Farewell to a Sacred Place

Love defines co-messianic grace
filling each and all sacred place,
temporal space
flowing out to reach this autumn sky
only possible after flowing in
from lovely sky blue canopy,
worshiped with whispered waves
by calico trees
glad-rooted within this ledge of Cider Hill,
with me
breathing such majesty as we,
so much more ecstatically opulent
and more profoundly significant
through adoration of this God-We,
breathing in our integrative unity
to breathe out our universal sanctity,
karmic grace
this place
a part of me
as I am so proud to be so small
within such eternal majesty of We
are Cider Hill.

RNA develops polynomial and polypathic
polymorphic language
feeding our natural-cultural mythic logos
string of Wisdom Literature.

Permaculture Design is but our Epilogos
of an eternally polycultural (0)Mega Point
unveiling symbiotic revolutionary Gospel.

I regret what we will not have together
in this life
but perhaps this wondrous value,
what we have been together
evolves all the more slow-growth positively networked riches
for this mortal absence,
a sweet memory silo space
to visit without racing pace.

My loss and your loss at this time
equals our positive gain for all eternity
to remember this

Our gods grow co-redemptive co-passionate health
positive relationship.

We are co-redemptively omnipotent
as co-passionately omniscient
in ecstatically nondual diastasis,
love as majestic heart-balancing timeless beauty.

Cider Hill
where words fill still.


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