Taoist ZeroSum EcoLogic

Imagine with me
a bicameral NatureGod named PositiveYang
dipolar twinned with SpiritGaia named NotNot Yang,
or WinWin, for reverse dualdark YinSquared shortness
of ecologically balancing Time.

Imagine us,
self-regenerating Positive Yang LeftBrain dominant,
as also decomposing dualdark notnot WinWin Time,
dipolar co-arising our Creative (0)Riginal EcoPolitical Intent,
our Sacred Gift of (0) ego/eco double-binding nature/spirit Soul,
our karmic grace of becoming.

Here, together co-arising,
we now live fully in each moment’s integrative integrity,
comprehending time’s (0) ecosystemic organic flow-balance
as abundantly diastolic and ebbing systolic
away from nutritionally climax diastatic transubstantiation,
abundant economic health investment/divestment egominds
incarnating politically empowering/disempowering EarthBound bodies.

When we together worry we don’t have enough time
to recreate a healthier happier wealthier climate,
this is Left/Right balancing time
to notice and recalibrate our DNA/RNA solidarity consciousness,
to adjust our LeftBrain dominance
from shortage toward (0)-sum,
abundantly empty timeless omnipresent ego-sufficiency,
not too little ego and not too much ecoRight;
not too soon Yang
or too late YinYin,
for WinWin reweaving time’s dispassioning polypathic flight.

When we feel our time is lying too still,
too boring,
lacking good humored entertainments
and vitality
and passion,
too much stagnant dull disinvested,
not empowering time;
these are our opportunities to look deeper
for permaculturing cooperative opportunities
to replace competitive WinLose condemning and mistrusting
of Earth’s dynamic enculturations,
with self-alienating and ego-monoculturing supremacist-yet-paranoid
dissonantly divesting outcomes,
veiling WinWin regeneratively healthy as helpful
new ecopolitics
enticing deeply rich socio-therapeutic opportunities
for less vicarious fear of risk to self-esteem,
more freedom to actively hope to self and other entertain,
to perform cooperative gift-it-forward planning miracles,
reweaving time’s hurts and sufferings,
promoting future health abundance
by learning from past pathologically dissonant angers,
fears dulling into boring passive paranoias,
chronically dissonant with regeneratively balancing resonance.

Imagine co-memories of and for future Time’s copresent ecoconsciousness
of NOW’s notnot co-opting opportunities
still becoming (0)-soul abundant ecopolitics
of EcoLogic,
discerned through DNA/RNA’s continuing regenerate revolving dialectic,
throughout EarthTribe’s multiculturing healthy balanced sufficiency
of eternally omnipresent polypathic Time,
unfolding octaves of spiraling integrative unbound Empty timelessness,
where this NOW (0)Mega Point
weaves through Alpha Elder Yin’s
dipolar co-arising Empty Black Hole,
both holy and holonic Time of Primal HumaneNature/SacredSpirit,
BiCameral CoRelational Unity.


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