Full-Flight Cultural Revolutions

Thomas Kuhn wrote about scientific revolutions
as if scientific theories evolved
at sedately Business As Usual (BAU) pace
until some revolutionary conjecture,
heuristic truth-statement,
suddenly changed scientific metaphysical landscapes,
shaking up orthodox constellations
within and between paradigmatic multicultural relationships,
shifting AnthroWisdom’s exegetically proven platform
for understanding and identifying reality
within and without
from more eisegetical not-realities,
yet perhaps still of lesser metaphysical significance.

The political abatement,
therapy if you prefer, of exegetically side-by-side competing against,
stressed and straining paradigms
is not fueled by removing cooperative economic-ecological-nutritional investment
in BAU’s further continuous evolution.

Orthodox PolyPathic Tradition
polymorphically proves
the more political and economic Tradition stays the same,
the more we need to pick up or slow down our pace
for healthy regenerativity
to continue spinning Earth’s breathe free atmosphere.

Scientific political revolutions
with some serious,
and perhaps even some not-so-serious,
clout for viral empathic affection without affectation,
effective incarnate infection,
might become more optimally potentiated
with more bicameral mindbodyful focus,
hunting and gathering cooperative regenerate health co-investments
shared throughout nondual multicultural Positive Nutritional Deviance
within BAU,
breathe more in and out Fundamental-Basic JudeoChristian, TaoBuddhist, HinduJain, UU, etc…
ConScientific Attendance,
co-empathic global trust
in principles and nutritional truths
of DNA/RNA’s ecological-fractal-seasonal
dialectically languaged AnthroCentric Design
and Health Development (0)Riginal through (0)Mega Intent
of nutritional v toxic,
political power/terror and economic cooperative flow/co-competing stagnation,
Yang and notnotYin
PolyPathic CoArising NonDual Language
about the power-politics of ecoconscious enculturing thought
and the nutritional/pathological flow
of empathic trust/distrust feelings.

BAU scientific evolutions
predicting conscientifically great re-membering transition
into postmillennial ecocultural revolution.

Not quite so much AnthroCentric historical bias
within our co-creation story.


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