Sun God’s Original Idea

I’m not much of a writer,
more of an activist,
a doer,
timeless doing.

Anyway, my Yang side,
which you AnthroTribes might recognize as EcoJustice,
emerges from my PositiveYin/NegativeYin Balancing
compassionate/revenge YinFractal-Dialectical DiPolar
negative co-relational,
co-arising side.

Just as my Yin Compassionate/Immune Empathetic/Aptic Elation
emerges through my YangJustice body of light
evolving nutritional emergence of TaoBalance Time

because both Justice and Compassion/Revenge merge
thru essential basic-empathic-trust/immunity human relationships
of political health-equity
incarnating balance of cooperative/competitive EcoNormic Judgment MedicinePowers.

My YangJustice brings your Moose Medicine.
My YinCompassion brings us ecosystemically balancing Owl Medicine–
nutrition sucking root system
anchored in universal (0)-soul bicameral compost,
we share in this same metric universal soul-sense
that we mutually derive healthy balance
from RNA/DNA phylogeneric site structures.

Compassion and justice
are each most revengefully abundantly incarnated
when they remain balanced between Love of Other
as NotNot Self,
as Yang Loves YinYin MidWay Tipping Point EcoJustice Balance,
confluence with diversifying evolutionary health-trends,
political complementarity as economic-ecological mutual subsidiarity
of relationship;
get revenge best by becoming more even-handed,
givelifeforward advantage over mindless vengeful satiation,
further imprisoning already imprisoned-troubled hearts
with more sun-drenched nutritional potential.

Too much confluent powers of political justice
bunching up in calcifying ego- and anthro-centers
of increasingly negative political and economic health outcomes,
leads toward totalitarianism,
or a more resonant resolution
of increasingly dissonant climatic conditions,
compassionate revenge of all Earth’s Tribes,
gratefully, with profoundly empathic nutritional trust,
allowing AnthroNature to rejoin
our together EarthTribe Humaning Race to Balanced EcoJustice.

In PermaCulture Design,
in aboriginal cultures,
in metaphysics,
in theology,
in biology,
in regenerative systems theory,
there is this question,
or expectation shyly waiting within David Bohm’s Implying Natural Order
following Original Intent
on Earth
as in internal Host ProGenitor,
embryonic matriarchal womb born of DNA-syntax compost,
healthy political/economic climate of co-mentoring gift-it-forward messiahship.

This question of co-empathic health-trust/anti-trust-pathology balance
in-between political justice as economic ecological co-passion,
flows as primordially as the question of life’s enduring meaning or purpose.
Our Original Creation Question goes back
to discern an intentional healthy-balance nutritional planting-planetary infrastructure
for the meanings and purposes we choose to regeneratively practice,
and know as health v pathological imbalance
even without ethical intelligence,

Robert Norton refers to Original Intent communication strings
as erupting from an enthymematic communication source;
Original Intent,
like Basic Attendance,
and Political/Economic (0)-sum ego-interest empathic trust,
evolves richly, even optimally,
nutritious investment exchange building
while maintaining absence of mutual alienation
so long as WinWin choosing reiterative relationship.

Enthymematic means before the syllogism
or meme
or communication string,
or relationship
or transaction
or explication,
before LeftBrain participation,
before language but not before feeling,
compassionate and revengeful,
and all emotional landscapes between.

A mutually subsidiary listening intent
diastatically embracing each word’s meaning,
each message’s purpose,
with abundant health-regenerating efficacy.
The right justice/compassion/getting toward healthy,
rather than pathology of “vengeance is mine”
or “retaliation is our right”
to “mutual empathic trust is our political/economic might”.
The right message
for each right person
at each right moment
for each right event.

Putting these two ideas together,
Original Intent and Enthymematic Communication,
supports Original Intent of information creation
erupts from gratitude
as essential trust response to the possibility,
the hope,
of fair and compassionate relationships,
having a new or continuing power with another,
and/or against another.

Enthymematic communication’s
original intent
is rooted in my warm light hope
toward empathic trusting power with another.

An ethical political/economic value system
is rooted in Original Intent hope
of mutual gratitude
for basic empathic trust
in warm light’s mindbody nutrition.

My Original Intent
in AnthroLanguage speaks of gratitude
for Earth as Host
of and in PermaCultural RightBrain Landscapes,
gratitude for healthy relationships with people,

without sufficient compassionate balance,
does not breed gratitude,
but does breed feelings of marginalization,
and aggressive behaviors as “revenge”
and/or “defiance”.

Just with revenge,
rather than sufficient compassion for defiant behavior,
breeds further defiance and fear of violence, anger, hate,
absence of co-empathic trust.

My Original Intent of Earth’s justice
is healthy regenerativity;
ecotherapy where such rights of equitable gratitude
are not yet fully matured


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