Why Positive is Healthier

Positive values,
like health
are not best built
from Yang’s strong conserving top negative emotions
down to Yin’s struggling positive flow-power intention
toward winning nutrition
while winning integrity’s future nurture.

Health care core values
and truly wealthy WinWin communication manners,
grow out from Yinternal Zero (0)
to Yang’s +1.00 holistic co-passionate presence,

+1/0 = 0.(-,-)percent intra-mematic binomial experience,
WinWin double ego/eco-binary,
yin’s short-term compressed
suppressed double-bound
intrapersonal WinWin potential flow-power
returning revolutionarily back out
to recover 2020 mutual sensory-neural adoption
sacred baptismal eco-acclimating adaption
secular/sacred re-marriage
positive health confirmation
transubstantiation of natural/spiritual elements,
nature/nurture climates
of healthy left-embodied/right-mind
win-win integrity’s long-term
positive liberal restoration
inviting less negative conserving retribution
for sins of our mutually ignoring left/right
non-communal past.

Positive faith values,
like health,
are best built
from Yin/Yang ZeroSoul center
here and now
on out through backward transference
and forward projection
Yang/Yin double-binding
ego/eco-global balance.

So says my natural law
and multiculturally rewarded GodVoice
and my spiritual Win/Win rebirthing
holonic BeautyMuse right-hemisphere
here/now, listening in then breathing out
breathed in outside/breathed out inside
autonomously in-between silent Shadow rhythmic
health/wealth whispers of posterity/negentropy

+1 polynomial Yang with (-,-)0 polypathic binomial yin
in-between male/not-not female-soul
midway uracil/cytosine
resiliently restorative integrity
multiculturally revolutionary peace with ego/eco-justice
health with wealth restoring
secular with sacred
co-operating +self/(-,-)other identity/individuation re-education

From inside deep learning (0) here
to outside 1/(-,-)percent binomially now there,
not from top toward bottom,
but from (-,-)1 original bottom of fragmenting Time
to +1.00 outside integral win/win Space.


EarthBalloon Economics

WinWin Balloon EcoPolitics
for growing community health,
said the EarthBalloon economist,
is most effectively improved
by focusing on the bottom
of Earth’s sacred communal balloon,
accepting shared responsibility
for those stuck in ground floor economies
of chronic survival issues,
perpetually repeating despairing depressed circles,

Rather than ignoring root communal problems
to focus on further elevating
the top tier of this our communal balloon,
with counter-historical faith
in trickle-down eco-power distribution theories
of Win or Lose evolution.

Imagine a balloon stuck to a revolutionary universal floor
with wild crazy glue,
prohibiting change in altitude
and positive evolving attitude.

As we pull from the top, hoping to increase freedom,
the bottom front-line becomes most immediately stressed
to survive this more acute chronic health threat
to the whole balloon system.

In between,
our communal balloon stretches out,
so our middling classes become thinner
and the distance between the top privileged one-percent tier,
within our opulent embrace,
and our stuck, comparatively neglected, bottom bitters
grows as we continue with Win/Lose business as usual
competition with invisible Winner Takes All glue,
holding on to dysfunctional threats
against our communal balloon’s healthy
holistically elastic
interdependently co-related
co-passioning systemic structure.

if we Win/Win absorb Win/Lose gaming glue
enough to loosen it’s autonomous defensive grip
we can lift our recovering chronically stressed bottom
of this healthier climate balloon.

As bottom outlyers of our communion life
increasingly harmonize voices,
we bring along all our EarthBalloon’s residents

Slowly growing resilient health outcomes
from the most stressed bottom
of our ecopolitical global communion
until more circular overall balance
between outside and inside climate pressures
optimize health buoyancy of our entire
now lifting,
more light-hearted,
balloon communion.

Systemic communal health care decreases
as we competitively continue to focus on narcissistic hopes
of our too wealth hoarding
too freely Win/Lose privileged elite.

elevating improvements change communal elastic health-wealth systems
filling out better balanced,
securely mature,
conserved by liberally lifting love intent
with those chronically struggling
for natural/spiritual climate survival
at the bottom of our ecopolitical
robustly elastic


Boundary Issues

Why do we call lack of boundary issues,
boundary issues?

Why do we call oppositionally engrained
and deep-rooted ego-supremacist instincts,
oppositional disorder?
rather than competitive-dominant WinLose order?

