Sacred Energy

Fascism lives in tension with holy optimism,
as hatred fades in presence of mutual love,
as WinLose evolutionary models
give way to WinWin sacred Energy
stories and songs and dances,
as patriarchal colonization
gives way to matriarchal creolization.

synonymous with Totalitarianism,
as written by Hannah Arendt,
is a growing monocultural tendency toward,
and actual exercise of,
strong autocratic
insanely Yang-whacked CEO
control freaks.

Energy controlled by Elite patriarchal WinLose Models
of retribution as stronger and more self-sufficient
than cooperative restoration,

LeftBrain dominant thought control,
word-choice control,
communications control,
transportation in and out control,
violent control,
fear and hate-mongering control;

Yet absolutely no control
over YangNature with YinSpirit of Love,

In my bedraggled Webster’s
Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary,
probably purchased at the local Goodwill Store,
they add to fascism’s definition
“a tendency toward”
rather than a more conservative view of totalitarian energy
as actual authoritative power
to exercise monoculturing tyrannical economic and political environments,

Back in my pre-millennial era,
we called “a tendency toward” fascism
and bad parenting,
and bad politics,
and bad nihilistic economics,
and bad use of more optimistically WinWin
secular-sacred double-binding Energy.

Some tried to pass off school day histories of bullying
as their persional version of ToughLove Capital Development Experience
troubled occasionally by Anger MisManagement,
JustWar Defensiveness,

But, in the rural MidWest
we patriotically called it
lack of co-redeeming love
and lack of good faith
and pathological lack of healthy cooperative trust
in sacred multiculturing Golden Rules
for active use of positive polypathic Energy
to control over-investment in self-perpetuating
doubly boundup
egocentric bullying
to produce further Negative Desecrating Energy.

Some take the view that energy,
like power,
is a value-neutral thing,
but both scientific secular and sacred spiritual paradigms
speak of Positive Energy
and Negative Energy
and sensory-sensual Energy
and double-binding informational Energy
of regenerative cooperatives
and degenerative dissonance
and over-heating climates
of overYanged competitions.

We might embrace this further sacred ecological view
that Positive Energy grows toward integrity
of democratic cooperativity,
while Negative Energy grows toward totalitarian fascism,
seeking control over democratic integrity
of Ego’s inside voice
for EcoConsciousness

Conscious Energy of ourselves
hopefully among far more love as Positive Energy
and less hate-marketing
and fear-mongering
and anger-mismanagement
shouting out against Commons EarthSoul harmonies.

Outdoor inside nature-spirit voices
listening less to bullies
and bad parenting
and horridly rabid CEOs
favoring and too tolerant of played-out aggressions.

PositiveEnergy Creation Stories
are love stories,
and love stories
are EnergyIntegrity Stories.
And there is nothing ambivalent
or neutral
or stagnantly Traditional
or non-sensual
or non-sensory
or violently aggressive
or even self-righteously defensive
about them.

Sacred Paradise is about Energy Democracy.
That other place,
within and without,
is about growing tendencies toward paranoia,
and Energy Fascism.

So, is your EnergyGod
one of PolyphonicLove
for restorative justice and liberty
with all democratic positive energizers?

Or is your EnergyGod
one of Fascist control over PositivEnergy
Using magic sorcery of monoculturing fundamental polarization
with colonizing predative intent,
missionary retributions rather than missions of redemption,
self-righteous laws and rules
and jealous orders
held more closely than sacred restorative peace and justice,
WinWin love songs and dances,
re-creation stories.

Predations of fascism thrive on punishment,
flames of anger,
jealous of all the PositiveEnergy gods and goddesses
of EarthSoul’s Original PolyPhonic Intent.

Perhaps you can have both
our PositiveEnergy PolyphonicGod
and your NegativeEnergy fascist demons and CEOs,
bullies and bad
bigoted and sexist parents,
as many of us do,
but it is important to Earth’s survival
that we become better educated,
better noticers of which is which,
and how we are each from some of both.

PositivEnergy wants to become better listeners
and speakers
and voters
and leaders
for non-violent ReGenerativEnergy,

More frequently found in our forests
and backyards
than in our smartphones and
laptops and
BadEnergy News Stories

And, sadly,
our less than PositivEnergy optimizing
monoculturish RightWing schools
and parent educators,
and lifeskills mentors,
and congressional governing authorities
growing NegativEnergy Bodies
suffering near total bicameral collapse,

Dismembering sacred memories,
GoldenRule songs and dances
of Paradise ReMembering
Positive Energy
to promote future climates
polyculturing healthy PositivEnergy,
AnimaMundi, within as without,
Holy EgoEco Balancing NatureSpirits.

Fascism lives in tension with holy optimism,
as hatred fades in presence of mutual love,
as LeftBrain denialism
grows in co-arising tension
with RightBrain sacred PositivEnergy.


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