Pronoia Dialogue

What about you?
Is there anything you’ve been working on
for many centuries?

Well, as a son of Father Sun,
I have been moving toward family and tribal justice
within a global climate of peace
as politically integrative internal empowerment
with ecologically cooperative co-presence
as co-ownership
of bicamerally polypathic (0)-soul spacetime,
Polynomial Yang = NotNot Polynomial-Squared Yin
as c-squared bilateral wave-linear form = Eulerian prime relational function, notnot degenerative e-squared.

What are the three miracles
that are most likely
to happen to us?

Unforgivable riches.
Outrageously intrusive fame.
Omnipotently cooperative powers
of global ecotherapy.

Do you agree with Plotinus
that all events are cooperatively networking spacetime?

It seems we are conjoining space and time,
each relative to the other
and yet also somehow coincidentally, and oddly,
wave-linear “Empty”
as Einstein’s LeftBrain deductively complex nonduality
RightBrain’s 4dimensional spacetime interdependently integrative equivalence
of co-gravitationally bilinear bicameral
binary (0)-Core TaoTime,
following coordinates outlined by Bucky Fuller,
G Perelman (et. al. Group Theory Cooperative Team Researchers)
and W Thurston,
Buddhism’s Empty/Interdependent nonduality,
with a dash of Left ego-cognition/ElderRight Earth SacredUnity Consciousness from Julian Jaynes,
with Gregory Bateson’s ecological balance
of anthro-healthy/pathological ecopolitical mindbodies.

How can we know when we are sufficiently attuned
to the healthy gestalt of creation?

When we comprehend cooperative potentialities
to reweave abundantly regenerative climates
with internal/external ecotherapeutic landscapes.

Can we discern the signature of creation at this,
or any other, (0)-perfect moment?

When we are without bicamerally dissonant
irrational remainders
of pathological cognitive-affective disvalues,

When you peer into the secret heart
of collective ecoconsciousness
how do you feel?

Loving and kind and wanting to become more helpful,
less distancing, condemning, fault-finding about others
and Earth’s troubling climates and landscapes.

Can you guess what Earth Goddess is thinking
through your regeneratively integrative Right ElderBrain?

Can recreative imagination evolve from a mere future-fantasy generator?

Nondual Left/Right balanced imagination
brings ego/ecosystemic organic perceptions
discerning healthy abundance
through pathologically appositional subclimates
surrounding both interior-ego and exterior-eco political co-empowerment landscapes.

If Timeless Eternal God
is Source of BiLateral CoArising Time,
then acting in a morality play
is also dancing through an ecopolitical equity opera.
Sacred Unity is to polypathically experience
(0)-soul unfathomably deep learning,
to elicit what can become ecotherapeutic multicultural health,
to descend into darkness of creation’s absent-timeless Black Hole
to reveal bicameral Tao SpacedTime,
to mourn monocultural anthrocentrism
by celebrating polycultural cooperativism of Earth’s regenerativity,
our permacultural Golden Rule and Ratio enigmas
as yet further integrative possibilities
of time’s potential ecopolitical health increase
as climate pathology decrease.

This temporally primal balancing universe of GodTime
is a whirling spiral dynamic
full-octave revolutionary
cooperatively kind, non-dissonant, dervish,
ecologically balancing YangPositive/NotNotYin bionic network
of WinWin slow-growth revolution,
not a condemning hanging judge
in dualdark jealous-paranoid paternalistic robes.

So how would your God of Pronoia TaoTime
respond to the Talmud’s expression of Judgment Day?

Each person is invited to account,
within each Helpful=Healthy Judgment Day with Discernment Night,
for all ecologically permitted investment/divestment pleasures
we might cooperatively economically and politically enjoy,
but have not, yet.
There can be only these multiculturing integrity pleasures
within your healthiest,
most regenerative,
sabbath day lifeline.




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