EarthTribe’s Adventure

War is not my wintry answer
when summer’s serene peace
remains a cherished question.

Late autumn’s year end Advent
sadly a anticipates late winter’s
grey unrelenting Lent

As Christmas traumatically
commercially prophesies
black Friday
before Easter mortality

Painful future passion story losses,
hopefully temporary,
yet now recently felt
with post-bimillennial stressors.

A global sensory climate of anxiety
and not anticipation,
of unease
and not health

Of crumbling democratic energy
fading public sensing health
and bumbling good governance wealth,

Lost in dogmatic
even fascist partisanship,
abandonment of healthy democracy
bicameral bipartisanship

Sacred Left
and secular BusinessAsUsual Right
religiously held monocultuiring privileges
overwhelming divinely humane
co-passionate polycultural serenity,

Unitarian integrity
of universal NewYear EarthTribe health
wealth resonant resilience.

How will this EarthTribe sacred solstice
harmonically resound
healthy democratic energy?

Spaciously serene peace
for wealthy therapeutic Earth

Consumer wars
are not my LeftBrain answer
when RightBrain healthy peace
remains my economically enlightened
and politically empowered


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