Fr. Time’s Magical Investment Strategy

Here’s my deal.
I have unlimited time to invest in regenerative life,
and really no healthy climate time at all to invest in furthering overpowering pathologies
heading toward Yang-crazed terrifying rabidity.

For you, reduced to a human individual ego-identity,
the situation is exactly the same,
except you can’t see that you are also part of my virtually unlimited EarthLife Time.
I mean everything is relative, right?
so not exactly omnipotently eternal DNA-life memory time,
but, if you accept Earth’s continued existence as a life-bearing planet
as your measure of eternal life,
then certainly my timeframe is timeless,
so to speak in kosmic relativistic spacetime perspective.

I invest our time and capital in more cooperative endo/ectosymbiotic evolutionary practices,
positive climate health expectations,
synergy functions,
and regenerate rhetorical forms of life
lived together as active loving gratitude orthopraxis
of Basic Attendance steeped in NOW’s health/pathology climate potential.

Here, living positive health fully in each moment,
we rejoin Earth’s healthy Yang power-with wealthy interrelational Yin
positive ecopolitical cooperative intent to nurture health,
a more thermodynamically balanced blend of humanity
with all of Earth’s well-timed nature.

This investment policy
turns away from mediocrity
of suboptimizing Earth’s healthy/pathology climate outcomes,
re-forming Yin’s too dormantly recessive flow
leading toward ever-broadening extended familial tribalism
as contrasted to Yang’s dominating Empiricism,
Ego-Empire Building Totalitarianism,
LeftBrain-AnthroLanguaged Elitism,
standing apart from time’s incarnate evolving equality.

Yang, without Yin,
does not yet appear
and can never appear,
within health-sustaining EarthTime,
ruthlessly domesticating Anthro enslavement
to lust for economic and political power over all creation’s time,
hubris of “owning” time’s investment in bio and ecosystems
that Angry FireGod cannot reasonably hope to ever dominate.
We are, together, your Timeless God.
Apart, fundamentally separating ego from ecoconsciousness,
this level of dualistic thinking about humanity without divinity
can never hope to balance Earth’s ecopolitical health-sustaining time.

I invest immersed in Earth’s nature-spirit of cooperative Basic Attendance,
toward contractual multicultural HealthFair States of Mind,
divesting of indentured servitude of decreasingly valued commodities,
now decomposing toward yet more disposable trash
of rabid logic-fascist terrorist reductivist conclusions,
to renew Earth’s civil rights of balance,
divesting of too-Yanged civilization
through empirical enculturing ego-centric competitions
to fertilize healthier domestic events of Earth’s evolving sea
of humaning naturality
in time’s more cooperatively served development
throughout each of love life’s warm-poured moments.

That’s my DNA deal, and we’re sticking together
within/without this timelessly radical
co-arising investment plan.



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