Unconditional Co-Arising Love

What condition is my condition in?
said Yang to Yin.

Unconditional love of enemies,
annoying pests with equally annoying ideas
of their own
about how you should be and become right now,
requires more than non-violent listening,
although this is a good start,
sang Yin to Yang,
listening to boorish language and syntax,
but also hearing malodorous Other’s emotional gestalt.

To empathize with Negative Environment
as truly and positively functional for that Other
at this time
is to comprehend yourself more articulately
more integrally
more clearly,
more fully
through this enthymematic positive-deviant empathy,
to feel gratitude for this teaching
about your own self-limitations,
your own limited transparency,
your own antithetical weakness,
prior ignorance of empathic possibility–
negative facets of unconditional love.

Buddhists call the absence, fear, of this empathic openness to opposition
“emotional obscuration,”
walking hand-in-hand with Yangish maya of false ego-pride.

Unconditional love,
dearest Yang,
lies at your threshold of losing ego-centered fear
through emotional/cognitive co-arising clarification,
induction conjoined with deduction,
appositional decomposition of this specific emotional gestalt,
well at work in this Win-Lose scenario
you have proudly built
to protect your security
in face of our impending joint-eco-identity revolution.

“understand that you depend on enemies
and outsiders to define yourself,
and that without some opposition
you would be lost”
chimed Alan Watts.

Bucky echoed,
And, after you know you fully understand
the empathic positive potential of your environmental negatives,
then try to COMPREHEND
this positive function of negative phenomena
as Trim Tab oppportunity to improve
your ecologically confluent and function-optimizing design
and ego-development
toward synergetic orthopraxis,
disinvesting from cognitive and affective dissonance,
to play better Win-Win cooperative designer games.

Unconditional love,
nearly impossible,
and our only fully shared consciousness,
economically and polyculturally,
and polypathically,
nurturantly effective yin with efficient yang,
needed and wanted for your active-peaceful revolution
of personal ecosystemic time and seasons,
rhymes and reasons,
your uniquely empowering EarthTribal-identity.

“love your enemies AS your enemies”
Alan Watts



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