Why do we call lack of WinWin ecopolitical direction,
rather than equivalence?

Edgy margins of discovery
multiply bilaterally,
both economic and ecologic collateral
healthy investment and unhealthy divestment
searching Tipping Points
toward equi-lateral recovery
of peace with justice
WinWin global outcomes
for subclimates and landscapes
of atomic universal health
as wave-linear integrative wealth.

Are we made of atoms
or waves,
or somehow both,
and yin-wave-linear flow,
bilaterally Left with Right?

Are we living on the edge
of a primal great transition relationship
between two millennial systems?

Perhaps a universal ecosystem
primally both Yang-sunlight and Yin-EarthBound surfing water
as convex expanding regenerating Universe
and concave dipolar co-gravitating double-boundaried systems,
with ionic balancing functions
and bionic ergodic weave-linear thermodynamics
up and down
in and out
bilateral forms,
regenerative holonic fractal patterns
of bilateral yinyin-winwin wu-wei ambivalent relationships
without YangCentered equivalence of EgoLeft and EcoRight
within concav e atomic 4D-fractal biosystems.

Are we a universal atomic holon
of prime bilateral-dipolar relationship
or a spiral waving biosystem
weaving and reweaving double-edged relationships
of margins
through wu-wei 3D Space and 1-bilateral Time
of seasons evolving revolutions
of one atomic YangFormed-YinFunctioned life?

Creation Stories of weaving life
as love toward atomic decomposition
reweaving edgy polycultured
polyphonic marginalizing issues
between integrative waves of yin
and universal holonic strong particles of Yang’s dialectals
speaking LeftBrain dominant atomic centered,
Earth revolving,

What is a relationship
between Yang life and Yin death?
And what is a system
spiraling in fractal regenerative
producing Yang and consuming Yin waves
toward prime relational (0)-waste-margin
sums of healthy-wealth
for WinWin ecoLeft and politicalRight co-active hope?

Why do we call complex fractal-dialectal ecopolitical boundary issues
lack of zero-waste paradigmatic-systemic chaos?
Rather than Earth’s Divine YangThesis
as seen through waves of bicamerally humane Yin-Gaia HypoThesis,
together Light and Water’s
HypoStatic-SynErgodic EcoCation,
creolization of light with dualdark dipolar paradigms,
universal systems
with integrative polyculturing 0-wastestream
bicameral flow of deep rich enculturing boundaries.

What is a RightBrain holonic spiraling wavey boundary issue?
What is a LeftBrain EarthCentered EgoSystemic opportunity?


A New MultiCulturing Dawn

Theoretical abstractions,
reductive hard word choices,
to describe and prescribe spiritual experiences
are unsatisfactory for daily consumption and absorption
as they reify exceptions to your Business As Usual,
which is probably LeftBrain patriarchally dominant.

Exceptional Left-Right bicameral ego/eco-consciousness,
of natureLeft-spiritRight nondual co-arising experience,
erupts from the creolizing soil
of your diurnal polypathic
ergodically liturgical
energy is information
as fake nothing-new entropy is disinformation
as regenerativity is notnot degenerativity
hum-drum cooperatively polypathic days and nights.

This implies that regenerative ethology,
exploring your eisegetical experience of nature-spirit’s nondual purposes,
within as without,
is a Left-Right
co-empirical deductive/inductive
health science.

With polycultural and multicultural outcome intent,
we invite both Left-deductive empiricism
and Right-inductive Personal Knowledge,
a tacit, more than explicit, dimension
(see also M Polanyi and D Bohm and E De Bono and J Jaynes)
as comprehensively balancing co-arising knowledge
(see also B Fuller on distinctions of ecological cooperative bilateral comprehension
as therapeutically contrasted against
merely ego-anthro-centrically deductive word-choice competitions
of EitherOr oppositions,
where BothAnd appositions
serve more synergetically WinWin healthy-well).

If we believe,
perhaps with our Buddhist nondual co-arising friends,
that the ego mind can become an empty-blank slate,
this is merely the exceptional pause to remember
the interdependent polypathic construction
of all specific knowledge,
including foreknowledge,
content and contentment,
as opposed to more LeftBrain dominant
cognitive-affective clouding dissonance.
When Earth is EmptyLeft
the Universe appears Interdependent-Cooperative inductive Right.

