Momentous ReTrainStitions

Icons are funny things,
she thought.

Heaven feels like a warm light circle
when we are thriving
and more like a cold dark triangle
of weaponed tipping points
against me
and mine
competitively not communicating
when we are barely surviving
above the mortally terrifying bottom
of God’s most worthless non-elite.

Ancient right-brained heaven
a circle of prominent light
shining down on a mountainous YangEarth
of triangulating Power
to discern Win/Win co-empathic outcomes
for co-redemptive sacred relationships
of YangHeaven/YintegralEarth.

Newer left-hemispheric Earth
a reasoned tipping point hierarchical AnthroEarth
win/lose zero-sum whole Earth-systemic view

In-between Win/Win supreme choices
at God’s most enlightened transcendent Top,
and Lose/Lose survivalist voices
bedeviling our least empowered
despondent AnthroWeaponed
violently nonverbally uncommunicative
bottom of hopelessly non-democratically enlightened
existential despair.

Here, sun’s circular warm light
co-empathic embracing right
is ironically entrapped
by win/lose survivalist capitalistic
heterosexist monoculturing might
of hierarchical pyramids
to past unchanging royalist traditions
of might makes God right
more than win/win liberally loving
left win/lose verbal cognitively weaponed
mind heart-disembodied egocentric
anthro-privileged comparisons
to improve strategic competitions

Where Heaven
shining down on gratefully receiving Earth,
researches win/win natural/spiritual
seasoned cycles
surrounding left embodied hierarchy
for surviving unhealthy ego v eco
left competition triangles v right cooperative circles
minds v hearts
yang strength v yintegral flow
heavenly light overpowering Earth organic powers
of reflectively experienced
sensory life
revolving in seasonal light/power circles.

Heart paths are circular
while mindbody triangulated
v win/lose
v lose/lose bottom nihilistic predators
longing to resume rightful thriving sensory space
atop this iconic triangle

Elite Yang
v integral Yin
vulnerably transparent weakness
for linear time’s relentless devolution.

with verbal language
and geometric icons meeting
greeting re-emergent
re-ligioning conscientious re-memory
of God’s divine eye
looking down
on warm-lit
pyramids humanely made
on mountains divinely designed
left-brain verbal communication dominance
so appropriately tooled
for winAnthro overtop
of threatening EarthClimate survival issues,

Now returning to equilibrium,
interdependent waves
of interdependently EarthPatriotic grain
growing in well-seasoned healthy cycles
of fractal Annuals
growing under full-octaves
of ultra-nonviolet light
encircling win/win bright
health/wealth thriving circles
encompassing left-brain enlightening tipping points
north greets south,
east meets west

As enlightening SunLight
empowers all EarthTribes
here deeply and widely learning
listening for compassionate communications,
bicamerally co-mediating EarthMatriarchal
with SunPatriarchal co-empowering intent.

Great Green ReTrainSituation
emergent now needing
to switch from Yang strong autonomy of voice
to balance in win/win communication
with Yintegral strong light
flow of Yang empowering
resilient Circle/Triangle
Triangle/Circle co-reflective strength

LeftBrain cooperative win/win
politically co-invested choice-making

Prefers EarthCentric outside pleasure celebrations,
natural/spiritual indigenous story-retelling,
singing and dancing,
replacing monoculturing left brain dominance
of win/lose bottomless triangulating debate
strangulating self-infested compulsive competitions

Of overly secularized
disconnected egos
straight white privileged advancement
through military-industrialized
violently weaponed BusinessAsUsual
reductively dualdark lose/lose
dissonant win/lose
cognitive hierarchical world views
overpowering inductive encircling views
of sensory seasonal recycling

Reiteratively rationalistic
compulsive bipolarizing disempowerment,
lack of health wealthy systemic light,
chronic stress
inducing further lack of peaceful sleep,
critically reduced right brain dream
warm circling yellow/green light
copassionate communions

Ironic recycling
great retransitioning
Circle/Triangle revolutions
are funny/tragic bicameral relationships
s/he co-arisingly win/win felt,
then thought.


Preparing for the GRE

It was my plan to set aside this past week

to prepare for the Quantitative Graduate Record Exam.


A week ago this seemed like a big number

for ample review,

time set aside from more typical U.S. autumn events,

like electing a white male economic supremacist for President,

after having taken a 12 year break

from all those irrational remainders.


I have always thought math should be revolutionary,


resonantly resolving like rainbow harmonies of scale,

profoundly correlational with geometric truths

as algebraic beauty,

and I suppose it may be all those good things

yet this week math feels suspiciously snarky and sinister,

replete with far more ways to go wrong

than right.


So today I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t bother

with these mysterious Quantities of testing.

Although I did well forty years ago

and didn’t know any more or less

about mathematical machinations then

than now.


Or so I thought

until I actually opened up the GRE review section.

When did math become so monochromatically dull,

devoid of plot

and anything resembling metaphysical charisma?


Soon I found the verbal questions

much more edifying.


Well, OK, not really that,

but more entertaining than watching formulas dry

and principles march in relentless mind-numbing LeftBrain dominant lock-step.

It took years of ecotherapy to overcome

white male LeftBrain dominance

and now, so late in life,

discovering I don’t even miss it

any more or less than zero-sum WinLose economics.


But, I think I will visit the Quantitative section

day after tomorrow

Say goodbye to old friends

I’ve never had occasion to use

or abuse

due to relentless negative correlational neglect.


It might be fun

to see if I guess as well as I used to

when I was still young enough

to believe metric right or wrong could possibly matter.


Now I know it’s just not true

except for statistical analysis,

which is at least as much about

the politics of subjective Electoral College economics,

as objective rules of fair and accurately cooperative procedures,

verified as reified by all.