Tempests in Teapots

I’m not out to change my world
or yours,
but I do believe we are in this world together
to refine our collective regenerate health status,
to resolve our climate therapies
for healthier economies
and politics of mind and body ecologies.

I am thinking of not even being in any more
for those who only have a yearn for climate change,
as this is too ambiguous for me.
I need commitments for and to cooperative healthy change,
not just any pathological change,
not just competing changes
but revisions of the unraveling health
that is our shared EarthBirth Right.

Keep your stupid rites of change, please.
Show me some smart cooperative ecopolitical health choices and plans
for more therapeutic landscapes,
internal and external,
not more escalating climate change
but revolutionary resonant refinements of climate enculturing health;
not more Business as Usual rabid-paranoid-terrorizing climate sickness.

I’m not out to change the world;
I am totally in for and with a renewed therapeutic Earth
of and for all.
Earth’s multicultural interdependent Tribes and Species,
elements and systems and networks
and regenerative healthy life principles
of resonant balance and resolving harmonies.

I’m too old for more mindless change
and yet never too young for more mindful ecoconsciousness
of healthy ecopolitics.

I’m not out to change you or me
but I’m in for refining relationships with you,
within me,
with Earth,
our shared blue-green Home.

Don’t talk to me about change
until you show me how you have managed your carbon footprint
for your economic and political campaigns
as evidence of how our future together
might thrive a more global (0) carbon footprint
as a healthy regenerative species,
instead of an overpopulating degenerative falling apart race toward hate.

We’re an evolving teapot
long and thin.
Egos are our handle
while Earth is our spout.
That is our ecology spiraling out.

When we get all steamed up
LeftEgo’s brain shouts out
while Tipping Points recover
health’s abundant love flows out.


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