Flag Waving Challenges

you men are too much alike.
You confuse
your flag waving patriotism
with what you really want,
our indivisibility, unless you say otherwise,
our thoroughly domesticated liberties,
our matriotic climaxing justice
and compassion
and mercy
and therapy for all your most fragile male
egocentric flag waving patriotic needs
for unquestioned loyalty,
right or wrong,
you own my everything.
You are self-sanctified and jealous gods.

I know nothing about that.
We learned nothing about matriotic cooperative economics at Wharton.
I’m doing a really good job
of remembering where I thought we were talking about.

As anti-patriotic
equals anti-MightySupremacist USA
in a WinLose ecopolitically quasi-rich,
yet not too rich to be a bitch,
incorporation for growing short-term political wealth
of debt by robbing future generations
of long-term economic and ecological health.

Someone has to pay
the Great PiperLine of Perpetual Economic Predation,
better our grandchildren
than us,
wouldn’t you agree?

Not at all.
But I do agree that patriotism
is less about iconic flag waving
and more about grateful co-pledged commitments
for which flags stand,
One First Native BioRegion,
with liberty
and ecojustice
for All.

We’re doing a great job
of reducing patriotism
to loyalty by tests assessed belligerent
through body positions
and tone of voice.

But then authentic patriotism,
rather than fake strains,
is most associated
with the position of minds and hearts
of sacred patriarchs and matriarchs
of all species
through all (0)Sum spacetime,
4D fractal,
double-binary bonding octaves
spiral soul of health
as sacred wealth
trends and co-relations.

Perhaps I misunderstand.

You don’t say that enough.

This patriotism you support
is assessed
by our national indivisibility,
and freedom and justice outcomes
equitable across all cultures
and species
and genders
and genetics
and regenerativity ourselves?

And all integrated time
both RightWing traditionally backward
and LeftLeaning progressively forward.
Real eco-patriotic time
right and left now
about which you are absolutely rightwing off target,
concluding First Nation has not the first (0)Soul cooperative clue.

you women are too much alike.
You confuse
your First Nation waving matriotism
with what you really want.

Which is alpha through omega multi-nations
eco-waving Earth’s therapeutic matriotic integrity.

outscores patriotism?

Every both here and now spacetime.


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