Winged Economy

When I wash dishes
I look out at my bird feeder,
noticing which political species are best at cooperating,
easy democratic process,
remaining focused on collective nutritional energy gains,
“we’re all in this together” feathers of kin kind
And, which are more elitist,
not so good with sharing a modestly seeded pot;
blue jays predatively pecking,
crows taking over with raucous self-appointed authority,
ganging up against non-supremacists
seeking win/win democratic health.
But, this morning’s meditation
looks over at a nearby large bush,
now January cold barren brown
camouflage, more than shelter,
for local birds of all species
waiting their feeding turn,
frightened by my neighbor’s cat
or a hawk flying ominously overhead
or human noises leaking through my windows.
This small bird sanctuary,
Or is it an asylum?…
Perhaps both, depending on the bird,
harbors those waiting,
patiently, impatiently,
How would I know?
for their turn at their nutrition tower,
their seed Commons,
their energy media feeding station,
local source for economic and political exchange,
social busyness.
Each bird flies back and forth,
some dressed in drab everyday,
others more business-ready flashy,
but all conjoining waves of flowing energy
in-between asylum bush
and open season feeding sanctuary.
Sometimes listeners and watchers,
and then short-flight toward feeders,
receiving sacred wafers,
investments in cooperative multiculturing futures,
gifts of a generous green Earth.
they are gone.
The feeder Commons
My meditative hiding
and curiously waiting medicine bush
bereft of waving winged energy
breathing in and out,
feathered wings up and down.
Time to go back home
to more private nests
or, perhaps
to visit my neighbor’s cooperative feeder,
another caffeinated sanctuary
outside his own warm interior asylum.

Understanding YHWH Enough

Do I politically understand you
to predict you enjoy your unpersonified ego
as partly successful predator-light
racing against mortality shared by all living species
because we are not yet godly resilient enough?
To meet your supreme judgmental win/lose zero-sum standards
of natural/spiritual dual/dark degeneration.

Have you deliberately,
with full intent,
designed living systems
to fall apart
beyond our internal capacity
to perpetually regenerate?
To fragment, eventually
degrade beyond autonomous recognition,

Like an autumn leaf
leaving ego’s immortal goddess tree of life behind
to fertilize future god-souled roots
of nutritional RNA
healthy DNA
fertility of EarthMother’s’
self-perpetuating regenerativity;
yet still squabbling,
on co-empathic occasion,
in-between whether the apostrophe
goes lefts or rights
of our original EarthSouls’s.

Do I understand you
regeneratively win/win inclusive enough?
For godly-humane compassion,
resilient interdependent yang-yin communication,
to live within hypothetical hyphen’s’
spiraling temporal health and happiness roots
nutritional multi-regenerational imagination.


Word Producers

Producing large quantities of words
cleverly without considered substance,

Unveiling my needy novel entertaining intentions
yet not revealing news or even pretensions
about who I today am
or tragically have been,

Is this fertility
or merely self-absorbing pregnancy?

If the distance
between Earth’s nature
and Heaven’s spirit
is as precisely wide
and concisely deep
as a filament
figment of my imagination,

Then what could true or lie between
ecological processes of health
and theological systems of graced wealth?

If nothing lies polarizing between,
Then what more silence
need remain
dissonance unsaid?


Threatened Organic Economies

“No federal agency should ever…declare war on any sector of our economy”

says EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

I wonder how uncomfortable Secretaries and Parents of Health and Human Services could be

with any Protection Agency

declaring war on all sectors of our human health ecology.


Light and Dark Markets

The primary political and economic metaphor for human life on Earth,
at least here in these disuniting States,
is “market,”
with a consumer and a producer face;
robust, healthy, cooperatively self-regenerative markets
and depressed, pathologically self-degenerative disaster markets,
ripe for fear and anger mongering, abuse,
and neglect of healthywealth market outcome planning.

Regenerative positive markets therapeutically reproduce happy and prosperous Sabbaths,
paradise places and people with plants of abundantly cooperative enjoyment.

Degenerative markets produce fear, anger, mistrust,
then critical events of active distrust,
collective paranoia,
rabid hatreds and terrorism,
fundamentalist fantasies of dark Comings and Goings
of the stupidly unkind Market,
which both theologians and scientists still call “Earth.”

In capitalist economies,
consumer markets tend to become the focus of swelling proportions of bourgois retail Sabbath celebrators,
while producer markets remain the focus of the over-invested
LeftBrain Dominant heads of increasingly plutocratic proletariat market players
of our collective,
slightly paranoid,
sense of control over our own producer market wealth futures
now deductively reified from matriarchal Earth’s regenerative health,
our more polypathic holonic root metaphor
for a home Planet of Sabbath life
not for sale,
or rent,
but for lighting candles
to resonate cooperative multicultural
ecopolitical EnLightenment of Sabbath.

