Disability’s Wisdom

Moderation in all metaphysical
and physical declarations
and implementations
of RightWing
LeftBrain dominance.

ImModeration in self
as also Other

Moderation in all things,
except continuously flowing integrity

and propelling
compassionate universal regard.

Passionately love wisdom
that diversely
and re-contextually regards
win/win positive co-arisings
and win/lose negative correlations
to bilaterally become felt
knowing integral
polynomially pleasing praxis.

Unconditionally practice
ecological praxis

and spatially
temporally expanding consciousness
into eco/theological contemplative
enabling arts,
spiritual nature-living
nondualistic deductive/inductive
exhaling/inhaling wisdom

Peak sensory nonviolent performance
of co-passionately experiential theology
becoming our inside sacredly held Truth
and radically democratic inclusive Trust
and diversely unobtrusive multicultural Beauty
of everyday unconditional neuro-sensory regard

In which win/win anticipation
and co-enlightens
other bicameral win/win MeWe
co-empathic abilities
living exotic bodhisattva healing lives

Teaching us metaphysically
and physically re-establishing
dancing and re-singing
trauma histories
of our together felt
therapeutic horizons
of deep integral meaning.

Peak metaphysical experiences of loving
mystically become body fulfilling
right-brain acts of health becoming
fully alive

is a right-brain artistic
and left-brain analytic
integral mind/body process

Engaging win/win trusted horizons
of panentheistic Beauty
and trusted Truths

Reveal a synergetic
cooperatively energetic
multiculturally accessible praxis

Responding to challenges
with our joyful “Yes”
to inter-related
is better
and healthier
and wealthier
and wiser
than settling for win/lose
paralyzing life
is better than lose/lose
mortal despairing
global climate challenges.

Punishing economic
social injustice internally contradicts
resilient health care
like an unconditionally
cooperatively regarded “No Way!”

To lack of sacred enabling integrity
which lose/lose traumatizes

Compassion’s unconditionally flowing
reforming polytheistic love

Is life’s bilateral
metaphysical potential sanctity,
enabling wise integrity
regardless of physical abilities
and left-brain dominant
verbal articulation
enabling communionation

To write about
moderation in all metaphysical
and physical declarations
and implementations
of RightWing
LeftBrain dominance.


Saw and waS Infinity Trees

To be a true and pure and faithful evangelical fundamentalist,
whether of good faith exegetical religions
or bad faith eisegetical hatreds of other cultures and races and genders, etc.,
fascism and fundamentalism
are rooted in pre-linguistic literalism,
stories built from feelings of sacred orthodox senses
and secular notnot nonsenses,

But you should not need to be an anti-radical hater
to grow and nurture a rooted in fundamentals progressivist,
an over-zealous weed with monoculturing leadership intentions,
a xenophobic polyculture baiter,
or anti-pagan predator,
PostMillennial Crusader
for Christ or Allah
for Divine Totalitarianism or HateMongering Fascism,
for anyone or anything you truly believe
could become omnipotently healthy and sacred.

To become radical
requires going into pre-linguistic roots
of spirituality
as also embodied naturality.
To come from story-tellers and mentors
of the fundamentals for,
speakers and listeners to,
ecological parables
written in divine sunlight
and ultra-violet radiantly cosmic
octaved love-evoluting voice.

To become a patriotic loyalist
of and for,
by and through,
was and saw
We are not sufficiently acceptable,
not restorative agents for true justice and loyal peace,
not self or other optimizing ecopolitical outcomes,
to confuse patriotic with remaining prehistorically anti-matriotic,
anti-feminist WinWin Principles
of NonZero Sum Earth
as Fallen Eden
broken promise of Allah’s ConJoining Paradise
of and for,
by and through,
saw and was

Polypathically polycultural (0)-Soul
nondualistic sacred through secular
developing cultures of sacred ecological health
which are also PostMillennial EcoPolitical CoOperatives
of and for
by and through
saw and was

This fundamentally sacred
radically secular
Prime Relational
bicameral as bilateral as binomial
You and Me
from the same co-incidental tragedy/notnot comedy
WinWin DoubleBound Appositional Tree
of (0)-SpaceTime
(0)-Tao RealTime
of and for
by and through
saw and was


Dangerous Cowards

There was an earlier time
that came to mind
this day I heard dangerous fears and angers
called cowardice instead,
back 200 years ago
in the United States,
when Northern industrialists,
relying on southern cotton
to mill fabrics
clothing cotton-picking slaves
and other whiter folks,
joined Southern slave-owners
to refer to Abolitionists
as cowards.

