Cleaning House

If cleanliness
thrives next to godliness,
could wealthy White Houses,
slick and in their capital-sucking groove,
survive when paired with homelessness?

This question presupposes
perhaps a radical view
that divine powers are more homeless
than secured behind military-industrialized,
greed capitalized,
plutocratic White Houses.

Is your god’s aspirations
toward Earth’s homeless sustainable revolution,
where outside is benign inside
and inside out vice-versa?
Or leaning more toward supplanting human nature’s industrial needs
with politically self-empowering greeds–
gates closed against the rabble?

I suppose your god
could remain both egocentric
and become more ecocentric,
just as the White House
could remain a temporary shelter
for those empowered by co-empathic wisdom
of our humane species’ ultimate homelessness
without a healthy Earth.

But, in White Houses of this sort,
the gates, if needed,
open from both sides.
The perimeter fence grows lower slower
which is not higher faster self-absorption.
The lawns North and South and East and West
extend toward all our homeless cousins,
Elders not yet burned and buried from healthy memory,
and those yet to become born from matriarchal wombs
into a more sustainable revolution
of shared homelessness.

Where Earth is home
sufficient for all,
or we all continue toward climates of homelessness
in gated Only White Houses Matter
of nationalistic greed
far surpassing Earth’s need
for vulnerability and integrity
of a multiculturally homeless
recreative bodhisattva warrior;
a reweaving god
of and for omnipotently co-operative love.


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