When Patriarchal Means Anti-EcoFeminist

Try to play more WinWin
with more mendaciously sad children,
perpetual patriarchal means anti-ecofeminist adolescents,
and UnWise Red-dominant orthodoxy Elders.

Let us all Green cooperatively know
you are wise
to our OtherWise WinLose competitions
suboptimally rooting in Either SecularYang
Or SacredYin
natural LeftBrain natural DNA dominance
uprooting spiritual RightBrain RNA GreenOrthoDoxology
of sacred loving grace.

Advocating for liturgically dancing Elder MatriarchalTrees
spiraling roots of and for dynamic RNA streams
of seasonal atmospheric light
within WiseElder resilient EarthTribal Trees
sacred reforesting

CoResonant DNA with RNA ZeroZone future functions
resiliently reiterating
Original Uracil YangHealth
with Cytosine YinSquared WealthCooperative Intent.

Patriarchal PolyNomials
trying to play more WinWin
with more LoseLose Anti-PolyNomial children,
adolescents perpetuating retributive WinLose
evolutionary assumptions
of Nature outside
with Spirit inside
ZeroZone WiseElders
restoring justice
with eternally timeless
bodhisattva co-messianic
resiliently resonant peace

With both past Yang depressions
and future YinSquared impressions.


Artifacts of Destiny

Each ego identity,
whether of busy bee
or slacker sloth,
recreates its uniquely sacred eco-Other,
as mutually capable of Win-Win intentional experience
and memory
toward mutually appreciating capital investments
in further living artifacts
through each personal life
both cooperative and competing
so far.

every shrinking traumatic death
exforms this sacred values and disvalues Universe,
uniquely space-timed
cooperative and competitive capital investment patterns
of confluence and dissonance
with RightBrain intuition-flowing
sacred EarthNurture.

Nurturing this forest
or ocean
or desert Universe
of living light and mysterious transitions of spectral color,
dying dark and cold duller
dissonant memories,
dreams and subterranean horse-whispering
nutritional-toxic stuckness nightmares,
light and polypathic reflections
and dark and monoculturing degenerations,
beliefs and monolithic trusts
in artifacts of past life investments
and disbeliefs and hates
for artifacts of evil disinvestment,

Observations of interdependent Blue-Green Earth
with blind ignorance of RightBrain’s Red InternalWomb
of Resonant Pools
remembering artifacts,
bicameral flow-streams
and diastatic-static pumps,
bilateral aptic neural systems
with active-positive hopes
for regenerative DNA-fractal
sacred-seasonal Grace,
gratitude of and for each spacetime identified LivingPlace,
each moment
with regenerative artifacts,
Sacred Left with Right ReMembering.

And LeftBrain memories explicated
of capital investment artifacts,
intellectual and curiosity co-investments,
natures of YangStrong natural hearts
with YinFlow spirits
co-arising bicamerally self-identifying mindbodies,

LeftBrain natural
while RightBrain also elder sacred Matriarchal Wisdom,

Actively Alive
in this continuing revolution of Earth,
Father Sun
and GrandMother Moon,
devolving yet another humane-divine
twenty-four hour period

Alive in this co-invested secular-sacred capital moment
of which we are each personally
and politically
and economically
and ecologically
a holy-holonic
reflective-active portion

Right with Left co-arising
Four-Prime dimensional RealTime
and their artifacts
of personally continuous history

health and wealth trending

With self-identifying memories
within uniquely remembering Universes,
profoundly interdependent

In this inter-relationally cooperative network,
more than competing chaos,
of capital investments
and our regenerative
and degeneratively autonomous artifacts,
our underdog
understory herstories
and too-violent dominating histories,
we live a literal Win-Lose
Mutually Assured Destruction
radically wild MADness.

is not living resonantly
toward restoring therapeutic reality.

Each Moment’s
Great Transitional Invitation
to re-awaken into full bicameral awareness
of SacredEarth
as our cooperatively regenerating Home,
including our competitively capitalistic degenerating disinvestments
with increasing climate pathological risks

Risk of Western deductive languaged capital over-investments
too-patriarchally dominant Yang
against Yin’s restorative ego/ecojustice and peace.

Each moment
through this reflecting RightBrain pond,
a Bodhisattva double-binding skin
of transparent lake surface
noticing interdependent landscapes
and emptying subclimatic transitions
toward ever further pathologies,
now in nutritional color
or toxically repressed shades
of fundamentalism’s black and white
divinely-expired mendacious oppositional
Win-Lose capital investment play
to eventually Lose-humanity
and Lose-divinity.