Moral cowards
for threatening Orthodox ecopolitical viability
as it was misunderstood
in that 200 year old time and place.

Naming radicalized revolutionaries
might provoke despair
to further points of violence against innocents,
the non-bullies of democratic process,
majority rule,
but will not dissuade inpatient intolerance
of their view
that what we say of them
is what we, in fact, are.

Whether this radicalized voice and action
is to Abolish further violence,
further buying and selling of sacred nature
further hubris of owning what can only be gifted,
borrowed through mutual consent,
or to Abolish established inclusive democratic peace,
makes all the morally healthy difference.
Yet, in either case,
whether healthy or pathological radicalization,
naming the Abolisher a coward and a fool
needing to be stamped out
will merely spread this nascent revolution
toward further violence growing higher boundaries
to hopes for cooperative sanity.

When we look behind the normal public tour
of terrorist acts and actors,
the rhetorical reviews and guided stories
most frequently told,
we are likely to find a long familiar risk
to public health;
variations on cultures of patriarchal abuse,
matriarchal neglect,
and desecration of RightBrain ecopolitical equivalence.

For this reason, if no other,
choosing emasculating words
like cowardly and disloyal
and unfaithful,
is a choice to notice only deception
while revolutionary inception festers into flowering
further blasts of suppressed anger
hyped up hate
furthering Earth’s climates
of pathological fear.


Original Intent of PostRevolutionary Constitutions

The ugly head of the Original Intent issue
co-arises with what were our ForeFather Patriarchal Patriots
thinking and feeling to leave out prohibitions against antiChristian degeneracy,
and to put in permissions for antiChristian degeneracy.

That’s not right.
We could not have inherited EnlightenmentEra Democracy’s Constitutional Law to intentionally include permissions for antiChristian degeneracy.

What about slavery and addiction and sexual impurities and perversions and abortion and prostitution?

Well, they weren’t necessarily understood as antiChristian degeneracy at the time,
although not necessarily proChristian regeneracy either.
These were personal and family issues, primarily among the proletariat, preferably.
NonElite domestics and small farmer-gardeners, hardy outdoors men, and their faithful wife-matriarchs of quiet integral embryonic Wisdom Councils over the back fence
about what the crazy Old White Men of theirs were up to now
with their post-revolutionary enlightenment
full-of-their cooperatively invested ecopolitically regenerative-positive selves;
making USA Beloved SacredCommunity babies.

Here we stand once again in the Supreme Court of US History,
to reconsider our Holy Constitutional Scripture’s Original Intent.

Once again
we will not be surprised that Fundamentalist Conservatives
will read the voice of the Strict Stern Patriarchal WinLose
LeftBrain Dominant EgoIdentified Capitalist,
while Radical Progressives read the Original voice of Lady Liberty
and all her post-revolutionary unwashed proletariat
nonWhite poor refugees from alien threats
to domestic health and safety
are our Uniting States opportunity to integrate regenerative treats
for both domestic and global health and safety.

Original Intent view of Constitutional Law
depends on whether you stop at the RedState LeftBrain competitively dominant lens,
or move one step deeper
into Blue/Red BiCameral NotNot RightBrain
cooperating your bifocal health/wealth maturation.

