Ego’s Anthro EcoPolitical Powers

What we see and eat is who we are.
What we won’t see,
our ego’s becoming eaten up by time’s expiration,
is who we are not yet.

To grow ego-stretching out throughout space,
remember your very own DNA flows equivalently and coincidentally
and co-arisingly through each living cell of Earth.

And, to grow ego stretching back and forth
across bilaterally balancing time,
remember DNA/RNA’s rooted nutritional ecopolitical lineage of root systemic ecology,
biohistory fades back to fractal-light-squared greets dualdark cosmology,
and flares forward toward bicameral polypaths,
EarthTribe’s continuous organic
Continuous Quality Improvement
of economic-ecologic-analogic-algorithmic (0)-sum
cooperative health-care optimization.


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