Other EitherOr dichotomies
therapeutically best also comprehended
as BothAnd co-arising dipolar appositions:

Erotic-natural and Agapic regenerative ecopolitical nurturing
biosystemic sensory-neural rootedness,
of fractal/developmental/dialectical-DNA and RNA, for example.

Deductive LeftBrain languaged knowledge
seeking Inductive RightBrain revelations
of ecopolitically cooperative revolutions.

Theoretical deductive-reductive abstractions of rationalism
redrawn and remembered from experiential-affective ElderRight
ecological learning
distinctions between regenerative long-term
and degenerative short-term re-acclimations
of Bateson’s Sacred Ecology,
nightmare to daydream daily cooperative adaptations,
creolizing nutritional supersessions
from enslavement to LeftBrain dominance only
to full-free multiculturing liberty
to dance with Left-Right Bodhisattva Messianic PeaceMakers.

Nature’s LeftBrain Yang-strengths
optimizing while nurturing RightBrain’s Yin-flow.

Anthrocentric competitive Yang-LeftBrain paid-out-forward messianism
and WinWin pregnant co-arising
EarthMatriarchal YinSquared-Fractal c-squared, e-squared
MultiCultural CoEnlightenment
(see B Fuller on compare/contrast of spatiated c-squared
with temporal-bilateral linear Eulerian-squared
prime metaphysical relationship).

So nature and sexuality and ecotherapeutic messianism
do all fit together
to include our humane-divine full bilateral spectrum
of homo through hetero sexuality,
with bi and transexuality somewhere in-between,
Tipping Points
to help the rest of us
heal ourselves of unseemly Yang-dominant bias,
where homo means anti-hetero
and hetero devolves into anti-homo,
and white means anti-black
and black means anti-white,
and North means anti-South
and South means anti-North,
and Western Capitalism means anti Eastern Cooperativism
and Eastern Nondual Cooperativism (Taoism-Buddhism, etc.)
means possibly also Western Creolizing EcoCapitalistic InterRelationalism.

One is naturally a man
or woman
or someone multiculturally in-between,
reminding us
there are many healthier ways to become a bicameral polypathic man,
as accessible as a therapeutic daydream
comprehending this new diurnal dawn.


Strongly influenced by, informed by, energized by, pp. 53-55, “Biblical Truths: The Meaning of Scripture in the Twenty-First Century, Dale B Martin, 2017. Although, if I have distorted his clear-light Christian message and multicultural intent, these faults are my own.


Divine Doors Opening LeftFront and RightBack

From Pronia, by Rob Brezsny, p. 267

Neither God nor the gods are dead,
but they seem to be disappearing
because so few of us are capable of carrying on authentic relationships
[at least] with them anymore
[leaving us with just us idol
idealistic worshipers of some day our day will come].

The [reductive] materialist delusion rules:
Millions believe that nothing’s real
unless it can be perceived by the senses.
[Even so,
a rock is even more materially real
than a song written for ears to hear it.]

Churches and temples [and governing offices] are full of ethical people,
but many of them have no clue about how to know
or feel
or converse with the divine [liturgical nature-languaged] intelligences.

What can the deities do,
having been banished from our conscious knowing
[eisegetical discovery and exegetical recovery]?

Jung said they have no recourse but to worm their [our] way
into our lives as sickness and pathology.
they [we] come in the back [RightBrain] door.

Which of your maladies or pains might be gods
in [duressed] disguise?
How might you get them to take off their [our] masks
and begin knocking on the front [LeftBrain deductive-dipolar-co-arising-abstractive] door?


Politically Correct Bodies with Economically Healthy Minds

What are your values and disvalues of and for power?

What are the political powers and weaknesses,
of economic value?
What is not for sale?
What is available, but only without commodification,
without any form of quantitative price paid in return?

Are these questions changed, yet equivalent,
in the following?

Are economic values and loss of nutritional values
intrinsic to powers of cooperative and competing health relationships?
to political power understood as broadly as possible to effect
or decrease
or sustainable stasis in depth of health-flow v wealth-hold
political power as power of evolving nurturing-time itself?

What are the physical body’s powers
and lack of powers
to regenerate the mind’s economic comprehension
of metaphysical health-merit?