Those words, “Fundamentalist-Red” and “Radical-Blue”/Green Aqua UltraViolet Crystal-Fractal Octave (0) dipolar coarising echo-strings of history’s matriarchal ecofeminist Original Intent Herstory/UnderStory
of GaiaEarth nature-spirit nondualisms
Left/Right DiPolar CoProductive
Secular/SacredElder ReGenerativity
Patriarchal Strength /Matriarchal Flow
Ego/Eco dominant/colonized-commodified…

FundamentalistLeft Dominant and RadicalRight Repressed,
are ecologically complex,
dense with polypathic dipolar co-arising health-wealth integrity,
and nutritious Original Intent Opportunity for Mutually Assured WinWin Thrival
or WinLose Assured Destruction.

Original Constitutional Ecological Intent of ReGenerative Health,
USA, as cooperatively elsewhere,
for mutual well-being,
post-revolutionary constituted regenerative health-cooperative progress
toward global-interdependent wealth safety, contentment.

Radical PositivePositive WinWin-Only Yang-Matriarchal/Patriarchal EquiValence,
where Yang is US ConservativeRed Patriotic Original Intent,
with Yin’s Progressing Blue/Green climate integrating,
decomposing of ecological gaps and fissions in-between Patriarchal EitherOr Original Intent,
appositional space of silence and absence of therapeutic purpose within our Original not-quite-Holistic-Constitutional EcoPolitical Intent.

How could it be more LeftBrain health and safety Original Intent
to speak primarily to fellow WinWin cooperative Fundamentalist Conservative
CoInvestors in Continental Fertility and Longevity
and to Radical Libertarian Early EcoFeminist EarthEnlightenment nondualists,
reweaving natural and spiritual ecologically healthy nurturing dynamics,
suspiciously and strangely fascinated,
in this PostRevolutionary Enlightenment Moment of Planning and Designing Constitutionally Democratic-Organic Law
with and of and for new hybrid multiculturalism of SocialSecular-Moral Contract Faith
in cooperativity of ego/ecopolitical, nature-ElderSacred, evolution
over egocentric too-Yang overshoot not-sustainable continuing pre-revolutionary antipathic feelings of elitist-entitlement mistrust,
but here-in Western WhiteMale Patriarchal Christians as gun-rights citizens,
while all else were Originally Intended to cooperate with their Constitutional CoOperating Intent, without rights to vote
or have guns, for that matter.

Who wrote the U.S. Constitution
and who wrote the Bible?
When and why?
Who was the author(s) primary enforce-and-regenerate audience,
also with health and safety Original Intent,
and not-so-much degenerative-pre-revolutionary colonized
and owned
and commodified
and abused and neglected by aristocratic bourgeois royalist plutocratic WinLose LeftBrain Dominating Natural-Moral Law Original Intent.

What is the Constitutional post-revolutionary problem
and/or opportunity
that multiculturally and bicamerally motivated
this particular Humanely-Divinely Inspired Constitutional Scripture
at this time of both Exodus from Plutocratic-Elitist-Supremacist-Patriarchal Rule
and ReGenesis toward PostRevolutionary Enlightenment?
Economic Cooperative Health as also Politically Enlightened Interdependent Wealth,
hybrid historical-cultural Original Intent Frame
of and for ReGenerative Constitutional Health/Wealth Intent.

What is primal Original Intent purpose of any sustainable ecopolitical languaged and self-conscious memory system,
HumaneDeductive LanguagedLeft
equivalent with DivineSacred Ecological-Yintegrity
PolyPathic Trust/Distrust Right,

West = East(East) nondual double-bind notnot
BiLateral BeLoved Vertical/Horizontal
spiraling octaves of full-chromatic
healthy deep matriarchal EcoBiLateral WellBecoming.


Radical Conservative Revolutions

Radical conservatives are cooperatively embracing a culture war.
Our battlefield is our ecologically evolving brain.

At stake is what Earth and Earth’s hosted tribes become.
Our cooperative vocation is to radically co-arise nondual human development
to fit conservationist moral integrity.
Our threat is anemically anthrocentric democracy
and all that does not yet flow positive grace/karma through multiculturing integrity;
not just in NorthWestern cultures,
but wherever LeftBrain dominant influence extends
to RightBrain decomposing repression of deep ecological learning.

