The Curiously Democratic Invitation

RE: Cooperative MultiCultural HealthCare Development

Dear Neighbors, Community Civic Civilians:

Curious about win/win economic and political games
co-investing and co-empowering

and present
and healthy regenerative future civilizations,
civil rights
and civic-recentering
curiously interdependent,

Both analogically Either/Or RightWing dominant
and metaphorically Both/And LeftWing prominent
ego/eco enlightening
systemically cooperative
thinking/feeling to ask questions
and imagine, together,
possible win/win healthy and safe future opportunities
without quite so much win/lose unhealthy unsafe family
and individual,
global and local community climate risk

Remembering shadows of indigenous
intimate nature/spirit consciousness
of sacred ecosystemic climax worshipers
and secular multiculturally awesome neighbors
presenting cooperatively co-investing potential
in our communal ecosystemic habitat
for all health-and-safety communal EarthTribes.

You are receiving this invitation
to a virtual win/win community economic development PlaySpace
biased and privileged toward cooperative
democratic win/win health systems

A virtual neighborhood multicultural recovery dialogue
including local faith communities
with contemporary democracy empowering missions
interfaith eco-politically enlightening discussions

re-ligioning physical empowerment
through civil rights
and civic mind-bodied
rights and lefts bicamerally depolarizing
toward win/win historical
personal and political
and economic co-investment experiences

metaphysical interior felt faith
in democratizing spiritual-mental health
within compassionate communication templates
of non-violent communion
transubstanting left/right multilateral union,

As one interdependent civil civic community
cooperative win/win
co-investing in Economic Development Virtual Games
for 20/20 collaborative revisioning
and 50/50 co-responsive
private/public realtime healthy outcomes
through ego/eco-systemic multiculturing
empowering long-term
GoldenRule restoration wealth

Of cooperative democratic win/win Trust,
polynomial Yang
with Not(Not) binomial
polyphonic Yintegrity

Rooted in historical/multicultural
EcoPolitical NonZero-Soul
Whole Systemic
Compassionately Curious
Local through Municipal through Global through Munificent
NonViolent Communication Systems
of and for
cooperatively causing and effecting
Restorative PostPandemic EarthJustice.

With Warm Namaste Wishes,

Your Community Economic Development Commission


More Therapeutic Investments

If my behaviors,
for ill or good,
are embedded in my belief system,
recognized by internally articulating our apparently shared faith
in social sanctuary structures,
safe co-operative homes,

Then my actions feed all my psychological
and economic
and political
and educational
and ecologically imagined co-relationships,

Whether I believe good ecosystemic compassion
is more vital
than smaller
hidden egocentric narcissism,
or not.

Whether we are logic nurtured children
of positive natural outside faith,
or egospirit neglected negative faithless anti-compassion narcissistic subjects
of our own internal jealous angry GodVoices
speaking Negative SuperEgo words
of denatured depression and dispiriting doom.

Even toxic Creators of forbidding deforesting climates
preferentially prefer behaviors
of and for a more robust personal and social health Vocation.

If behaviors,
for health or pathology,
are embedded in natural exterior experience histories,
then actions feed all polypathic paradigms
for learning compassionate spiritual beliefs
in non-sectarian health vocations
swimming in temporal streams of divine nutrition
nurturing humane natural beliefs
widely teaching
deep learning resilient behavioral missions
for sustaining EarthTribe climate life,
healthy beliefs inside as wealthy behaviors outside.


PositivEnergy Productions

As any economist,
or even a half-conscious politician,
or patient parent knows,
We have two types of deficits;
investments and divestments.

Let’s call them NegativEnergy One
and NegativEnergy Two,
or, for short,
just ThingOne
sometimes portends darker ThingTwo.

We may choose a short-term deficit budget
to invest in growing a long-term PositivEnergy surplus,
or interdependent profit.

Or we may choose to contribute to a longterm
toxically overdrawn
eternally divesting waste stream,
like burning currency for fuel
or flushing coins down the toilet
or peeing and pooping where we could have eaten
or taken a warm bubbly bath.

can ZeroSum Win-Lose balance,
Or degenerate into
not even ZeroSum Lose-Lose
predicting further devastated landscapes
and climate pathologies.

Or NegativEnergy One withdrawals
could resiliently resonate
co-arising PositivEnergy co-investments

Not not ZeroSum
for restoring nutritional
multigenerationally cooperative Justice,
notnot Trust
with YesYes resonant symmetry.

like synergy
It has an uncertain
yet resonant ring to it.


It’s Nothing Personal

You say it’s nothing personal
this neglect you throw my way
but surely you can see it is political
to fire me from power within your life this day?

And, if political then economic
as we have no investments or divestments
without some self and/or other empowerment intention
of relational transaction
or disinvestment from what had been
mutually empowering relationship.

No longer hope of these ecopolitical transfers
of self with other power
that have meant so much to me,
for me,
of me.
Yet, yes I can see,
you need to protect yourself
with this belief
that somehow neglect of therapeutic process
is nothing personal,
just political and economic.

Thanks so much for this reminder
our sacred relationship
was merely your secular commodity.