Are economic development/unraveling theories any more or less than
dualistic abstractions drawn from cooperative/competitive political health experience,
evolving ecological systems,
structures of logical regenesis,
and suboptimal derivative ecosystems of less sustainability,
without (0)-sum loss of interest,
re-generativity of perpetually emergent organic rights,
mutually-shared accountabilities
of beloved EcoPolitical Communities (M. L. King)
heading toward sustainable polycutural climaxes (Permaculture Design),
culminating in some deep sacred dualdark cosmological
BlackNegEntropicDenseMatter (0)Mega Consilience Point (Teilhard de Chardin with some Edward O Wilson),
in which our economic map is at last bicamerally seen
and balanced
and proportioned
and folded in as out (Buckminster Fuller)
as our holonically ideal politically cooperative EarthTribe Territory.

Are implicating forms of ecopoliticaly shaped language (David Bohm)
telling our timeless creation story,
holonic carved laser knives
for and from slicing and dicing political powers
evolved from and for nutritional redevelopment?

Our economic power abundance,
and starving absence of sufficiency,
economic map may depict a sad, yet hopeful, political territory.
Earth’s geobiological past,
and therefore future health development process
toward empathic trust growth trends
projecting post-climatic health trends
of a highly diastatic-synergetic biosystem,
learning to co-mentor healthy investments of time and money,
and how to correct unhealthy investments in ego-,
and anthro-centric pathologies
by reversing current competing LeftBrain dominant enculturation trends,
shifting to an ecopolitical Tipping Point,
Left-Right balance of nutritional power values.

What are economic values
other than nutritional merits of and for healthy cooperative powers?


Evolutionary Physics of Regenerativity

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution could be re-cast as noticing the elevation and decline of species within a polycultural ecosystem. Darwin added an uncomfortable and unresolved hypothesis of species-level evolutionary learning, a form and level of informational organization, transition, change, regeneration and decomposition through multigenerational genetics. This species-branching level of mutation lies between Buckminster Fuller’s view of Universal Intelligence and Julian Jaynes’ evolutionary theory of the human bicameral neural system philogenetically-multisystemically-polyculturally regenerating through the development of left-hemispheric linguistic and deductive dominance over our older right-hemispheric awareness. This older aptic/synaptic RNA-rooted awareness remains regeneratively confluent with DNA enculturing bionic ecological-analogical structure and binary-digital-atomically revolving time sequence; or leads to cognitive and affective dissonance, delusion, dismay, lack of mental well-being.

Fuller bring us a teleological “Plan A” Synergetic Progenitive Relationship Function, defined as (0)-Core Vector or Vortex, depending on whether our elliptical view is concave or convex, Yang or Yin functional. Fuller’s Core Vortex is Prime bi- and dia-nuclear, rooted in (0) Prime Relationship of Vertex OVER Vortex Eulerian “cross”-fractal function, a dynamic intersection of space and time. Prime Relationship is both (a) positive-synergetic creation as appositionally diastatic tensioned, intentioned, with (b) negentropy, Dark Relationship, pattern, rhythmic Implicate Order (here, perhaps intersecting with the linguistics and physics of David Bohm) forming an empirical-temporal string development theory.

Later, Gregori Perelman’s work in metric Group Theory proved that it would be impossible to disprove a (0)-soul universal theorem. If you have one elliptical form or function or frequency of energy, then you will have a second potentiality within that is holonically related to what Fuller referred to as Plan A, what Hindus call Brahman, and what mystics might call universal consciousness. The metric root and route of our coincidentally Brahmanic Budda Yang=Yin Tao Bicamerally evolving balancing brain moves into and through transmillennial, transitional, transactive revolutioning balance/harmonic speciating/branching Intelligence–a hybrid of YangForm and YinPrimeBinomialFunction.

Darwin’s problem was how any created life, especially human natural life, could originate from an omnipotently benign Progenitor and yet end up with evolution’s Manifest Destiny of thrival-of-the-fittest.  This problem of evil as might-makes-right is parallel to our physical science dilemma about the law and order of energy and mass. The Principles of Thermodynamics predict entropic monocultural outcome within any closed Universal System as an inevitable ultimate demise, lacking resource for self-regeneration, lacking even gravity, relationship, pattern, predictability, no place of any kind, only entropic chaos of nothingness. No Eulerian function. So why do we have something rather than nothing?

