Healthy Love

Do you think love is healthy?

I suppose more therapeutic than its opposites,
whether hate,
or fear
or anger
or greed,
for is not love the formed functions of gratitude?
positive attitude,
that I am loved by Earth’s diverse health in return
cooperative economies
positive psychologies?

You would agree, then, that not love
could also mean not healthy,

Yet I wonder
about two types of not,
forming a double-binding ecological
dialectical knot.

You would distinguish between disease,
and active pathology?
Between decomposition
and anti-composition?
Between economies of depression
and oppression politics?
Evil unhealthy forces,
more than mere absence of good health,
with rabidly LoseLose nihilistic intentions
to empower monoculturing supremacy
and, thereby,
sociopathically attenuate Earth’s healthy polyculturing diversity.

You read me like a post-liberal clock.
The opposite of positive health as love psychology
is active hate of love psychology ourselves,
human developers of humane natural-spiritual maturation,
while negative psychology
lies notnot appositionally in-between.
So mistrusting ambivalence
informs both positive trust and active distrust,

Intentionally evil fear-mongering
and terrorism
and fascism
and prophets of nihilism
and preachers of divine plutocratic supremacy
because EcoPolitical Elites
have won
in a WinLose tepid world
rather than retaining trusting sight
of our WinWin healthiest love.

Do you think love is healthier than not?

I know Earth’s regenerative development,
negentropic and active positive ionic and ergodic
and thermodynamic balance,
never could have become
if this harmony were not
integrative animism
of our multicultural
Creation Love Story.

Is that your sacred psychological faith
or your secular ecopolitical trust?


Sounds like dipolar co-arising nutritional advocacy.

Feels like a chronic orgasm.

Don’t you mean synchronic?

I don’t know.
Are we?

I am
if you are.

I am
and you are
so we are becoming synchronic orgasms
more than all that infertile evil monoculturing
hateful climates of pathology
competitive Lose short-term to Lose long-term self-oppressive business.

Stay focused, dear.
Don’t get distracted from our question.

Do you think and feel love is healthy?

But it would be a lot more fun
if it were also just a little bit dirty.


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