And then to Left with RightBrain act
just in Tipping point time
to avert played-out ballistic catastrophies
of subclimates without
and degenerative landscape trends

Within LeftBrain’s
slow-growing toward restoring peace and justice
regenerative DNA-RNA Solidarity
of Blue-Green Earth’s
bilateral ego/eco-balance,
Win-Win NonZero Sum

of regenerative
appositionally dipolar
fractal games developing
capital-investment artifacts.

Where YangTit for YinTat
Win-Win default
regulations for cooperative GoldenRule capital investments,
avoid Win-Lose dominations,
Western enculturing theories
of evolutionary dissonance,
Might as DivinelyInspired RightWing EcoPolitics

Sliding toward anthro-centric run-away capitalism
as divinely-inspired destiny,
Benign Democracy of mutual trust,
graced from Above,
rather than also from
DNA regenerative reflections
intuited within

Within time’s moments
to ease off Tit-dominant retributions
and defer to YinYin Tat
SacredElder restoring therapeutic ponds
confluently binomial double-binding
resonantly fractal-seasonal
health’s polyphonic rhythms
and light/dualdark patterns
of and for ego/eco-justice.

Justice of and for Blue-Green Sacred Earth’s continuing
Win-Win artifacting moments
with further trusts
in capital investments
producing and cooperatively consuming
cooperatively-owned nature-spirit co-inviting artifacts

Artifacts of and for Earth’s polypathic remembering
Each ego identity,
whether of busy bee
or slacker sloth,
recreates a uniquely sacred eco-Other,
mutually capable of Win-Win intentional experience
and memory

Inspiring mutually appreciating capital investments
in further living secular-sacred
outside-inside graceful artifacts
of trust as also splendor.


ReStoring OurSelves

“In restoring the land, I restore myself.”
Franz Dolp

We long ago started bilateral tree balancing information
for mind and land restoration structures.

We noticed trees in an old secular commodified above ground way
and also a new-old sacred below Earth
bicameral Way.

Trunk and competing ambidextrous branches
of economic and political multiculturing productions
produce industrious creolizing leaves,
breathing in yang light
to breathe out yin-fractal RNA energy
of, and yet also for,
root systemic regenerativity.

Bilateral hierarchical competitive
and yet also reverse-hierarchical cooperative
trees and shrubs and grasses
creating and recreating flowers and polyculturing seeds
with Earth’s water and humus
eco-rooting more than mere cheerleader omnipotent support.

We noticed matriarchally cooperative root systems
understand above ground care-receiving
from a cooperatively dominant care-giving
nurturing understory;
a more nutritional perspective.

Without us,
said cooperatively-owned and -managed on-line networkers
you patriarchal trunks and competing to WinWin cooperate branches
are ecopolitically nothing.
You come from RNA and newer DNA wombs
of embryonic matriarchal enrichment
into a World Without Walls promise
of Earth’s integrity.

And so
the most robust patriarchal flowers,
confronted by growing climates and cultures of pathology,
listened for their underground seedling children’s futures
to these root systemic
nurturing sisters
and feminist brothers
and the vast polyphonic voices in-between bilateral polarities,
and saw this Tree ReStoration must become
our sacred understory
of regenerative forest creation
within this,
our ecopolitically healthy,
Matriarchal Sacred Hypothesis-Right
and Patriarchal Secular Thesis-Left.

LeftBrain dominates language development
with Either/Or
Win/Lose scientific deductive hypotheses
as RightBrain cooperates healthy nurturance
for WinWin
BothAnd sacred ecosystemic optimization,
like a horizontal tree,
with branches and leaves strong LeftYang producers
and cooperative matriarchal Elder root DNA systems
mutual flowing bilateral YinYin Right consumers,
notnot polyphonic octaves of health
co-measuring polypathic values for wealth.

It started with an 800 year old Tree
of Industrial Goods and Evils,
to end with an 8,000 year old tree
of cooperative-competitive humanity
living together with
in Earth
as one of Her most grace-filled sacred Tribes
for 80,000 regenerating landscape restorations more,
integrity of bicameral mind’s PromiseTree.





Capital Acclimations

Capital means head,
whether healthy or swollen.
That leading toward healthy wealth place
and pace.
Capital is where my head is at today.