But, Fuller notices a primal tetrahedral-fractal dynamic and dimensional Constant predicating structure within the evolution of natural systems. This prime balanced function appears polypathically and polyculturally analogical, ecological, physiological, ethological, teleological, and just plain old-fashioned logical-rational equi-valent to prime-rational spacetime relations of 3 space-linear dimensions normatively equal 3 times 1 Time-Prime wave-linear binary-binomial dimension of electromagnetic gravity revolving thermodynamic balance.

From a “birdseye shamanic view” of Earth and Universe, this torus ribbon-revolving shape shifting, spinning-revolving, self-regenerative clockwise dynamic revolution optimizes prime-metrically as 4-equivalent dimensional spacetime, just as does fractal-organized RNA. The 4th temporal “spacetime” provides a static quartile-holonic view of time’s closure, such as winter closing the four seasons of an organic growth and harvest year, and dark midnight lunar voidingness closing the cycles of days and months, and death closing the birth-youth-adult-Elder fractal, although this remains most temporally and ecologically confluent with our other natural spacetime systems as we also recognize death as a boundary-threshold toward rebirth.

This evolution of consciousness regarding our dual manifest destiny, both living and dying, unfolds at the species level of intelligible, syntropic information, but remains more scientifically controversial at both the Universal Intelligence (“universal design” as teleological faith) and individual Ego identity level, my person-level, the sense in which I am me and you are you. The faith, or even hope, that my dying Elder-ship final stage should and could and would like to also feel and think and know and comprehend as coincident karmic dipolar integrity toward rebirth, redemption, an Id-Entity passing through the double-bind, double-negative threshold boundary, a potentially eternal spacetime Moment, Event, Being. We experience a collective cognitive and affective dissonance about this law of entropic closed outcomes, suggesting that reincarnation of Ego, Plan B, function is not rational, not polynomially conclusive.

Fuller believed that Plan B’s after life, the individual’s Ego, in Freudian terminology, is a rational hypothesis, to the extent that Plan B Bucky became a more optimally synergetic expression, articulation, of Plan A–(0) soul Universal Intelligence.

Fuller proposes synergy as appositionally balancing a Dark Matter and Prime Relationship negentropic, negative-forming, shadow function and frequency concave or vortex Black Hole, implicately (Bohm’s language, not Fuller’s) recessive energy which appears to be essentially the interior face of Perelman’s (0)-soul dia-elliptical universal balanced smooth-structured SuperEco Proof that what Freud understands as a Victorian  Judeo-Christian Divine Superego consciousness might also be more generically and culturally neutral, inclusively comprehended as a Universal Intelligence SuperEco synergy, a synonym for both polypathic love and multisystemic ecotherapy. This metaphysical-physical double-bind function is mutually gravitational balanced, harmonic gravity, or grace, or karma, or positive OVER negative bionic incarnational evolution.

Darwin’s theory of revolutionary speciation points to Thrival of the Fitting-Togetherest Cooperative as a slow-moving Manifest Dia-Destiny, including even the dark side of our negentropic trials and challenges, competitions and difficult teachers; competitive self-isolating and hoarding survivalism. Any Game Theorist, Group Dynamics Theorist or Facilitator of Communication and/or Community and/or Economic Development, any Permaculture Designer or Developer and Information Harvester, would predict becoming a more self-optimizing, regeneratively grown and sustained polyculture over monocultural, monopolistic, and monochromatic entropy-enhancing trends of decay as anything other than a TrimTab means toward a more inclusively abundant outcome.

Polyculturing Plan B, rather than monoculturing suboptimization (Plan C?), may also predict information using Bayesian QBit analysis when QBits  form as 8-Byte full-octave fractals [+/-radiant OVER (-)(-)gravitational magnetic balance], so an explicate-structured octave retains an implicate temporal-sequential fractal dynamic of positive OVER negative dia-metric development scale of functionality. QBytes, in turn, organize as +/- appositionals within a reverse-hierarchical Win-Win tree of life structure, so we have both an upright “branching tree” and a “negative” limned shadow tree root-system functionally parallel structured trend, ecological and binomial correlations passing through both positive and negative correlations at their mutually balancing systemic tipping point in any projected HereNow Moment. Bayesian QBit Win-Win trend analysis speaks our universal metric language of (0) Core Vector/Vortex, within a 4-Prime Dimensional linguistic world, and Open Systemic Exegetical Word.