TransGendered Upgrade

Imagine the protagonist
in your messianic adult
ego-story of therapeutic development
is a Father,
And your antagonist
is FeMale Othered,
more second class
poor in Enlightened Spirit
for commercial grade empowerment

Left behind by win/lose competitive
thus self-defensive
power hoarding monotheism
with AnthroPrivileged face
and exclusive sacred grace.

reverse imagine
to remember your protagonist
warm, wet-wombed empowering
by nurturing Mother,
And your antagonist,
a self-defensive Othering
Father Narcissist.

Notice how our internal Protagonist expectations
hopes and fears
ambitions and careers
significantly change
between expected Male v Female overpowers
to dominate personal
and political
and economic
and LeftBrain dominant
educated capitalist enlightenment.

also notice,
if we dare,
our internal Antagonist concerns
and Othering win/lose issues,
including self-protective sensory tissues,
balancing in-between
respected Female/Male cooperative
win/win transcendent cooperative powers

TranSubvstantiating indigenous wisdom
of co-invested supreme secularized Yang
and sacred serene Yintegral co-empowering Protagonists

and mentoring
ecofeminist green therapy
far beyond mere StraightWhite NonPolitically InCorrest
nor sacred PanEntheistically True

CoEmpathic Red and Blue
Cooperative Green-Capitalized Transcendentalists

That all EarthTribe organic residents
came from some sacred place


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