Domestic Help

Let us,
for a heuristic historical moment,
create mental feeling embodied space,
for domestication as value neutral,
neither inherently good nor bad,
but more of a gradual evolutionary process
increasing mutual accessibility,
and therefore care-giving
and care-receiving vulnerability
to active daily trust and mistrust,
while avoiding wilder excesses of active distrust,

YangLight domesticated with,
and not against,

man domesticated with woman,
and only stupidly against.

When domestication is negative,
it pits a dipolarity against itself,
like a body against a bitchy mind,
a Yang pitbull of LeftBrain dominance,
violent commodification of domesticity as oppression,
political, and sometimes biological, rape,
denialism of our other cooperative half,
entropy winding down Earth’s dis-incarnate
thoroughly domesticated
absence of accessible wilderness energy.

Which brings us back to historic domestication,
stage two,
domestication of energy,
flow of water,
passive heat radiance of light,
plants and animals, for agricultural revolutionary domestication,
electricity and oil and gas and coal,
for industrial revolutionary domestication of energy.

Domestication with,
as opposed to against,
can only unfold for both short-term
and long-term multigenerational productive success,
as an initial love cooperation,
a mutual nutritional promising hunt and gathering
of vulnerability and trust-building,
necessary for a long-term extended family domestic garden,
but also for a national domestic ecopolitical reforestation
of regenerative continental models
and ecotherapeutic health-maps,
mutually cooperative responsiveness,
solidarity of polypathic responsibility
to authoritatively reweave narrow ethical and aesthetic ecological threading co-relational ways
of domesticating polycultural balance,

To absorb domestication’s economic and political and psychological values
when nondual co-arising,
and disvalue when dualistic Yang and Yin compete
deny WinLose suboptimizing suppression
into self-and-other domestication
when appositional WinWin enlightenment with flow
into mutual healthy wildness
of Earth’s primal cooperatively peaceful revolutions
is slow and steady growth
ours for positive value
Earth care-giving as also care-receiving
dipolar domestication of love climates
our Yinmind-Yangbody landscaped selves.

An individual ego’s superego nature
and a national culture’s domestic eco-natured polypathic forest
are equally concerned with intergenerational diversity flow
of dipolar trusting deductive-inductive truths,
of domesticated wildness,
and equally concerned with economic power
and co-equally concerned with Yang/Yin political productivity.

and parents,
and therefore politically powerful leaders,
of environmental Earth-logical sciences and arts,
and natural-spiritual religious and secular enculturing history
too often reinforce Yang monoculturing obsessions
with prevailing fast-growth measures of powerful domestic productivity,
while ignoring ecologically deep domesticating-creolizing reforestation
and long-term family genetic-diversity gardening
for inductive polyphonic flow
of mutually vulnerable nutritional trust,
domesticating transgenerational healthy-wealth

like creolization,
is value neutral
regarding whether competitively against
or cooperatively with;
yet ego- and eco-systemic mindbody outcomes
tell our self and family and national and global
domestic re-creation stories,
whether Yang/Yin positive
or Yang dispassionately against Yin oppositional negative,
enslaved and impoverished and marginalized,
or, more domestically likely,
some creolizing place and time




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