ReWeaving Ta(o)ist EcoPolitical Health

On what metaphysical, natural yet spiritual, principle
might agree
an ecologist,
a Christian fundamentalist,
and an Islamic terrorist?

Earth’s enculturing history has been, economically and politically speaking,
more nutritiously regenerative
than pathologically degenerative,
or we could not have become recreative regenetic bicameral identities,

Yang-Uracil-Left EcoPolitical Landscape
(0) Tao-Sum Temporal
Yin-Squared-Fractal Prime Relational Cytosine-Right/Left Ecological

light=health ecobalancing thermodynamic 4D
health dominant-nutritional-light redundancy,
exegetical convex OVER concaving/co-arising pathology-recessing
dual-temporal dark past/future egocentric Left
exformational cognitive-affective climate/culture =InternalInterdependentOrganic/External Physical Landscape dissonance memory strings back through Elder Right,
toward Empty Set Universally Aptic cloud appositional nomials,
organic neural-tissue chemistry networks, subclimates, subnutrient-economies,
holonic mandala fractal-4D regenerativity prime (0) soul rooted
nutritionally reiterating information Prime (0) Relationship
enthymematic bilateralYang=binomialYinYin sensory experiential normative sacred eternal nurturing balance,
bicamerally languaged
as Left/ElderRight EcoLogical Health EnCulturation Balance.

And, in the above respects,
Earth has remained ever-confluent with our solar systemic open interdependent Potential-Paradise universe AnthroCentricMythosLeft/EcoLogos CoCreatorRight,

And if we add the further premise
that on ecosystemic Earth,
as in logic and linguistics and math,
positive is equivalent to a double negative,
then Earth’s polynomial patterns and trends,
positively regenerative, resonant, resolving,
most and best maintain (0) sum thermodynamic balance
with notnot degenerative cultures and climates and concomitant gestalts,
and other ecological nature/spirit open nondual co-arising systems
of cooperative organically communicating co-empathic trust networks,
observed with LeftBrain regenerative health languaged DNA
interdependent symbiotic ecoconsciousness
doing our organic best to remember and deep healthywealth learn
Elder Right Brain’s notnot decompositional pathologically unraveling,
yet polypathically accessible (0) soul Empty CoPresent
YangExteriorLeft/YinInterior Elder RightMemory and Temporal Storage,
neural double-binding Prime Relational BiLaterals
Reiterating Developing DiPolar Revolving Spiraling Boundary Embryos
of light’s evolution through dualdark cosmology’s quietly amusing understory
gardens of light trinitarian lattices
full octave-enriching LeftBrain climatic
yet multiculturally sustainable RightBrain polypathic delight.

Or maybe its just the more agnostic Nyquil.


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