Light and Dark Markets

The primary political and economic metaphor for human life on Earth,
at least here in these disuniting States,
is “market,”
with a consumer and a producer face;
robust, healthy, cooperatively self-regenerative markets
and depressed, pathologically self-degenerative disaster markets,
ripe for fear and anger mongering, abuse,
and neglect of healthywealth market outcome planning.

Regenerative positive markets therapeutically reproduce happy and prosperous Sabbaths,
paradise places and people with plants of abundantly cooperative enjoyment.

Degenerative markets produce fear, anger, mistrust,
then critical events of active distrust,
collective paranoia,
rabid hatreds and terrorism,
fundamentalist fantasies of dark Comings and Goings
of the stupidly unkind Market,
which both theologians and scientists still call “Earth.”

In capitalist economies,
consumer markets tend to become the focus of swelling proportions of bourgois retail Sabbath celebrators,
while producer markets remain the focus of the over-invested
LeftBrain Dominant heads of increasingly plutocratic proletariat market players
of our collective,
slightly paranoid,
sense of control over our own producer market wealth futures
now deductively reified from matriarchal Earth’s regenerative health,
our more polypathic holonic root metaphor
for a home Planet of Sabbath life
not for sale,
or rent,
but for lighting candles
to resonate cooperative multicultural
ecopolitical EnLightenment of Sabbath.

We have a hyphenated nature-spirit market for Sabbath light
of Earth’s self-regenerativity
and dark depressive markets
struggling with and about Earth’s continuing degeneration,
sold out commodification
sacred light-market health values.


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