Capitalism may be where my competing head has turned
while social and natural eco-capital
could become where our cooperative hearts evolve,

Hearts, like minds,
are bicameral,
as embodied arms and legs,
eyes and ears,
and even nostrils,
are bilateral,
even syncretically stereophonic
stretching dance to rhythmic sound.

Capital grows where my EitherOr deductive head works out Win or Lose
and revolves more therapeutically
where my BothAnd inductive heart plays out
and in,
up and down,
diastatic through stasis,
regenerative through degenerate,
love through terror of ego-loss,
to re-ingenerate again.

We can throw our capitalistic arms against each other
yet we all breathe and beat
this same cooperative capital
wu wei,
Yang with YinYin


Another Nanny Walk

I already hear the Twittering Trumpers
and Trumpettes
in their unholy locker rooms
reducing the marching evolution of nurturing feminist matriarchs
to another whine,
too gooey,
shrill and screechy,
nagging nanny stroll away from True Patriarchal White Male empowerment.

Never minding Mother’s ecological sacred health
despite unfortunate economic risks of global holocaust pathologies
for our grandkids,
and their little sniveling co-dependent pets.

So let us not walk but march
in loud resonating silence.

Let us speak our claims for healthy presents
and pasts
and matriarchal networking
of and for cooperative future health investments,
yet also listen to our voiceless co-empathic silence,
to gather all our therapeutic
MotherEarth powers of regeneration.

Let us both march through and around Washington’s squares,
yet also dance in twittering polypathic full-color circles
of sound
and color
and deep healthy ecosystemic nutritional sight.

Let us weep for impudent sons
competing for whom to grab next in smokey locker rooms,
yet also sing our anthems of multiculturing EarthMother love.

Let us lie down in deadly silent omission
of where our Business As Usual competing pathologies
will ominously unfold across each and every bicameral heart,
and also jump and shout our cooperative diastatic hopes,
polypathic faiths,
multiculturing loves
of health within
as without,
as humans
with divine MotherEarth;
ecotherapeutic potential
marching together,
not flying apart
to vote ever again
against Earth’s matriarchal potential for fully inclusive integrity.

Singing and dancing,
dreaming and listening,
marching in mutual mindful silence
until every sister
and her brother
remembers Never Again
Never Again
Never Again
will male supremacist locker room talk
prevail over matriarchal networks
of ecopolitically cooperative global health and safety.

Matriarchs march
to conserve Earth’s healthy nurturing progress.

mere competitions for Electoral College majorities.
cooperative economic ecologos of Matriarchal EnWombed Collegiality,
nutritionally enriched consensus.

conservative matriarchs
not also progressive feminists
for Earth’s political health
as polypathic multicultural full-spectrum safety,
primally known in and through Mother’s Sacred Womb
of interdependent diastasis,
cooperative permaculturing climax.

Twitterish Trumpers are left too egocentrically behind,
balding blond old white rugged rough-rider men
without the Elder Wisdom their mothers and great grandmothers
could Full through New Moon share light with them
outside their smoke-filled emptying night timed echoing tombs
of cancerous LeftBrain Dominant klanish locker rooms.

Never Again
Never Again
speak of underpaid undernourished nagging Nanny Walks
as if each Nanny
were not also our Mother’s sacred Sisters,
marching where our patriarchal footprints of history
would healthier fall
to rise Earth’s nurture within-without again.


Cooperative Capital Investment

If you want to not only defend and secure your mental health and happiness,
but also optimize their positive capital flow-power;

If you can find sufficient motivation for one change,
and only one nature/spirit change,
then continue to assume your Right hand dominant mind
is might makes capital-invested ego-happiness right,
work on equivalently presuming Left hand Yintegral sacred ecosystemic mind
is also right flows eco-healthy co-mentoring opportunities
for growing cooperatively incarnating abundance of healthy(R)happy-wealth(L).

These two, appositionally united,
rather than merely dissonant, chaotic, mis-communicating
between LeftBrain ego-dominant economic survivalism
and RightBrain eco-recessive politically organic regenerative health,
recreate embryonically-nurtured ego-force of eco-flow,
Yang/Yin ego-form of Earth-ecological-function,
mindbody forms with ecopolitically strong healthy functions,
LeftEgo/Right-DNA/RNA Solidarity
balancing biosystems
of past and for future timelessly self/other optimizing cooperative

On the other hand,
if conserving and defending your own regenerative health abundance
is of no interest,
then, never mind.
Keep on with the LeftBrain Business as Competitively Usual.
Just know that you are irrationally choosing to continue playing your economics and politics and mental health
using a pre-millennial WinLose misunderstood model of evolution
when you have available
a post-millennial WinWin ego/ecoconscious model
for continuing to defend and secure polypathic revolutions.

