Naked RedMeat Emperors

RE: Continuing RedMeat Only,
much less any Green Leafy Salads

Abraham Lincoln thought it politically unhealthy,
and probably economically unwise,
to disinvest his Cabinet,
much less his entire Constitutionally incorporated population,
from ecopolitical diversity.

What is politically healthy,
probably not an all RedMeat Republican UberConservative Cabinet,
yet this may be what your own WhiteDaddy showed you
is economically self-investing wealthy.
Your Daddy loved his RedMeat UberPolitics
much more than did Abe Lincoln.
Your DominatingDaddy enjoyed his ecopolitical RedMeat breakfast,
and dinner,
even through his FullMoon Dreams
and New MillennialMoon Wisdom Nightmares,
which he had EgoWished were somehow more NightStallions.

What is cooperatively
and abundant-flowingly graceful,
like a multicultural Cabinet?
More ecologically enlightening,
and so naturally and spiritually thermodynamic non-dual normative
ego/eco co-arising
LeftDeductive with RightSeductive, sometimes also FearMotivated Condemning,
BiPolar Oppositional to Naked Either-Red-Or-Dead Meat
equals DiPolar Appositional RedMeat
with Green Leafy Matriarch-Nurturing Salads
from and of Black EarthMamma
(who looks RepressedProletariat EcoFeminist
to your co-empathic Left/Right cognitive-affective,
bicameral mistrust).

Black EarthMamma,
crossing her OnLine FaceBook River
toward evermore CoOperative Paradise Jordan iterations,
resonatingly viral WinEgo/WinEcoLogical
ecopolitical choice-making tree-branching out,
beyond RedMeat/GreenPolyPathic Ego/EcoPlanning States
and Corporations and BiCameral Constitutions,
MindBodies as Ego/Eco Left/Right TaoBalancing

Nurturing FullOctave HealthWealth Optimizing PermaCulturing Salads
surrounding GreenMother Earth
like ReGenerative-Healthy,
and bountifully multi-ubiquitous,
FaceBook Network CoOperatives for ReWeaving ReVisioning EcoPolitics.

through every FaceBook Title:

We are not just reactive RedMeat Hunters!
We are also more matriarchal-cooperative ego/eco-centering gatherers
of Green Leaved Wisdom,
polypathic multi-nutritious organic integrity
within this,
our Bicamerally CoOperative NurtureFlow Trust
in EcoPolitical EarthTribe,
both secularLeft and SacredRightElder
Yang as UberYinYin EcoFeminist YangSquared
DoubleBinding Yang/Yin TaoInvestment
in HealthEgo Equals WealthEco DNA-WinWin Optimization–
a more PostMillennial Creation Story.

A ReGenerative/DeGenerative Nutritional Historic Narrative
discussing and cooperatively discerning
co-mentoring as eco-mentoring,
how to avoid touch and sight and hearing
and taste and feel
of Mutually Assured LoseLose ReActionary RedMeatLoving Destruction
as LeftBrain Deductive-Reductive Only
(cognitive exegetical-trusted
but without affective co-empathic positive-nutritious faith)

FactFaith in FaceBooks and twitter message-choices
of CoOperative BiLateral
RedMeat Defense of Health and Safety-Patriarchal
appositionally contrasted
RedMeat EgoStakes/with GreenSalad EcoOptimizing HealthWealth Outcomes,
PolyCulturing-Climax-Diastatic EcoPolitical TransLiterative Covers.

Lincoln listened and planned in Pre-FaceBook Cabinets of PolyCultural Language Appreciation,
rather than Rabid AlphaDog in face of civil conflicts.
While you, CEO Trump,
in our formerly un-twitterish Oval Office,
usurp the privileges of empowerment
without having first absorbed your Statue of Constitutional LadyLiberty
of CoEnlightenment responsibilities,
both conservative and progressive health and regenerativity,
reproductive right opportunities to remind your own RedMeat LeftBrain CEO Rabidity:

Every ecopolitical corporation that you so proudly and patriotically
AlphaDog Owned
was through cooperative co-investment safety and health assumptions
you did not yourself necessarily also assume,
that MotherEarth,
at least in her Matriarchal RightBrain EcoFeminist Voice,
nurtures cooperative relationships and transactions
more than competing with WinLose supremacist
normative intent toward further monocultural-separatist,
eventually entropically decomposing, future,
rather than interior and exterior FaceBook Cabinet faces
with both multicultural Our Patriarch-Patriotic EgoRedOrDead
and Matriarchal EcoPolitical EcoSystemic DeepLearning
ReGeneratively-Conserving Health/Safety-Red Wins!
does not equal DeGenerating-Regressing HealthSafety–GreenFeminist EarthMammas Lose!
and does equal ReGenerative-Progress of EcoLogical DeepListening
to BiLateral Conserve/Progress
Health SecularLeft/Wealth SacredElder Wisdom PolyPathically Right–
Green EarthMamma Proletariats Also WinWin!!

We cannot afford a WinLose twittered and monochromatic Oval Office,
EgoRabidly defining and refining Conservatively Orthodox Health-Safety
solely through dismantling Progressive Health and Safety WholeEarth CoOperative Agendas.

In behaving this way,
we would encourage everyone in our economic and political world
to add the word “NOT!! send us your tired and poor”…enslaved,
abused and neglected…

To add this word NOT! our ecopolitical Golden CoOperative Rule,
and thereby head toward our WinLose Mutually Assured Destruction,
where we continue to react against others (WinLose ego-competitively)
not as you would have them WinWin cooperatively treat you,
and all you think you so patriotically and AlphaDog own.

How would your ownership investments have turned out
if every AlphaDog WinLose worker
deliberately defined their EgoWin
by your EcoLose?
By resisting every program,
and agenda you so patriotically Executively Ordered?
By stealing back every asset possible from your
oh-so-autonomously held properties?
By diverting subcontractor investments
not to those who are most ready to play cooperative ecopolitical WinWin,
but to those who would kick back part of your ego investment
for our own naked hoarding?

How will your Administration turn out
if we also simply do not feel like listening any more?


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