LeftBrain WinWin values are fundamentally positive-progressive,
centered on equality,
human as ClimateHealth rights,
economic and social responsibility,
and cooperative inclusion of all species
within our reweaving Golden Rule of Earth’s Conservation Rights.

Yet DNA/RNA co-arising permacultural progressives have,
without knowing why,
given DNA-anthrocentrically dominant conservatives an unwitting advantage
in our eco-cultural struggle toward inclusive peace.
Fundamentalist LeftBrain WinLose survivalists,
still wearing evaporating rags of legitimized conservative labels,
continue to hunt and gather
patriarchal authoritarian hierararchies
rooted in vast fear/anger concentrations
and monopolistic control of capital as the sole measure of wealth,
the commodification of health’s potential integrity ourselves;
unbalancing disorder rooted in fear,
bullying and intimidation,
obedience to condemning paranoia;
control of elections and administrations and legislation through control of who votes and who doesn’t bother to cooperatively invest
in our shared future;
and patriarchal family values projected upon religion, politics, and the market,
at the expense of ecopolitical matriarchal nurturing-co-empathic integrative values.

The future of Earth’s climate of democracy is at stake, now.

Social evolution is ecopolitically material–
who competitively/cooperatively controls what forms of wealth–
institutionally ecosystemic–
who runs what nutritionally multicultural/toxically monocultural powers to invest and divest of and for multi-generational regenerativity,
and political competitions within a larger cooperative WinWin network.
But the main front of our climate health culture struggle
is the Left/Right co-arising nondual mindbody,
especially how the bicameral brain functions
below the ego-conscious level of eco-consciousness.

Progressives no longer accept as sufficient
the pre-millennial view of LeftBrain dominant reason,
rooted in evolution as either-or competitions for survival,
dating back through the revolutions of struggling history ourselves,
that reason can be, but is not necessarily, ego-conscious,
both literal and analogical,
both logical and ecological,
both universal and unitarian,
both unemotional and co-arising empathic feelings,
disembodied as decompositional
but primally
phylogenically systemic,
serving both egoLeft and ecoRight cooperative conservation interests.

As cognitive and brain sciences unveil,
this is no longer a distorted LeftBrain dominant view of reductive reason.
This may sound like a merely academic issue,
but this assumption about the ecological nature of logical co-empathic
phylogenic comprehension of ego/eco balancing consciousness
has stood in the way of an effective progressive/conservative co-defense
and advancement of polypathic democracy.
Multicultural progressives pre-millennially ceded
the eco-political balanced mind
to fundamental reductivist traditional icons of wealth,
no longer rooted in Earth’s integrity of health.

Our ecopolitically dominant LeftBrain mind
dynamically uncovers RightBrain’s unconscious-unlanguaged modes of politically cooperative thought,
and how these are co-arisingly nondual-linked.

We are each and all climate health experts,
conservatives of cooperative ecopolitical cultures.
As we develop our cognitive sciences,
we are changing our polypathic comprehension of ecosystemic technical fields
like economics,
international climate health relations,
regenerative v degenerative evolution,
and LeftBrain dominant linguistics,
and why these LeftRight balancing changes matter
for Earth’s future ecological politics.


History of WinWin Healthy Politics

While I am usually prepared to forgive historians
for their plutocratic tendencies.

We, Earth’s vast rabble of anthrocentric well-wishers,
usually prefer our political leaders,
our health and motivational professionals,
our community and economic leaders,
and at least our own parents and teachers
to demonstrate more democratically generous preferences
for remembering and sharing healthy powers,
not quite so royally elitist “We know best”.

I, for one and all,
prepared to celebrate more cooperatively inclusive historians
with democratic healthy wealth,
radical abundance of co-empathic truths with heart-felt beauty.

May Earth’s Great Transitional Publishing and Marketing Houses
shine upon their deep nondual co-arising politically rambunctious souls.


Fundamentals of Radical Root Systems

I know fundamentalists
who confuse themselves with radical truth-tellers,
bedrock keepers of Allah/God/YHWH’s Timeless Orthodox Tradition.

