Learning Grows Experience

Spiritual, perhaps even emotional, experience
reflected upon and evaluated with gratitude,
can further develop natural-rational
co-intelligent eco-presence
between sacred Right ecotherapy
and secular Left egohealthy healing.

By contrast,
LeftBrain competitions
against RightBrain cooperative
PositivEnergy trusted
multicultural democratic inclusive emotions
and motions
of swelling WinWin love
and awesome Left-Right co-arising beauty,

These LeftBrain WinningLosses
further acclimate against health optimization
furthering LeftBrain dominant suboptimization
of natural-spiritual wealth
within everyday Western Yang-competitive
patriarchal patriotic default

Against matriarchal eco-maturity
non-violent nurturing
Green ZeroZones

Boundaried by No Vacancy signs
aimed as tools, not weapons,
for harvesting monoculturing dissonance,
co-acclimated non-egotherapeutic colonizing injustice risks
with ecotherapeutic creolizing justice opportunities
of and for peace-filling ZeroZones
of Sacred Green PolyCulturing Integrity.

Positive/Negative emotional, perhaps even spiritual, experience
reflected upon and evaluated with gratitude,
can present both LeftBrain oppositions for EgoSafety
and RightBrain apposition for WinWin EcoOpportunity.


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