Manifestations of Time

The double-bound marks of physical incarnation
Follow the path of time’s conceptual seasons.

What we have named “time”
remains elusive, evasive,
does not present itself.
Ubiquitously coincidental with thought,
flow of consciousness,
yet climatically optimized in HereNow forms.
Double-bound, double negatives
yet diastatic within dense in-formating energy
with ionic iconic balance.

Double-dark and dim primal enlightening Vortex
Yet encoded bilateral order within time’s regenerative life-force flow.
Time’s love of being,
regenerate (0)-souled systemic,
right as true as balanced,
implied contented confluence of coincidental
yet rational and just con-scientific evidence,
human natural proof
of time’s smooth-emergent revolution.

From days of old till now, permaculturally,
Time’s logos as Beloved Space and Place
has never ceased,
By which we may comprehend progenitive universed conception
as dipolar exception co-operating inception.

Time conceives through binomial coincidation
we identity as Self Plus Other Life,
Love of present,
with fear/courageous future
with angry/content-engorged past,
manifestations of time’s power with passion
peace with just-rightness.

How does the Thinker know these shapes of nature’s revolving Time?
Through polyculturing function,
Time’s memory becomes co-passionately comprehensive thought,
bilateral conception,
following septum’s binary dark valley of intuition,
great-dividing exceptional ego from inceptive ecological Time.

Double-bound marks of incarnation forward
excarnation backward,
Time’s bilateral conception as contention
emerging bionically contented information.
Consciousness dances time’s dance,
the singer incarnates time’s song,
as time conceives spatial exception.

Note: Loosely rooted, with lavish poetic license, in Laotse’s “Manifestations of Tao,” p. 132, 1948, Lin Yutang, trans. and ed., The wisdom of Laotse, Modern Library.


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