Age of EnLightened Revolutions

The original Independence declarations
of the late 1700s
were born from a West European colonizing
and North American creolizing immigration wave
knowing and exploring a God of EnLightenment,
opposed to dark evils of inherited entitlements
to monopolies of economic health-hoarding and greed,
political wealth of supreme self-empowerment.

This newly minting ecumenical God of Enlightenment
spoke most resonantly through the Holy Spirit
of those Separatists and Quakers and Pilgrims
seeking a New Eden
in a New World of natural-spiritual freedoms
to grow regeneratively,
and freedoms from overpowering attacks
by EnDarkening degenerative nature-spirit entitlement powers.

While this God of creolizing nature-spirit EnLightenment
did give post-revolutionary way
to the born-again elitist Christian God of Awakening,
opposed to the unenlightened secular and pagan not reborn,
this was a reactionary dualistic after-thought
separating the newly elite EnLightened
from the unwashed Not Awake Yet.
The God of EnLightenment
was much more transcendently democratic,
both hopeful and faithful,
and lovingly lavish
including all forms of regenerative natural-spiritual intelligence.

Even a great Landscape of New Eden
could itself become an enlightened ecosystem,
whether Christianized,
to bring traditional creation story language
to this co-redemptive (0)-sum WinWin economy,
or, even more transcendently,
merging First and Second Nation Gaia stories.

An important difference between the Awakening God
and the EnLightening God
is this dynamic of cultural transcendence
of labels
and ideologies
isms rooted in deductive competition’s necessary assumptions.

In God’s transcendent experience,
cooperative relationship remains a timeless Yang Master
while ecopolitical and psychological competitions,
within and without,
become our eternal YinFlow Servants;
never the other way around.

This is the only natural and spiritual function for supremacy of power
within our Original God of Master/Servant Enlightenment,
cooperative creolizing enculturation,
deep ecological listening
and learning
and languaging
and teaching,
more yang empowering
than oppositional paradigms and trends
that can also be reconceived as yin appositionals,
hypostatic GaiaSystem bilaterals,
Tipping Points
in between rocks and hard places.

In this Holy Enlightenment Spirit,
we more clearly find resonance
of health-giving and health-receiving
with wealth of happiness
as sufficient for grateful prosperity
for living within this Original Interdependent Intent
of our truly patriotic
and enlightening constitution
of purpose
and meaning,
song and dance
of God the Creator Father’s transcendent light.


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