Follow Your…

Politicians and Political Scientists and Governors: Follow your trusting empathic heart and rational mind

Preachers and Teachers: Follow your brightest dreams

Nurses and Therapists (and sometimes Doctors): Follow your optimal health options.

Anthropologists: Follow our historic light of deeply regenerative enculturations.

Ecologists: Follow our highest and deepest and healthiest polycultural ecosystemic climaxing outcomes.

Evolutionists: Follow our regenerative warm,
not too Yang-hot-causal or too Yin-cold-unresponsive,
bilateral dipolar light strings
of regenerating political and economic ecodislogical issues
ectosymbiotically regenerating DNA/RNA-scripted biosystems
as multicultural-solidarity ecosystemic life regenerative
temporal-fractal-fold-enscripted MidWay Tipping-tissue trends.

New Economists: Follow cooperative health-invested money.

Polypaths: Follow all the redundantly resonant co-empathic trust abundance above,
as below,
Exterior MultiParadigmatic Landscapes
as Interior BiCameral Balancing WinWin
Networks of ReGenesis Nutrition.


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