Fr. Time’s Magical Investment Strategy

Here’s my deal.
I have unlimited time to invest in regenerative life,
and really no healthy climate time at all to invest in furthering overpowering pathologies
heading toward Yang-crazed terrifying rabidity.

For you, reduced to a human individual ego-identity,
the situation is exactly the same,
except you can’t see that you are also part of my virtually unlimited EarthLife Time.
I mean everything is relative, right?
so not exactly omnipotently eternal DNA-life memory time,
but, if you accept Earth’s continued existence as a life-bearing planet
as your measure of eternal life,
then certainly my timeframe is timeless,
so to speak in kosmic relativistic spacetime perspective.

I invest our time and capital in more cooperative endo/ectosymbiotic evolutionary practices,
positive climate health expectations,
synergy functions,
and regenerate rhetorical forms of life
lived together as active loving gratitude orthopraxis
of Basic Attendance steeped in NOW’s health/pathology climate potential.

Here, living positive health fully in each moment,
we rejoin Earth’s healthy Yang power-with wealthy interrelational Yin
positive ecopolitical cooperative intent to nurture health,
a more thermodynamically balanced blend of humanity
with all of Earth’s well-timed nature.

This investment policy
turns away from mediocrity
of suboptimizing Earth’s healthy/pathology climate outcomes,
re-forming Yin’s too dormantly recessive flow
leading toward ever-broadening extended familial tribalism
as contrasted to Yang’s dominating Empiricism,
Ego-Empire Building Totalitarianism,
LeftBrain-AnthroLanguaged Elitism,
standing apart from time’s incarnate evolving equality.

Yang, without Yin,
does not yet appear
and can never appear,
within health-sustaining EarthTime,
ruthlessly domesticating Anthro enslavement
to lust for economic and political power over all creation’s time,
hubris of “owning” time’s investment in bio and ecosystems
that Angry FireGod cannot reasonably hope to ever dominate.
We are, together, your Timeless God.
Apart, fundamentally separating ego from ecoconsciousness,
this level of dualistic thinking about humanity without divinity
can never hope to balance Earth’s ecopolitical health-sustaining time.

I invest immersed in Earth’s nature-spirit of cooperative Basic Attendance,
toward contractual multicultural HealthFair States of Mind,
divesting of indentured servitude of decreasingly valued commodities,
now decomposing toward yet more disposable trash
of rabid logic-fascist terrorist reductivist conclusions,
to renew Earth’s civil rights of balance,
divesting of too-Yanged civilization
through empirical enculturing ego-centric competitions
to fertilize healthier domestic events of Earth’s evolving sea
of humaning naturality
in time’s more cooperatively served development
throughout each of love life’s warm-poured moments.

That’s my DNA deal, and we’re sticking together
within/without this timelessly radical
co-arising investment plan.



Investing in Divestment

I become confused, and I so hope it’s not just me, by the ethical landmine of divestment.

Does purging myself of toxins atone for all my sins absorbing them? Does the divestment of a negative value create a positive value, and is it at least as positive as the negative was negative?

Should I, instead, stand among my kindred stockholders in sackcloth and ashes, repenting, perhaps a little self-flagellation helped along by the bewilderment of my fellow sinners about what may seem to them as excessive as a monk transforming into a crackling flame of protest?

Does quiet divestment optimize my opportunities and responsibilities for ecologically balanced values, where negatives greet positives as ancient appositive allies, like Yang and Yin, and space and time, identity and individuation, places and spaces?

Something about the stark simplicity of divestment feels unnatural, like deliberately choosing to ponder the monochromatic negatives of grayscale tucked inside a back cover of my favorite full-color family album.

Holding a stock to protest against whatever values and disvalues may be represented by that stock seems like a lively example of talking talk without walking in the way I am suggesting to others. Divestment is to mentoring as stockholder action is to lecturing others to not do as you have ever done yourself. Why not divest and then send out a memo:

Dear Fellow Publicans and Sinners,

Just want you to know I sold off my stock in Toxic Fuels and Chemicals, Incorporated, for the best price I could get in exchange for an investment in a poisonously unsustainable lack of future for our kids. I claim no moral virtue for doing what is so clearly in my own best interest, just because it also happens to be in your best interest as well. Nor do I mean to gloat over my continuing investments in self-serving corporate structures, rather than cooperative and sustainable, inclusive, and, by the way, icing on the cake, economically buoyant and resilient investment opportunities.

You see, when I finally realized why I want to divest from extractive short-term high risk markets, it suddenly came as quite the epiphany that I want to take that money and invest it in cooperative, long-term low risk and locally nutritious and sustainable enterprises. Rich opportunity and value, indeed!

Apparently eco-logical reinvestment policies and procedures are much less value-ambiguous than divestment quagmires, not only ethically and environmentally, but financially and biologically and sociologically, and, oh yes, teleologically too. The intersection of my experience’s meaning and our future’s purpose, to remember we all got into this incarnational mess together and we will each get out of it what we bring into clearing it up for ourselves and future generations. ¬†As for the rest, it’s just a messy commodity investment confusion, searching for a wiser Left and Right brained balanced economy.

Namaste and Peace Out to all fellow travelers,

G. O. Dillenbeck