Great Lines WithIn SacredSpaces

Architecture of 4/4 music
left and right hand scored
harmonic balance

Four sacred spaces
of energy
surrounded by five
double-boundary lines

Staff mused structures
within bicameral
emotive harmonies
for sacred octave
restorative safety help

And bilateral
cognitive integrity
with secular metaphysical
fractal-binomial DNA
regenerative health/wealth structure

non-violent synergetic communications
in-between regenerations
of ecofeminist muses
spiraling dynamic octaves
of EarthJustice resonant songs
climaxing TransGenerational

resilient community
synergetic dances
of indigenous light energy
lunar star circles
timeless seasonal nonmartial-art development
and poly-religioning culturalgreen
healthcare con-sciences.

Fragrance of ecological relationships,
touch of theological AnthroSupremacist GreatWhiteMan Spirit
LeftBrain dominant hubris
foolishly underinvesting
in educational systems
indigenously root-wisdom connected
back toward prehistoric
heartsong and dance EarTherapeutic
music transports,

Invites interdependent participation,
engages circling
recycling intersectional harmonic
singing epic co-empathic

it is not music
we are not health-optimizing musicians.

like StoryDancers
and Ecologians
and Theologians
and Lovers
ecopolitically thrive on
organic neural systems
polyvagally co-empathic

Thriving most resonantly
on polyphonically healthy
resiliently win/win
non-violent relationships
of inside/outside
restorative EarthJustice
positive ecopolitical health
cooperative energy

Between gooey wave spaces
of resonant felt healthy
harmonic frequencies
of strong enlightening
bright noted forte karmic prime chakras
speaking in octaves of timeless tones
hearing in 4D synergetic fractals
of cognitive LeftBrain

Prickly ego/anthro-centric lines
of wounding history
HumanNature v EcoSystemicSpirit!
rightwing kinda reactionary
LeftBrain monoculturally dominant
win/lose evolutionary unhealthy theory,

if you ask gooey
marginalized me
to activate Healing EarthJustice

With all that sung
and danced jazz
gospel kinda nonviolently
resilient dancing lines
inside resonantly sacred
sung harmonic
rung ergodic
democratic energy

Eco-resiliently synergetic
health/wealth optimization
for geohistorically emergent
indigenous musing spaces.


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