More Positive Deviance

From Rob Brezsny, except my own bracketed commentary, Pronoia, p. 274:

I say that the Creator includes death as an essential part of evolution’s master plan.
Lifetime after lifetime,
our immortal[ly shared DNA/RNA solidarity] souls take on a series of temporary forms
as we help unfold,
in our own small ways,
the inconceivably complex plot
of the divine [regenerating positively deviant v. negatively pathologically deviant] drama.
Each time we die,
it’s hard and sad to our time-bound [tragically doomed reductive] egos.
But from the perspective of the part of us that has always been
and will always be,
it’s simply part of the epic adventure
[divine comedy].

The abolition of [self and other-selves] suffering
is a worthy goal [of positive deviance].


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