Fundamentalists are, however
prejudicially supremacist
in their idolatry of their own monoculturally True Tradition/Scripture/Wisdom/Pathway.
Where radicals portentiously include
the entire multicultural-polypathic
green rainbow of permacultural Principles,
as a polyculturally open set of Truths,
fundamentalists mistake our bigoted and narrow-minded anthrocentric pretentiousness
for radical truths of portentiousness.

Where fundamentalists
(and I have my own narrow-blinded quirks)
are under illusions that all Others
worship false gods or,
even worse,
radicals tend to become lost in deep learning
esoteric fractals of crystal-radiant-elational enlightenment,
hypnotized by our own majestically divine capacities
to create anthrocentric metaphysical cultural ideals,
(0)-centrist bilateral primal metric-iconic abstractions,
diversely rooted in our own regenerative story,
yet known as Principles of EcoSystemic PermaCultural Development
and Creation Mythic Stories,
fundamental, yet polypathic,
cooperative radical empathic trust of synergetics,
Mother Earth’s Medicine Cards
within seasonal solar-astronomic,
even climatic, atmospheres.

It doesn’t get any more humanely divine than Father Sun
and Holonic ReGenerative EarthSpirit
of Organic CoMessianic GiftItForward CoEvolving Mutually-Nutritional Communion-EcoSystems.
We are children of Father Sun and Mother Earth’s
RNA fractal-holonic sacred multicultural scripture.

Jesus of Nazareth was more likely a radical Agrarian-Jewish
Carpenter’s Apprentice
than he was a Fundamentalist-Evangelical-BornAgain Christian,
or premature devotee of transgendered Allah,
or fundamentalist of capitalism
suboptimizing radically divine health of this and future generations
in pursuit of ego’s short-term,
highest and best economic value
for a young Master MultiCultural Carpenter/Shepherd,
appropriate health and safety agapic lover of all us mutually parasitic Sheep,
each with our own unique time and place in holy light.


Therapeutic Theory of Positive Psychology

Teleology: a symbiotically balanced intersection between past meaning and future’s purposive and systemic intent. Also known as karma in Eastern traditions and Deep Ecology or grace in more Western-rooted traditions.


Balanced teleological cognitive systems are culturally accepted as both positive and therapeutic. Teleological Therapy incorporates integral, feminist, and multisystemic dynamics. Caregivers mentor gratitude for invitations to step into radically empathic attendance with people in stress, asking for help with identity, communication, and/or vocational issues.

Radical empathy, or profound pathic mutual-affective centering, requires active hope that all messages received from Other (environment) are positively functional; that is, noise and fear and apathy and confusion and chaos are important teachers pointing in the opposite direction when thinking about what Win-Win strategies could minimize dissonance while enhancing confluence.

The despair of a child encourages us to regenerate hope through positive environments and culture, the communal experience of hope, shared.

The shrieking noise of our human species industriously and systematically raping our home, our Commons, our Earth, suggests it may be time to break out a PermaCulture Party, with integral multisystemic therapeutic intent.


Racing Issues

Why are we the human race

rather than another extinguishing species?

Why not the human species

and not the cockroach race?

Why is human nature

intended as somehow super natural

not within but above beyond just nature?


Why is race,

inhuman context,

a qualitative noun,

stultifying stasis,

rather than a speeding verb

toward shared finish line

when everyone can win?


Why is nature’s race

not yet declared as one

Native Earth Tribe,

bicamerally endowed

to celebrate Earth’s ordination

of regenetic liturgy,

racing flowing veins

full-blooded diverse homes

of natural construction?


What happened to issue

as primal verb

when babies issued from progenitors

and words issued from mouths

and blood issued from wounds

and race issued from yeasty

storytellers weaving diverse themes

remembering from whom we issued

back before human memory

in diastatic dreamy nest of colors



rhythm and dancing

permacultured racing opera.


Race issues forth to teach

and recesses back to learn

to teach Nature’s humane race

radical place

rooted pace

secured by leaving none behind

and everyone ordained

to race redeeming issues

through singing flows of dancing waves

linked through all spacetime.