We have a hyphenated nature-spirit market for Sabbath light
of Earth’s self-regenerativity
and dark depressive markets
struggling with and about Earth’s continuing degeneration,
sold out commodification
sacred light-market health values.


Creation Story

If you have a favorite Creation Story,
one that makes your Ego self-identity swell,
and stay that way,
then you also have a favorite ecopolitical narrative
about how you would prefer your economic development
might optimize your ecological outcome abundance.

For example,
for Christians,
is the Messianic re-creation story
merely redemptive grace coming in?
Or more precisely co-redemptive,
where grace,
like money,
flows more abundantly
when everybody has more than enough gift-it-forward love to go around?

So, which evolutionary Creation Story
you politically choose to invest in
is your primally significant economic decision,
to optimize your health as wealth extending life–
WinLose self-redemption over other economic players,
or WinWin co-redemption
with other ecologically economic cooperating investors.

How was EarthTribe regeneratively formed
to ethologically function?
For me, with as much multicultural self-perpetuating freedom as possible
for all species of co-intelligent design living now,
Elders past still flowing through,
and future co-redeemers to follow.


Synergisms of Integrity

What exactly is the primal and primary permaculturist’s agenda?

To optimize ecological health
endosymbiotically and ectosymbiotically,
both within and without,
yet nondually;
two Yang/Yin
faces of our universal permacultural love project–
sometimes rather loosely called “human nature.”

There is nothing even the most ruthless sociopath could do
to stop this evolutionary advent,
because this positive health culture
emerges from competitive monocultural Business As Usual
as day emerges from night,
as summer springs forth from winter’s dual-dark purgation
of matter synergizing energetic root systems,
decomposing regenetic folds of time’s co-arising gravity.

Ego is my local environment
struggling to breathe within ecologos,
balancing nature-systems.

Consistent reiteration of gratitude
for each breath
and heart beat
and thought or silence
co-arises cosmological synergy;
Endo- within ecto-symbiotic
positive evolution.

An articulating economy of love
grows co-arising generosity as stimulant,
with gratitude as uniting response.
This metasystemic stimulus-response
as generosity-gratitude
establishes a positive double-binding trend
toward polyculturally inclusive outcomes.

Effective permaculturists produce self-optimizing
polyculturally beloved outcomes;
binomially systemic,
and positive psychological.

Being against eco-integrity
is like being for ego-hypocrisy;
it just doesn’t happen in nature.


Greeristic FreeVerse to B. Sanders

Obamystic Preludes: Things we wish tomorrow for today

Insufficient knowledge for fully comprehensive consciousness
is also more than sufficient ignorance
to cause comprehensive disease.

Knowledge is not optimally resolved
resonantly revolved
accurately measured
in deductive-only information,
rational knowledge is optimally measured with health-trend outcomes.

If competing for attention is too tiring,
wilting you outside and in,
try cooperating for retention of solidarity
through mutually subsidiary engagement,
attendance to co-emergent healthy outcomes.

If we want soldiers of and for good,
then they need mentors
with cooperative gaming strategies
to achieve and sustain
globally self-optimizing healthy wealth.

If we want to avoid nightmares
then we end each day embracing our daytime health/wealth stallion stories,
counting our best cooperative assets
for sustaining life through another night, and generation.

If we want to optimize our wealth of mental health
then we decompose “nondual co-arising confluent memory,”
both binomial-analogical and binary-digital,
toward regenerative multisystemic comprehension.

Too much hated war and violence,
then what do all sides do to sustain their anger?
Too much anger,
disproportionate to resources required to sustain?
Then inclusively discern what we collectively fear about death
as lack of fully comprehensive eternal life
for our polyculture-trending future generations,
and ourselves,
here and now.

Too much disabling and unhealthy paranoia,
depression and suppression,
repression and ignorant impressions
substituting Win-Lose hope of wealth
for Win-Win health
as our shared value for diastatic life?
Then uncover
and discover
and recover
opportunities for cooperating active love
co-arising from the opposite side of the fear/anger spectrum,
refusing to feed your nightmares.
by relentlessly watering our interdependently co-arising health.

Transitioning from competitive Win-Lose
global and domestic policies
toward cooperative Win-Win logistics:

1. Begin with military defense and insurance expenses anticipated for next year.

2. Add all competitive BusinessAsUsual industry subsidies,
tax credits and deferments,
financial investments.

3. Divide the total competitive-aggressive Win-Lose military-industrial expenses
by two;
(1) and (2) above.

4. Invest 50% in a new Peace Corp
with Permaculture EcoTherapeutic Win-Win Design and Development
Mentorship Training,
with requisite alternative-technology tools and resources.

