Divine Doors Opening LeftFront and RightBack

From Pronia, by Rob Brezsny, p. 267

Neither God nor the gods are dead,
but they seem to be disappearing
because so few of us are capable of carrying on authentic relationships
[at least] with them anymore
[leaving us with just us idol
idealistic worshipers of some day our day will come].

The [reductive] materialist delusion rules:
Millions believe that nothing’s real
unless it can be perceived by the senses.
[Even so,
a rock is even more materially real
than a song written for ears to hear it.]

Churches and temples [and governing offices] are full of ethical people,
but many of them have no clue about how to know
or feel
or converse with the divine [liturgical nature-languaged] intelligences.

What can the deities do,
having been banished from our conscious knowing
[eisegetical discovery and exegetical recovery]?

Jung said they have no recourse but to worm their [our] way
into our lives as sickness and pathology.
they [we] come in the back [RightBrain] door.

Which of your maladies or pains might be gods
in [duressed] disguise?
How might you get them to take off their [our] masks
and begin knocking on the front [LeftBrain deductive-dipolar-co-arising-abstractive] door?


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