Transformation v Change

Today I heard,
despite considerable dissonance,
a distinction between external change
and internal transformation.

This feels like a difference with some merit,
but reminds me of further nuances
and possibilities for healthy
and pathological transitions,
great and small.

seems like a good thing.
A negative internal change
evokes words like

While “change”
works for me
as positive or negative,
more neutral without context,
direction determined by environmental co-arisings,
or yet to become determined,

And what about the cause-effect
and/or co-arising relationship,
or lack of relationship,
between exterior changing climates
and interior transforming/fragmenting cultures
or climates,
and character assassinations?

I remember Gregory Bateson’s fascination
with “acclimation”
which he concluded is, in some ways,
more often creolizing
than colonizing.

Which brings me back
to noticing that “climate change”
feels like climate fragmentation
and my growing pre-traumatic stress
does not feel at all like a healthy transformation;
more like debilitation

Further evoking discernment
about how our cultural subclimates of disability,
disruption of ego/eco-centric balance,
contribute to toxicity
of exterior climate change.

Perhaps “transition” is a better interior consort
for the exterior neutered face of “change”;
and here we all are,
together and yet too far apart
in this unprecedented time
of Re/De-Generative Change
and billions of individual small
yet Great Transitions.


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