No pressure.
Your decision.
But you will never feel you have honestly,
with total investment integrity, decided one way or the other
until you choose WinLeftEgo/WinRight EcoPolitical CoOperative-Flow Balance.


2020 Polypathic EarthRights Party

Tell us what everybody most needs to know about the 2020 Global EarthRights Party.

Well speaking for myself,
and I guess probably my extended family
of diverse relatives and friends and neighbors,
certainly including the polar bears and turtles
and frogs and trees at-risk,
although I hesitate to put my words in others’ mouths,
or root systems,
I believe our cooperativey held central platform
supports regenerative health,
so we are all against further degenerative climate pathologies.

some of us seem to be LeftBrain better about defining these pathologies
we are all against
than we are RightBrain adept with optimally flowing refinements
of regenerative healthy wealth,
which we are all for.

That said,
I believe we might also agree,
whatever regenerative health is,
and most locally incarnating economic and political good,
this same healthy norms of polypathic value/disvalue
is characteristic of all living organic constitutions
balancing freedoms to recreate cooperative abundance
with freedoms from further degeneratingly dissonant competitions
of and for I must win so you must lose egocentrism,
most either/or assuredly,
but also downgrading co-arising anthrocentrism ourselves
as anything less than humanely-divine Left/Right bicamerally balanced
internal ecopolitical parties
playing WinWin ecological-biological health games.

The very idea that we could, together,
further advance cooperative ecopolitical regenerative capacities
of organic ego/eco-perpetuation
through competitive nationalistic
or even egocentric Win now to Lose even more climate health later
seems patently worthy of poetic satire
and fabulously obvious as politically incorrect
within the 2020 EarthRights Rainbow Party.

For someone who feels so hesitant to speak and sing and dance for others,
you certainly do invest a healthy amount of redundant back and forth
in your response to what was my first,
and now must become my last, question.
we’re out of time and space.

My point exactly.
Degenerating absence of sufficient ecopolitically cooperative time and space
is a LeftBrain dominant illusion of dissonance
within EarthTribe’s polypathic regeneratively co-arising
Elder RightBrain eco-flow of timing.

Maybe one more quick question,
hopefully with a quick response.
Who is not already in this 2020 EarthRights Party?

Well, it’s not yet 2020,
so one quick answer is everyone.
On the other hand,
everyone who actively intends to fill-in our polypathic regenerative health
as a wealth-network cooperative,
gifting ourselves forward between now and 2020,
is further introducing our WinWin evolutionary gaming prototype
of regenerative bilaterally balancing Ego/Earth time itself.

Are you suggesting that I could be a 2020 Party member
without even realizing it yet?

but, because of our inherently regenerative healthy constitutions,
we seem to become explicit DNA EarthRights Party members
as soon as we realize
we are already programmed to play this thermodynamically resonant Party Game,
but just not very well Right with LeftBrain balanced yet,
settling for ecologies,
within and without,
of WinLose relativity
when we could, together, enjoy exclusively WinWin DNA/RNA Solidarity ecopolitics,
also constitutionally regenerative within,
as prime (0) spacetime fusion polypathic principality,
and endo/ecto bilateral-capitally co-invested,
and when political landscape nutritional balance within,
resonantly digesting LeftBrain justice with RightBrain interdependent peace,
reflects our economic climate investments/divestments without.

When do you expect this prototype to fully unfold
toward peak regenerative performance,
if you will.
And please avoid anything too graphic;
this is a family show, keep in mind.

In 2020, if you will.

I guess I should have seen that climax coming.

Sounds more like you are already there
in your growing polypathic imagination,
looking for dormant nutrients and seeds
in this year’s harvested ecopolitical pathologies
of climate despair
and resistance to EarthTribe’s health loss and suffering.
It just gets easier to EarthRights play and party WinWin
with bicamerally fusing flowing ego/eco-consciousness.

Tell me something.
With the microphones and cameras off,
who do you think is the best Avatar
for EarthRights Party successful outcomes?

I think all Avatars are equally successful in the end
because in WinWin games,
no one optimally wins
until every breathing player wins
our abundantly integrative potential
for regenerative polypathic health.