To Love is Divine Empowerment

The SunGod of ReGenerative NOWtime
is not a jealous lover.
S/he is an omnipotently bilateral lover of integrity,
revolving spirals of Earth’s multicultural confluence,
abundant divinely humane polyculturing climax landscapes
co-arising lovely diversely healthy subclimates,
our promise and endowment
for future regenerations.

The chronic anxieties of lesser idols
speak through cognitive-affective dissonance,
unfolding a too-worn path toward competitive WinLose suboptimal choices
and collective paranoid condemnation
of ourselves
of others
of our future potential
of our Elders
of Earth and Her blighting Sun.

By evolutionary experiential contrast,
synchronic nondual regenerativity,
harmonic symphonies of epic heroic becoming together,
are our co-arising opportunities to reweave degenerative anxieties
into regenerative integrity,
sacred universal unity.

The opposite of vengeance and condemnation
are divine wonder and awe.
These are our affective choice,
empathy or immunity
influenced by and influencing
our belief/faith systems
in ourselves and others,
in Earth
and Her cosmological nutritionally evolving
revolving/devolving networks of nondual spacetime.

Our individual and family and tribe and clan economies
of invested/divesting emotional climates
nondually co-arise ecologos of political trust in orthodox beliefs,
mistrusting eisegetical doubts and wonderings and ruminations,
and pathologically malforming distrusts,
rooted in ancient fears and angers and deaths
from mutually toxic immunities, disharmonies.

Pathologies within our landscapes,
like rattlesnakes and scorpions,
mosquitoes and biting flies,
deadly tornado and sunami,
are to be respected teachers,
revered for their powerful toxicity,
yet not to co-arise our own autonomic immunity
from exceptions to Earth’s more benign Golden Rule
of revolving evolutions toward ecopolitical integrity.

It seems easier to comprehend Yang as politically empowering resonance
in harmony with Yin’s abundant economic flow of nutrients,
regenerative potential,
when we step inside Eastern philosophy’s nondual assumption
that natural and spiritual nurture and pathology
interdependently co-arise
from Empty timeless eternal bilaterality
of past with future time,
NOW co-present.

From within this ecopolitical nonduality
it is easier to remember I cannot help a child,
much less a maturing adult,
become a happy healthy helpful old wise person
by way of tough love condemnation.

We simply are not therapeutically enriched
through passing along condemning affective and cognitive pathologies,
generation through generation.

Healthy climates do not derive sufficient co-redemptive freedom to sustain
except when free of freezing hellfire’s dark pathologies,
suboptimizing idolatries.

Wellness incarnate young people
cannot remain
after years of chronic pathological messages:
It’s OK with us that you remain malignantly neglected,
bereft of nurturing intimacy,
vulnerably isolated by economic and political divestment,
hungry for most anything
other than further blazing hazing bullying days
and freezing nights of ecopolitical condemnation.

Politically powerful Gods and Goddesses of nutritionally balancing Time
are never stingy with their ubiquitously democratic integrity of love.


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