss
unless We co-arise EarthTribe’s Sacred CoPresent Time
with all live-power currently cooperating integratively,
yet still struggling with Christ Dominant competitive Mythos
to globally incorporate Allah-Buddha Tao’s Zen-Balanced
Great Transitional ReGeneration EcoLogos
of CoArising TransParent InFormation,
or maybe just
Cosmic (0) Intellempathy
for short,
both Gate and Path
from Black Hole
through Beloved Diastatically Timeless ReGeneration
of Optimally Healthy Communication.

Jesus told me to say that,
because it would sound really nice,
and be way more mutually therapeutic
than all this ex-communicating
and Crusading.



Prayer to EcoGravity

Forgive me
for sleeping while you weep,
for breathing while you wilt,
for beating strong and true
without you,
foregiven free.

Challenge us
to never swim or fly without you
to dream in Win to Win rich blues
for love’s lusty heroic trust.

Redeem me
for winning
on backs aching with loss,
disharmonic dross,
children drifting out to sea,
sons and daughters with no sure home
save hunger to live free.

Gratitude me
with my up-front deposit
in a rich-nurtured wombing sea,
each choice specific to how I might me,
a fairly well-fed lottery ticket
avoiding large drafts of violence,
balistic anger and fear
seasoned with sorrow
for a tomorrow
without reasonable hope
of better than today
or last,
a chronic path of overpopulated messages
that black and brown and red
and unhealthy victims,
both oppressed and oppressors,
do not matter,
stealthy violent understory
of how we eat our young
before they can learn to fly together
in deep ecology.

Know me,
your nature’s genetic parasite
afraid of my own absorption
within your wild regenetic forest time of loss and decay
where I sleep
to the beat
of a defenseless child
born too soon for time’s welcoming embrace,
born without a culturally significant face
that splatters through our dull history’s consciousness,
no matter
if some grow fatter
while flowers wilt
and next year’s seeds cease speaking
to our trees.

Free me,
from our relentless injustice,
for placing lack of empathy
where surplus of decadent antipathy for you,
for us, together,
breathed and smoldered more addictively,
relentlessly burning out warrior children’s hearts
born in empathic infant love with EcoWe
rebirthing through full-passionate integrity
as covered by EgoMe,
free from investing in slow ego-death silo
of quietly unmindful mediocrity
free to build Earth’s Beloved incubator nest
dreaming-webbing life as RealTime’s space to be,
letting go of life alone at sea
to disinvest from fear of death as EarthTribal We,
reconnecting EgoMe to echo Earth’s harmonic frequency,
to dance as solar WeSelf-optimizing light of cosmic freedom
with full live-power to feel each EcoYou
within EcoWe.


PermaCultural Consciousness of Light

Some of us first heard about Ego
from Freud,
and have continued hearing various attributes
more recently outlined by Andrew Cohen

“…the only reason I take ego so seriously
is that the path and practice of Evolutionary Enlightenment
is dedicated to creating a new world
in the territory that lies beyond it.”

This territory that lies beyond Ego,
let’s call this Eco’s Exterior Landscape,
where Eco has two aspects,
–interior, embryonic Earth
–exterior TransParent nutritional compost Universe,
as Earth’s Exterior Landscape and Pre- and ProGenitor,
mythically iconized as Sun and solar-power,
light and warm incubation.

Now, one more step toward Bicameral Mapping.
Ego is Interior Landscape Left MindBody deductive,
Yang-reductive (without dipolar-relational Yin),
and languaged,
while Eco is Exterior Landscape Right MindBody inductive,
Yin-squared empathic of Yang
as double-negatives generate space
for the positive bicameral,
and ecological,
articulation of time.

With this lexicon as prelude,
Eco gives voice through Ego
to this TransMillennial Generation:

Enslavement to, for, by, as
mere Ego-commodified and culturally domesticated wealth deposits
is a poorly humane substitute for,
suboptimization of,
Eco-optimizing health-therapy regeneration,
which is what every AnthroEgo truly wants and needs,
not really a Thneed,
more than any other possible,
or even imaginary, future.

so it appears
in my own Ego-Eco diapraxis,
as my/our language about a globally Beloved Community
feels reminiscent
resolving evolutionary
of a Tribal EcoSystemic historic Golden Age Mythos
as Heaven or Paradise,
creation of Allah,
garden of God,
primal balance of Tao
and Buddha BiCameral MindBodies.

Within this Great Transitional NotThis-NotThat Septum
of co-arising gravity and breath,
regenerative trend indicators
are seeds, genes, memes, paradigms, paths, carnations, embryonic
decomposed with cause-effect reverse-correlational deviance
and thereby noticed as Positive Deviant Elational Presence,
avoiding suboptimizing Business As Usual Win-Lose assumptions,
Ego’s prejudice about scarcity of quality time right now
as “Lose.”

EcoEarth Tribe Right MindBodies
are precessively, implicately, fore-shadowing, inviting,
mutually subsidiary,
associations with improved ectosymbiotic positive Yin intent,
not yet articulate-able
through Ego’s left mindbody deductive-only language
and full-willpower of Yang.

To Right Eco MindBody
positive health intent
suggests polycultural non-dissonant (confluent) effectiveness
and efficiency of reiterative redundancy
and resonance;
what Game Theorists define as Win-Win
universal gestalt assumption.

Humane natural systems, then,
become co-arisingly (bionically nondual) projected
back to DNA/RNA Interior and Exterior Landscapes
doing their confluent best to avoid endosymbiotic dissonance
to optimize regenerative species and EarthTribe
ecotherapeutic outcomes,
empowered by permacultural design
as Left-Right
Win-Win ecopolitical
wu-wei bicameral Tipping Point
Wisdom trending health-care networks.

To paraphrase Andrew Cohen,
Ego speaks a more serious BusinessAsUsual deductive path
and price toward Revolutionary ReGeneration,
co-arising dipolar with Eco
dedicated together to recreating
an old world mythic logos
in Eco’s Exterior Landscape
that lies before and beyond Ego’s
left mindbody PreMillennial dominance.

Note:¬†Julian Jaynes, rooting around in early split-brain research, developed an evolutionary theory of left-brain dominance concomitant with the development of language, and therefore cultural evolution of knowledge and history and Earth’s ecosystems, especially human biosystems. This bicameral theory of human nature’s cognitive and emotive development remains controversial, although it appears to have interesting explanatory power for why the more technology-mechanistic behavioral and dialectical versions of Positive Psychology appear to produce robust health outcomes. Of particular interest is positivedeviance.org, on Positive Deviance. And, for those who are looking for the cooperative and polycultural optimization trends of history, projected over the next 100 years, the tellus.org is a rich field for those who would co-mentor and -facilitate this Great Climatic¬†Transition.