This Empire Wears No Loser Clothes

You look in your monochromatic mirror
and see a Lincoln Republican.

You read,
“You can fool some of the people some of the time,”
but not all the bicameral folks
all of their deep sacred ecology listening time.

But, you stopped at the HalfTime comma
which felt like giving permission
to step toward twittering condemnational rule
by fake news
confusing to distract,
denying to belittle
in your SaveFace Book of Conflict Management
while issuing Orders
not fooling anyone for any anti-health and safety constitutional time
at all.

You hope you are like Lincoln.
Yet he tried his WinWin best to avoid Civil War;
which means he did not do his WinLose supremacist best
to start an UnCivil Revolution
of Mutual WinLose Destructive Devolution,
competing against all NonUSA
NonAlphaDog Matriarchs,
as preferably servile bitches.

Lincoln thought it politically irrational,
although perhaps economically necessary,
to enslave and rape and sex-market black bitches.
You see the “perhaps economically necessary”
as Lincoln giving you permission
to ignore your own politically toxic intentions
to actively harm those who share your Elder Matriarchal
regeneratively nurturing
Organic Tree.

You, The NakedDonald,
are no Abraham Lincoln Republican.

You do not even pretend to speak softly and listen
while carrying a big stick.
You speak as loudly and often as possible
so there is no time for your LeftBrain Dominant Ego
to listen to your own RightBrain laughing
at the image of you not only carrying,
but nakedly waving for all to see your biggest stick.

You are AntiLincoln UberSupremacist Republican,
which means your SuperDaddy BadBoy CombOver Act
is alarmingly unhealthy and unsafe
in a WinLose Oval Office,
acting like a Rabid Elephant
in an on-line Glass House of EgoCentric-Only Mirrors,
which the Constitution intended to remain WinWin
Ego/EcoCentric Mirrors,
both on-line and off,
within Earth’s WinWin healthier than WinLose
Reality ReGeneration/DeGeneration Show,
in which all Earth’s Multiculturing Empires
wear only WinWin EcoPolitically ReGenerative Clothes.


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