5. Invest the other 50% in a new Americorp/VISTA
with the same multisystemic cooperative networking
mentorship model,
a most cooperative polyculture!
placing interns to co-organize local cooperatives,
health/wealth optimization guilds
composting ecological abundance economies.

Insufficient comprehension for fully co-emergent consciousness
is also more than sufficient decay
to cause cosmo-dislogical disease.


Buddhist Revolutions

If Buddhakaya is the ongoing incarnation of Buddha,
and other mutually-messianic mentors,
then the Buddhakaya evolves optimally living systems.

If Dharmakaya is the incarnation of Buddha-messianic mentoring,
then the Dharmakaya is the ecology of bionic information systems.

If Sanghakaya is the Buddhist community,
then Sanghakaya is bio-economic health and wealth
as eco-justice communication and transaction and relationship
to Time’s Universe
Universe’s Earth
Earth’s Regenerative Nature
Nature’s BiCamerally Intelligent Information Systems.

These are the Great Fractal interdependently Open-Systemic Universe,
And BiCameral Nature is only one of them.

Before Eternal Time’s Universe and Earth existed
There enthymematically was transparent negentropy:
Silent, isolated,
Standing monoculturally, changing not, entropic,
Yet eternally revolving omnipresent negentropy,
Worthy to be the TransParent synergetic ProGenitor of Time.

I do not know its TransParent Ionic/Ergodic name
And address it as Time’s Universe.

If forced to give it a name, I shall call it Time’s ReGenerative Universe.
Being regenerative implies reaching for omnipresence,
Spatial reaching implies an omnipotent co-incidental objective,
(0)Mega Point,
Co-incidental objective implies revolutions
further articulating the Original Point of Time.

BiCameral Nature models Earth’s Regenerative Ecologic;
Earth models Universe’s Fractally Revolving Time;
Incarnating Time models itself after Prime TransParent Matter/Energy;
Space/Time models Co-Operative Eco-normic Commons Balance.

Why, then, do we tolerate economic wealth or psychological health
that does not model ecological balance optimization trends?
Why would we settle for wealth as health as nutritional optimization,
Sustainable Quality Development Standards
uniquely appropriate to the evolution of permacultural Polyculturist

Ecology’s evolution and seasonal revolutions
design and develop naturally eco-normic systems:

Time’s ecosystems evolve multisystemic stimulus-response karmic spacetime,
developing and decaying and regenerating events.

Permaculturists notice
study this co-incidental, co-evolving “Host” site,
subject and objective of research,
to explore endosymbiotic outcomes,
confluently sustainable
and dissonant relationships within subsystems,
unveiling potential for redeveloping design
to optimize Earth’s primary objective,
sustaining healthy/wealthy nutritional life systems
for future generations of RNA-rooted Hosts.


Breathing Through

Between First Cause and Final Effect,
first inhale and final exhale,
swells and ebbs time’s echoing life,
regenerating and decomposing mountainous valleys,
from Alpha evolving Mega-0,
yang co-redeems yin’s reiterating double-bound gravitational investment
in time’s specifically embodied place,
a pilgrimage from winter’s metamorphic Dark Hole hibernation,
to falling regenetic seeds of information trends
forward sustaining and backward evaporating time’s harvest,
slowing down yang’s hyper-speed to unfold again
from yang Omega balancing back to yin Alpha,
coincidental correlational first and last thermodynamic principle
of balancing comprehensive consciousness,
infinite potential effectiveness
riding our shadow horse of co-operative time’s power
with coincidental spatial well-placed functional fluidity,
Earth’s eco-logical
environ-mental pace of synergetic revolution.

Eco may not echo omnipotently throughout this ego life’s span,
yet evolve loving wisdom’s omnipresent time.
Diastolic co-operative life explains everpresent Time,
original intended ‘dying” effects and affects,
resonant resolutions of DNA’s contending recreative query.

Winter’s transcendent decomposition
implicates summer’s diastatic fullness,
as time’s regenerative bilateral transactions
implicate space’s polyculturally informed sustainability.

Co-redeeming economics unfolds regenerative ecological systems.
Co-redemptive seasons develop informed nutritional eco-normative value
of natural Earth life systems,
bicameral processors of polynomial form’s function
as space’s binomially balanced time.

Micro gravitational waves of time
are the inside (-,-) balancing view
of space’s exterior electromagnetic radiant exhalation.