Cooperative Interpretations of Earth’s EcoPolitical Climate

Perhaps you have read
as I have not
Beard’s “Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States.”

Yet, here is my prediction,
and I promise to actually read it to confirm and/or deny,
so I suppose I more candidly am saying,
Had I written such a treatise,
my main point is not quite (0) summary ecopolitical balance,

HumaneLeft-divineRight nature-spirit nondualist bicamerals
have evolved this society’s cultural manifestation
wholesale and purchased as optimally cooperative enlightenment,
ecopolitics as colonies would become democratic co-empathic trusting planetary empires of cooperative ecological Self-with-Other Constitution Stories
of active hope becoming Positive Psychology of EcoPolitical Science
and Humanities
and Aesthetic Beauty of Golden Harvest Landscapes.

Economic theory, is not also ecologically abundant practice,
unless it is ecological, regenerately decomposing balanced resolutions
of political power-with cooperation,
more evolutionarily evinced as meta-dominant
as compared to power-over WinLose Gaming competitions.

EcoPolitical experience observing large scale social,
historical evolutionary experience, narrative, story,
including stories intended to be constitutive of ecopolitical truth and justice,
constitutional development stories as hopes and future dreams of a global nation state
for more nutritional,
and thereby less pathological
climate evolution transfers,
with revolution turning reiterational resonance
of healthwealth power values,
from place and time one
toward place and time other.

In BiLateral Economics, the healthy fruition of one space
just once, is monoculturally empty of nutritious metric philosophy,
whereas if we are created once in time
times once again in spiralling revolutionary time,
then we are each binomial two,
as nomials are always also binomials,
as digital information always follows octave-binary network trends,
as yes (both) in ecologically balancing in/ex-climate landscapes
of Earth-enculturation, acclimation,
always equal not-yet gone-LeftWest
plus not-yet past-ElderRightEast double-binding compete/cooperate discernment time
bicamerally ruling nature-spirit healthy climates
for ecopolitical constitutions.

Philosophy, love of wisdom,
especially love of natural constitutional climate science wisdom,
projects our evolutionary history
through atmospheric oceanic interdependently acclimating bodies
and across empty universal mind skies
fertilizing emerging Golden Ruling multicultural landscapes,
divinely inspiring Creation Stories,
speaking multiculturally confluent languages,
reweaving Positive EcoPsychology
inviting Earth’s regenerative norms and nutritionally cooperative
empowering public health and safety values.

Revolution-Left balancing Evolution-Right,
this global EarthTribe’s ecopolitical constitution
grows, emerging cooperative ecological revolutions
in which climates we choose to optimally play
scientific/artistic WinWin evolution,
juxtaposing premillennial competitive means to WinLose
ambiguously suboptimizing global ecological outcomes
still incarnate within now postmillennially bicameral cooperative multicultural economic polypaths
toward cultural Left-Right balancing democratic dominance
of health over pathology,
growing WinWin regenerative health outcomes.

Recombinant DNA/RNA transubstantiating sacred regenerate health-trend outcomes,
not only through our historical roots of and for developmental learning
to cooperatively nature-spirit nondual love-integrate-creatively occupy,
but also of these iconic fractals, together,
forming our full-octave multicultural color light fragrant felt comprehension
of Earth’s historic original creative designs
for good humored cooperative integral potential
for our own health
as less pathological cognitive-affective ‘in-between’ chaotic dissonance and angst,
stress not quite sustaining (0) sum, soul, core revolutionary scientific liturgical seasonal norms
of 4-step syllogistic deductive-only trigonometric plus
one timeless bilateral 4D reverse-temporal equivalence
of P as also N(NP) Empty/Interdependent
Yang/notnotYin ecologic,
where P stands for polynomial economic information trends
and polypathic nature/spirit politically balancing flow trends,
where P=Uracil/Thymine-exforming as NP=BiLateral Dipolar Cytosine-infunction-exforming thermodynamic balance
of Interdependent-Empty Live-Evil regenerative cycles of life,
constitutional boundaried synergetic subclimate cells
with revolutioning stretch-bends for great reverse-climatic transitions
back as forward co-identity
flying and walking and swimming,
but slow-growth, not monocultural racing,
toward Golden Ruling Constitutions of all Uniting States Becoming.

Reading LeftBrain economic ecological meta-climate constitutions
through RightBrain politically cooperative,
Golden Rule and Ratio and Elixir and Climate and Landscape,
permaculturally nutritious DNA/RNA health agendas.

Now I suppose I have to open my Kindle and actually rewrite the thing
while I’m digesting it.


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