Complexities of Consciousness

Herein, the evolutionary positive psychologist’s voice is that of C,
leaning sometimes toward the yang-ego identity side,
while the evolutionary ecopolitician’s voice,
doing his best to play WinWin ecotherapist, is D.

C: The best way to live is by learning to control [Ego-Left] consciousness
D: by also deep learning to ecologically extend RightBrain flowing ecoconsciousness.

To do so, evolution,
whether personal or political larger stage,
cultivates certain permacultural-multicultural nurturing skills.

C: Ego acquires a discipline that at first may seem like mindless ritual
D: to acquire integrative flow,
at first feeling too mindfully rich with interdependently intuited trusting truths,
nutritional potential,
even manic loss of clear-cut identity boundaries.

But, together, these Yang-Left with Yin-Right conversations,
ecological health discernments,
slow-grow integrative deductive-vertical
and inductive-bilateral
spiraling revolutionary flow
with our universal-Yang/Yintegral unitarian order;
where Yang is to universal patriotic political wealth
as Yin integrates unitarian matriotic nutritional health-flow.

C: Unless a person learns to control [Left-Right Balancing therapeutic] consciousness,
he or she cannot achieve harmony with the cosmos,
but will forever remain prey
to the random forces of biology and society.
D: And,
as we all ecologically learn to both control and communicate
LeftYang/RightYintegral harmonic ego/eco-consciousness,
Earth will continue evolving toward diastatic ecological harmony
within our shared interdependent deductive/inductive climate flow,
but will remain LeftBrain dominantly vulnerable to co-arising nondual coincidental pathological faces
of Business As Competitively Usual
economics and political divestment of sustained health relational time,
and, oh yes, money.

C: Nor will we know how to direct evolution toward greater complexity
unless our [ego] consciousness becomes more complex.
D: Nor will we polypathically know how to co-mentor multiculturing evolution
toward greater regenerativity
unless our ego/eco-conscious energetic balance
becomes more integratively extended.

C: What makes us different from other animal species
is the variety and mutual dependence of our psychic processes.
D: And
what makes us polypathically and ecologically similar
to other primates
is this same integrative-symbiotic variety
and multiculturing interdependence
of newer deductive/reductive Left-Yang patriarchal dominance
emerging from Elder Right’s matriarchally embryonic nurturance.

C: Evolution is the [deductively rewarded] history
of the complexity of living matter.
D: And, EarthTribe’s revolutions, within evolution,
are the inductively integrative matriarchally nurtured regenerativity
of ecologically extending families,
ecosystems destined for multigenerational Paradise,
predestined by embryonic DNA/RNA solidarity
of reweaving healthy wealth memories;
time as light’s fertility
with dualdark aptic-integrative hibernation,
MidWay dancing wu-wei CoMentors.

C: We cannot easily advocate a certain preference for complexity,
or relinquish our [ego] responsibility for helping evolution along
D: by seizing our regenerative ego/eco-conscious cooperative opportunities,
investing our eco-integrative RightBrain invitations
to co-mentor multiculturing polypathy along.


Statements by C are drawn from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, as is the title of this piece, pp 169-170,The Evolving Self: A Psychology for the Third Millennium, 1993. With deep ecological appreciation.


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