Crusading FaithTribes

Multinational economic and political and religious leaders,
parents and teachers,

Do not over-invest in exploiting the weakness of outsiders,
but nurture our cooperative strengths
when we only have insiders
with diverse strengths and weaknesses.

We don’t need more lessons
on how and why and when and where
to be good entrepreneurial capitalists
playing WinLose self-redemption games
of false autonomy
and perilous short-term thinking
and narrow-minded planning.

We do need more WinWin cooperative lessons
processes that progress polyculturing regenerativity,
how and why and when and where
to listen to and mindfully grasp
good and healthy and beautiful cooperative wealth
of truth and trust in globally inclusive democracy
of ownership
through co-subsidiary solidarity,
integrity of Earth’s self-governing abundance,
grace of nutritional forests,
karma of tidal rivers,
love of co-passion,
kindness of not unkindness,
contentment of positive content,
happiness through wu wei balance,
health of Tipping point harmonics.

Repent not with lamentation
but by reweaving celebration.

What was the original multinational corporation,
Christianity spread for faith investment reasons
rather than competing disinvestment treasons.
Faith spreading virally through creolizing cooperations
and bad faith through demonizing fear and anger-mongering.

Messiahs arrive to turn matriarchal Earth upside down.
Not more patriarchal WinLose invasion
past its post-millennial time,
but more WinWin reverse-hierarchical
self-investing bilateral persuasion.

Golden Rules
apply to mega-corporations
remembering communion with Earth’s paradise promise.
Then less need to worry
fret and stew
criminalize and demonize
with Rusty Cruels.

small through megalogical co-mentors,
win through vulnerable weaknesses
of egocentric death
investing increase as eco-centric healthy life.


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