Why Are We Here?

Why are we here?
my oppositional daughter
defiantly asks.

Because we’re not over there?
her appositional dad
too often
and frustratingly

Sogyal Rinpoche writes
“To embody the transcendent
is why we are here.”
I doubt my daughter
would find this more satisfactory,
sounds like more patriarchal malfactory.

Echeopnir Laygos has another impression,
To embody economic empowerment
and political enlightenment
is why liturgy,
and transcendent meditation
are here.

embodying Earth’s transcendent unity
is also how we are here;
but this too
would not satisfy my daughter’s constant questions
about why and how,
I fear.


Rhythmic Rainbow Revolution

Memory of past,

imagination of mirrored future,

evolve dipolar fractally

and octave binomially

functional form,


encoded, and therefore neurally decoding,

reconnecting from past to future to past

implicate ordered language and relationships,

numeric-iconic transliterative across universal paradigms,

transformatively intuited,

transcendently linguistic,

transductive integrity of right and left ellipticals

eco-metaphysical and ego-physical octave waving

multisystemic regenesis

of full color harmonies and patient orthopraxis temperaments,


Redeeming peace,

time as reiterating development of mindfulness,

eco-ethics and coincidental mentoring evolution,




Earth Justice

echoing resonant informing

dipolar function and form

balanced Yin with Yang,

Not Polynomial (-)(-) boundaries and margins balancing Polynomial (+) spacetime,

double-bound temporal-aptic neural strings

of resonant ergodic calculation,

rational trigonomies,

fractally holonic geometrics,

permaculturing crystal-roots

resonating Life’s reverse-hierarchic Tree.


Eco-nutritional harmonic roots produce eco-rainbowed metric rhythms,

produce eco-nutritional harmonic roots…


Dipolar Flight

We fly together

expained the hen.

Or crawl separately?

implied the worm.

Our choice?

asked the hen.

To informate or calculate


too negative

not double-bound enough,

forgetting (0) graced balance

and swooping octaved harmonies,

imagined flights with distant cousins,

replied the longish worm.


Birds and butterflies!

said the hen.

Comets and stars,

leptons and quarks,

yin and yang,

surfing systems up and down

around and back again,

sighed cavish cocoon.


We fly together,

or dissonantly burn and bury

and throw ourselves,

our nutrients,

positive-exformating value,


sang regenerating radiant song,


Where they will


learn to crawl together

toward regenerated flight,

ventured the pregnant butterfly.


The sky is falling!

said the hen.

Or you have taken flight,

said the worm,

de-caying in the hen.


We fly together!

exclaimed the hen.

And crawl together,

implied her wormish warmth.